Top Mattress Brands In Nigeria (2022)

Top Mattress Brands In Nigeria (2022)—We will examine the top mattress brands in Nigeria in 2022 in this article. A mattress, according to Wikipedia, is a big, usually rectangular pad used to support a sleeping person. It is intended to be used as a bed or as a component of a bed when attached to a bed frame. Mattresses are typically made up of a quilted or similarly secured case made of thick cloth and filled with materials such as hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, or a metal spring framework. Additionally, mattresses can be filled with air or water.

A good mattress helps you sleep better and supports your body effectively while you’re lying down, so you don’t wake up with body pains the next morning. If your mattress causes you bodily aches and pains, this is typically a warning that it is not healthy for you and that you should replace it. A decent mattress is designed to provide comfort for your body as you lay on it or sleep on it, and depending on your taste, mattresses are available in three firmness levels: hard, moderate, or soft. Investing in a high-quality mattress will benefit you in the long term by eliminating the need to toss and turn all night in search of the most comfortable position for your body, and as we will see below, there are several top mattress brands in Nigeria that you can trust for great sleep. Let us now discover what they are.


In no particular order, the following are the five finest and leading mattress brands in Nigeria in 2022:


Vitafoam is a household name in the mattress market in Nigeria; it is the country’s dominant brand and the manufacturer of the much-loved and praised Vitafoam mattress. Vitafoam has been in Nigeria since the 1960s, and the brand has endured by making high-quality mattresses that are firm yet flexible, providing many Nigerians with the comfort necessary for restful sleep at night and throughout the day.

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Make no mistake, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc is the market leader in Nigeria when it comes to flexible, reconstituted, and rigid foam products. It boasts the largest foam manufacturing and distribution network in the West African Subregion, enabling just-in-time delivery of finished goods.


Mouka Foam Mattress is also extremely popular in Nigeria, where the company was founded in 1972 as an extension of the Moukarim Metalworks Factory, which was founded in 1959 in Kano to manufacture furniture and iron beds. Since its inception, Mouka Foam has not looked back, producing high-quality mattresses ranging from cradle to grey. Each material utilized in the design of Mouka mattresses is obtained carefully and chosen for its distinct features.

Their cutting-edge technology ensures that each of their mattresses is cool to the touch and comfy to sleep on. Everything they do at Mouka is geared at providing customers with the best possible mattress without sacrificing quality or variety. Because everyone is unique, the company offers a variety of mattress options to suit a variety of body types, comfort levels, and budgets.


Winco Foam Mattress is a high-quality brand that is difficult to overlook as one of the best in the country when it comes to mattresses. Winco products are made from high-quality, environmentally safe materials. Their mattresses are extremely soft, and many are double-layered for further protection. Winco Foam Industries Limited was formed on March 18, 1983, as a totally indigenous private limited business. Since 1978, the company has operated in Nigeria as one of the top commercial organizations engaged in a variety of activities, including foam manufacture and selling.

Winco Foam Industries Limited is one of the major makers of continuous polyurethane foam in the world, with its headquarters in Lagos. For over 30 years, the Company has been committed to creating high-quality polyurethane foam and bedding items. Since its inception as a box foam manufacturer in Lagos with a limited market presence, the company has evolved and expanded into a continuous foam manufacturer with three huge multi-million naira manufacturing units strategically situated around the country to serve all markets.

Winco Foam takes pleasure in the high-quality foam products it creates in order to ensure client satisfaction. They set out to attain high foam quality throughout the manufacturing process and make every attempt to adhere to their mission of providing superior products and services at a reasonable price.

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manufactures foam products for the home and commercial healthcare industries, the furniture and upholstery industries, carpet underlayment for both residential and commercial applications, and other cushioning products for a diverse range of consumers with varying needs and requirements.


The trademark for the Unifoam brand of polyurethane products was filed in 1981 and commercial production began in 1982. United Foam Products Nigeria Limited began operations in 1982 in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. Later in 1985 and 1987, two further factories were established in Kano and Kaduna. The Unifoam brand range includes a variety of high-quality foam mattresses, spring mattresses, polyurethane foam sheetings in a variety of densities, cushions, quilts, sofa cum beds, moulded chairs, and carpet underlays. Each of the company’s products features appealing designs, superior quality, and a wide range.

To ensure optimal comfort, the company adheres to a strict quality control process in the production of foam as well as the manufacturing of mattresses, cushions, pillows, underlays, and other associated items. Their sense for aesthetics is another characteristic that sets their items apart from the competition, and they constantly provide the best designs in the most enticing colors. Unifoam’s unwavering dedication is to quality assurance, and the company offers flawless products as well as dependable service.


Sara foam is a significant maker of foam and foam-related items in Nigeria today. Consistent use of technologically advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control systems have established the Sara foam brand as a market leader and unmatched brand in the industry. The majority of their mattresses are spring-assisted, giving you with all the comfort your body requires while sleeping.

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