Using condoms or birth control: What’s better for your s*x life?

Using condoms or birth control: What’s better for your s*x life?— Having safe s*x is critical for both men and women’s physical and mental well-being.

The effectiveness of various methods of birth control is dependent on their proper use. Condoms and birth control pills are the most recommended methods of contraception in this ever-growing universe of contraception options, ranging from intrauterine devices to vaginal rings.

In such a situation, picking the best choice should take into account not only safety concerns, but also the effect on sexual urge.

When it comes to contraception, condoms and birth control are two of the most frequently discussed options. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but we must also consider how they may effect our sexual life in the long run.

Do condoms have an effect on $exual drive?

Condoms are widely used. However, certain myths surround it. For instance, some couples believe that condom use affects a man’s libido, causes impotence, or diminishes or disturbs sexual enjoyment. The reality is that there is no proof that condom use causes impotence or negatively impacts desire.

Can birth control have an effect on sexual desire?

While hormonal birth control is effective at preventing conception, certain adverse effects may occur.

One of the adverse consequences is a decrease in libido as a result of hormonal changes.

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Therefore, ladies, ensure that you are selecting the best contraception decision possible.

Are condoms a more effective method of birth control than birth control pills?

When considering long-term use, condoms are indeed preferable to birth control.

Birth control disrupts hormonal equilibrium, resulting in undesirable side effects that may impair your body’s activities.

Additionally, condoms have a benefit over birth control in that they are less expensive, protect against STDs, and have no adverse effects.

Simply put, birth control tablets are more effective than condoms at preventing pregnancy. Surprised? Consider the figures.

Usage of condoms and birth control methods in the real world vs. in the ideal world

Typical use refers to the majority of the time you use condoms or the contraceptive pill appropriately, with the exception of a condom breaking or forgetting to take birth control pills. Perfect use entails adhering to birth control or condom instructions precisely each time they are used.

The following table compares the effectiveness of birth control tablets vs. condoms in preventing pregnancy with typical or average use:

Contraceptives are 91 percent effective.

Condoms for men are 87 percent effective.

Using birth control tablets and condoms properly:

Contraceptive tablets are 99.7% effective.

Condoms for men are 98 percent effective.

Which is better for you: condoms or birth control?

Thus, we return to the central question. Which is more effective, condoms or birth control? If you wish to avoid pregnancy, hormonal birth control or a chemical-free copper IUD may be the best option.

If you want to minimize your risk of contracting a STI, you should consider using a male or female condom each time you have $*x. However, if you want to prevent yourself from both unplanned pregnancy and $exually transmitted infections, utilizing both will provide the best protection.

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