Top Employable Skills You Should Learn in Nigeria 2022

Top Employable Skills You Should Learn in Nigeria 2022: With the rate of Unemployment in Nigeria which has lingered for many years, it is advisable for young ones not to remain idle or sit at home but take every opportunity they have to learn an employable skills.

Every year, thousands of young ones graduate from the University without the hope of securing a well-paid Job and many today are seriously looking for work at the moment and couldn’t secure a job. One of the best things you can do to get a job in this difficult time is to learn a skill, so you can fill a gap in the job market and guarantee your future job security.  Today we’re talking about the most in-demand skills for employability and also for Businesses that can help you to stand alone and be your own boss.

The skills you want to learn majorly depend on your area of interest and within a twinkle of an eye, if you are focused and determined, it could become your major source of income. Keeping that in mind, it now boils down to identifying which skills are lucrative and best for you. Here in this article, we will highlight the skills that are very lucrative and immensely popular. This will include top skills which are in high demand that you should try to acquire.

Top Employable Skills You Should Learn in Nigeria 2022

The following are the lucrative skills to get in the country to set up yourself for better work, outsourcing, or to support your upkeep. Some of these profitable skills will also help you in a job application.


As the world becomes more digital and everything moves online, the need for digital skills such as digital marketing increases. Nigeria is no exception here, and digital marketing skills are one of the highly-rated lucrative skills which in high demand, as every business needs to use digital marketing in order to gain customers.

With the help of Digital Marketing, products are now easily advertised and promoted on the internet. This has been a well-known method of advertising a product, and it’s becoming a recognized business nowadays. Moreso, marketing on the web is much something beyond just creating something and putting it via web-based media. It includes a few procedures and strategies which will result in getting earnings. Nowadays, companies are consistently watching out for Digital Marketers, to help them market their products using web-based media and also create their online presence


Computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific computing result or to perform a specific task. This act involves setting up computer programs and coding applications and websites using different languages. This has become a money-spinning business, especially as we are presently in the computerized age.

Within the IT sector, computer programming and coding are hugely popular and useful skills to have. As more Nigerian companies move online, they need programmers to design, develop, and test software for them. The most in-demand programming languages are MySQL, Python, and JavaScript, and the wage for junior developers in Nigeria is 62.5% higher than the minimum wage.

Nowadays, almost all organizations need a professional website and application for their business. With the programming skills, you will be able to render your service to these organizations and expect good pay.


This is one of the best and profitable skills to acquire in Nigeria, South Africa, the USA, or anywhere in the world, which involves you selling others products or services. This skill will give you the knowledge of selling products or services for others. When your product is sold, you get a commission for the business you make. In this type of marketing, it’s not necessary your own products or services, all you need to do is sell what others have made.

At this point, you need to be extra careful because it is a skill you must learn, and it’s not what you can rush into. One of the requirements for you to get consistent income from affiliate marketing is the fact that you know how to sell especially online.


Considering the popularity of web-based social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they are good places to work. A lot of people are dependent on these platforms for their business.

Now, do you realize that you can really transform this media into your office? That will be possible by managing any of the social media accounts for a top business organization and company. By working with these top companies, financial institutions, bloggers, and others, you will earn a fortune.

Being a social media manager is a good skill on its own because you need to understand how the social media platforms work their does and don’t and you must be consistent in your services.


This is also one of the best employable skills to learn in Nigeria that is high in demand, the rate at which people are looking for individuals that can help them proofread their write up is very high in Nigeria, and if you have such high demanding skill you can make a lot of money.

You can help bloggers/companies to proofread their blog posts, articles, scripts, ebooks, stories, and projects documents, etc.

Proofreading or editing will help you to improve the qualities of the contents and make them look more relevant and exceptional from others.

In fact, if you are good in the English language or any major Nigerian Language you can earn a lot editing people’s work using applications likes Grammarly, MS word to correct typographies, spellings, grammar, and punctuations.


A business development part in an organization is exceptional in the way that they come up with good ideas needed to augment the business. This has made most organizations consistently require the service of able individuals who can deal with it adequately. Moreover, the work of Business Development Managers is to ensure the organization is advancing by assessing their presentation and searching for areas of progress. Development may come in various structures, which could be like maintaining ties with partners and accomplices or making more deals and taking advantage of lucky breaks in the market to make benefits.

Business management is the act of starting, managing, executing, and shutting the undertakings of a business team to accomplish shared objectives and meet explicit rules at a particular time. With the skills as a business manager, you will be entrusted to deal with the business and monitor everybody working on it so as to complete the task before the set cutoff time.


This is another profitable employable skill that can sustain an individual if he or she is good at it. Most acclaimed graphic designers even with the help of available software do messy jobs. Acquire this skill and you may not wish to work for anyone in your lifetime. Graphic designers are good at telling stories in images and texts. The best comics are created by graphic designers. This skill can easily be outsourced and on a daily basis, novelists, writers, columnists, bloggers, magazines require the services of graphic designers to better buttress their stories.


The world of technology is advancing and that one major reason Ui/UX design is highly demanded in the design industry. The “UI” in UI design stands for “User Interface.” A user interface is the point of interaction between a user and a digital device or product- like the touchpad of a smartphone. In relation to websites and applications, the user interface considers the look, feel, and interactivity of the product. The user interface is a graphical layout of an application. It consists of the buttons users click on, the text they read, the images, sliders, text-entry fields, and every other item users interact with, like the screen layout, transitions, and every form of the visual element.

UI designers are like graphic designers, they are concerned with aesthetics and ensure that the application’s interface is visually appealing to the users.

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One of the employable skills you can ever have today is being able to impart knowledge to others. Not everyone can do this but you can eventually develop your teaching skills. Good teaching skills will enable you to teach any subject within your profession perfectly and your student will be able to understand what you teaching them. If you are a good teacher, you have a high chance of earning a lot of money teaching students.

You can be doing lessons for JAMB/WAEC candidates or tutoring your junior students in school will they pay you for teaching them. Many parents are ready to pay you high for teaching their children as far as you can help their children improve academically, I know a friend that is earning over N54,000 monthly teaching people’s children.

Some parents are even busy helping their children do their homework you can be helping the children to do it while you get paid, tell every parent, paste posters in the street so you can get more people to teach.


With the high rate of content creation across the internet, video production and editing still remain one of the most profitable employable skills within the entertainment industry in Nigeria. Video production involves creating video content either for film production, video advertisements, news production, or comedy skits. Consumers have an insatiable appetite for video content, and as a result, video production continues to be a priority for companies.

Creating and editing videos is the essence of the media digital world. This skill would certainly boost your career as it is one of the most in-demand skills in Nigeria.

The ability to record, edit, and produce a video is a valuable modern skill. You can learn the basics of video editing at home with a camera, a computer, a good microphone, and video editing software


This article has been helpful in explaining Top Employable Skills You Should Learn in Nigeria 2022. Also note that skillsacquisition is very important especially for undergraduates prior to moving on from school. Having these employable skills will give you an edge over others while you are looking for employment. Also, employment opportunities won’t be out of the way for someone with these profitable employable skills. That’s the size of this article, as we have been able to list the top profitable employable skills you can learn in Nigeria today.

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