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Wole Soyinka Says Buhari is not the one in Charge of The Affairs of the Nation

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, says he does no longer accept the fact that President Buhari is the one in charge of the affairs of the nation. Soyinka who has never hidden his disappointment about the Buhari-drove government, said this when he talked in a new meeting with PlusTV Africa.

While responding to the open letter the previous military director to Kano state, Umar Dangiwa, in which he wrote to the president where he blamed him for selecting just people from his district into his administration, Soyinka said

“First of all, I was appalled by the silence that followed this revelation. I think those who are responsible for this criminal lopsidedness should be punished. It is not sufficient just to discuss it. It’s criminal.

“I have said this before. I don’t believe there is really anybody in charge of Aso Rock. I’m sorry to say this. I’ve been studying the trend over the past year and a half and I believe this president is not in charge of this nation, in so many aspects and directions. I’m convinced he’s not really and totally with it.

“It’s so serious. It is not the fact alone, we know the history of this. We know what it has caused the nation and we know it isn’t over yet. And you say are launching an inquiry. That’s not enough. This man is not in charge.”

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