What is Key Change Token (KCT) And How to Generate The Token

What is Key Change Token (KCT) And How to Generate The Token: To reduce the metering gap, Nigeria’s federal government launched the National Mass Metering Program to ensure that all customers are metered and to mitigate the impact of the Service Reflective Tariff on electricity consumers in Nigeria. As a result of this, many households have been metered free without any payment made for the procurement of the meter.

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But one of the greatest challenges faced by many today is their inability to load their credit token and that is simply because many prepaid meters might be on the wrong tariff or might need an activation token to ensure that the meter works fine. If you have an electric prepaid meter in your house, you may at one point be informed that an activation token also known as a key change token will be requested at some point to reconfigure the meter.

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What is Key Change Token

Key Change Token is a 40 digits token that is required to be inputted into the meter especially when the meter is not accepting credit tokens. Key Change Token is used in cases where the Tariff index on the meter is wrong or the Supply group code is wrong. This set of tokens is used to reconfigure the meter to its actual or correct tariff index and supply group code. It is a group of two sets of numbers (typically 20 digits each) that are loaded into the meter.


Key Change Token Ikeja electric

This KCT is required to update the meter setup when installing new electric prepaid meters especially the Tariff Index, Supply Group Code, and Key Revision Number.

These must be set up correctly for the meter to take credit tokens. If you are unable to load your credit token, you may need to enter the key change token first before inputting your purchased energy token. This will allow your credit token to be loaded successfully.

40 digits key Change Token

If you have your 40 digits token, all you need to do is to enter the first 20 and press enter,
then enter the second 20 and press enter
then enter the recharge token you purchased and click enter and everything should work fine.

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After you’ve successfully loaded the Key Change Tokens, go ahead and load the energy token by punching all 20 digits and pressing enter.

However, prepaid meter users facing challenges loading their credit tokens have resorted to going to their electricity company’s social media accounts to express their dissatisfaction with the KCT tokens. Some were irritated that, despite receiving the tokens (KCT 1 and KCT 2) and performing all of their duties, their meters still displayed problem warnings.

The comments from the power suppliers were examined to gain a better understanding of the issue surrounding their KCT complaints.

Some prepaid meters, on the other hand, may demand a different method of activation. Some token is automatically sent to the customers after 72 hours of meter installation.

The way some users enter their Key Change Tokens could be inaccurate and as a result of this many may find it very difficult to load their credit token successfully. They are not to be input all at once (there are 40 in total): Enter the first 20 characters, then the following 20 characters.

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How to generate Key Change Token

Ikeja electric for example has a website where Key Change Token can be generated automatically. All you need to do is to log on to the Ikeja electric KCT portal and visit the website where your KCT can be generated.

To get started, you need to Input your meter number and click the submit button. The activation token will be displayed instantly. For meters that do not require an activation token, an error message will be displayed.

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If you are a Kano Electricity Distribution Company customer. Please follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Go to on your browser to access the KEDCO Prepaid Customer Support portal.

STEP 2: From the complaints category dropdown, select (Key change token).

STEP 3: Fill in your name, meter number, email address, phone number, and address.

STEP 4- To make your suggestion, click the Send Issue button.

STEP 5 – Check your inbox for two 20-digit numbers. a significant key ChangeTokens were sent as Key Change 1 and Key Change 2 respectively.

STEP 6 – Enter the Key change 1 token on your prepaid meter and press the ENTER button. Do the same for the Key change 2 token code.

Thereafter, you can proceed to recharge your KEDCO prepaid meter with the electricity token code you purchased to give you electricity units.

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How to generate key change token on conlog meters 

Here is a guide on how to generate key change token on conlog meters.

  • Visit the website that was originally designed to generate key change token for conlog meters which
  • The next thing you need to do is to enter your 11 or 13 digit meter number to view your Key Change Tokens
  • On request, your vendor will send 20digits code in two places.
  • Input the first 20 digit
  • Input the second 20 digit and you should see “DONE” displayed which implies that the error has been rubbed off.

For more enquiry, you can send a mail to or and you can also call them on this Contact Number 012 296 210

For more information, contact your electricity provider.

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