Twenty great mockup websites for your graphic design projects

Twenty great mockup websites for your graphic design projects: of the most infuriating aspects of being a designer is having to spend valuable time on mundane, repetitive activities. For example, messing about in Photoshop or Sketch to make a mockup of your designs on an iPhone or T-shirt is hardly the optimal use of your creative brain. With this in mind, a plethora of apps have sprung up to automate and simplify the process.

Mockup websites for your graphic design projects

The following are the top twenty websites for automating this activity. Not only do they give hundreds, if not thousands, of templates, but they also let you to drag and drop your screenshots into place with a single click, saving you enormous amounts of time. Therefore, cease reinventing the wheel and begin allocating your time to more fascinating, innovative areas of your position!

1. Artboard Studio

With Artboard Studio, you can design, animate, and display your creative creations professionally. This huge mockup library is accessible directly from the browser. Registration is free by email or Facebook, and there is a ‘free forever’ plan for non-commercial use. Meanwhile, a paid subscription permits you to use the templates for commercial purposes and provides priority customer assistance.

2. The Models

The Templates, which is a division of independent graphic design resource The Brand Identity, features an extensive collection of ultra-realistic mockups with neutral and unique designs. They’re all fairly cheaply priced, with the majority falling between £15 and £25 in price.

3. Mockups’ Mansion

Anthony Wood, creative director at Shillington, founded House of Mockups as a creative community. It’s an excellent resource for discovering new and innovative mockups, both paid and free, that will impress clients with their photographic realism. These include lifestyle ice cream tubs and cafe windows, as well as digital subway billboards and vintage cassette recordings.


Placeit asserts that it has the greatest collection of mockup templates available on the web. At the time of writing, there are around 2,000 freebies available, while an unlimited subscription grants access to thousands more premium-quality templates.

5. Graphic Burger

Graphic burger is an excellent resource for free mockup templates. There are numerous templates available here, ranging from water bottle mockups to mailing box mockups and much more.

6. Mockups from Envato Elements

Envato is a well-known ecosystem of websites and services for creative professionals and digital assets. Additionally, it gives a fantastic selection of mockup layouts on its dedicated website. These incredibly realistic, totally configurable, and exquisitely created product layouts are ideal for mocking up your designs.

7. You work for them

Since 2001, YouWorkForThem has licensed fonts and stock media, and its mockups site lets you browse hundreds of mockups for your design projects. You’ll find a selection of mockup bundles to suit presentations of all types among them.

8. The Mockingbird Club

The Mockup Club specializes on providing links to free mockup templates available on the internet. They are regularly testing and ensuring that the mockups they link to are of a good quality, free of spam and viruses, and easy to use. Having said that, it is your obligation to verify the license of any files you download.

9. Prototype Tree

Another excellent resource for free mockup templates is this one. Mockuptree provides free access to hundreds of ready-to-use PSD templates for designers.

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Additionally, it provides helpful information on file sizes, dimensions, and more.

10. Morflax things 

With Morflax Things, you can browse a variety of excellent 3D device mockups, including numerous Apple product designs. These feature mockups of the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro, the MacBook Pro 13, and the iMac Pro.

11. Screely

Screely is a simple tool that enables you to take a snapshot and convert it to a website mockup image in a matter of seconds: simply drag and drop your files or copy them from the pasteboard. You may change the backdrop color without having any software abilities. Screely can be accessed directly from the browser or via the Chrome or Edge extensions.

12. Screenpeek

Screenpeek instantly converts an image to a high-quality mockup. It’s free to create an iPhone mockup, but a one-time charge grants you lifetime access to create iPad, MacBook, or iMac prototypes.


13. Shotsnapp

Shotsnapp enables you to make stunning gadget mockups for your application or website design. Distribute it widely. You can customize the background’s size and color, as well as add a drop shadow.

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Choose from a variety of free templates for mobile phones, tablets, computers, and wearables.

14. MockupsJar

MockupsJar enables you to create realistic app mockups in three simple clicks. It’s absolutely free, and at the time of writing, there are 812 templates available for iPhone, Android, MacBook, browsers, and packaging.

15. Mockerie

Mockerie currently has 362 mockups spread across 19 collections. You may integrate photos and video in your mockups, customize their appearance with one of 20 filters, and get limitless hosted mockups, images, and bandwidth with a pro subscription.

16. Mockuper

This straightforward yet useful application generates mockups in a matter of minutes. Choose from desktop mockups, phone mockups, tablet mockups, and even mockups of posters or business cards. Simply choose an image, click on ex green highlighted area to add it, and then choose one of the convenient reflection options.

17. Intelligent mockups

Would you like to see your designs on a wide variety of products? Smartmockups enables you to generate mockups of business cards, T-shirts, billboards, and books. Additionally, you can develop prototypes for technology, social media, print, and packaging, all from a single easy-to-use interface.

18. Dimmy’s Bar

Dimmy Club is a simple gadget mockup generator that you can use to create mockups for your screenshots. Choose from a variety of desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile designs, then customize with your image and background color. It is available for both personal and business use at no cost.

19. MockUPhone 

MockUPhone enables you to select device templates, upload a screenshot, and instantly produce a mockup. It’s completely free to use and includes templates for the iPhone 12, the Google Pixel, and a variety of desktops, smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.


This drag-and-drop tool provides access to over 1,300 prototypes. Although the service is expensive, it offers a seven-day free trial and a free plan for students and non-commercial projects. There are Windows and Linux applications, as well as Sketch and Figma plugins.

So far we have been able to list top 20 mockup websites for your graphic design projects.

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