Top 8 Eagles in the world

Top 8 Eagles in the world: When you see an eagle, it’s one of the most interesting and impressive birds you can see anywhere in the world.

Eagles can be found all over the world in the wild. There are 60 different types of eagles that can be found. Here, we’ll talk about the eight largest types of eagles that are out there.

When eagles are flying, they are a very interesting and amazing thing to see. Some of the most dangerous animals in nature, especially when it comes to small animals and birds of prey, are in this group.

Their one-of-a-kind traits set them apart from the rest of the birds. However, one of the largest eagles ever seen has already left. As you can see, big eagles are more likely to have wide wings than their smaller cousins.

Another person has a shorter wingspan and a bigger body, while another person has a shorter wingspan and a smaller body. As part of this article, we will tell you about the world’s largest eagles

Top 8 Eagles in the world

1. Verreaux’s Eagle

Top 8 Eagles


It is a bird of prey. For most of its life, the Verreaux’s Eagle was found mostly in eastern and northeastern Africa, where it lived in large groups.

These have one of the most diverse diets of any birds of prey on the planet. They usually catch weight of about five pounds, but the eagle can lift a lot more than that.

They have done experiments on small mammals, like monkeys, from time to time. There are many different sizes and lengths of wingspan for these birds.

They can have wingspans of 75 to 95cm. As a general rule, the weight of a Verreaux’s eagle can reach 4.19 kg.

2. A Martial Eagle from Africa

Martial eagle

These eagles usually live in Sub-Saharan Africa, but they can also be found in other parts of the world. Its name means “war-like,” and it’s one of the most dangerous birds.

They eat mammals, reptiles, and other birds, too. People usually say that when they hunt, the African Martial Eagle likes to stay in the air.

You can find them on the plains of the sub-Saharan region and in a lot of countries. Their length is 85.5cm and they weigh 4.71 kg. Significantly, they have wings that are 211.9cm long.

3. African Crowned Eagle

Known for its striking brown, white, and orange feather patterns, this eagle of the sub-Saharan forests is yet another large eagle of the sub-Saharan forests.

It is one of the strongest eagles in the world, capable of lifting its own weight. A large number of incidents have been documented in which the African Crowned Eagle has attacked children as prey.

A full-grown African Crowned Eagle can grow up to 80 to 99 centimeters in length and weigh 3.64 kilograms. Their wingspan ranges from approximately 1.51 to 1.81 meters (feet).

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4. White-tailed Sea Eagle

White-tailed Sea Eagle

There are white eagles to be found in Europe and Russia, as well as the mountainous regions of northern Japan. It is common for them to establish their territories in low-lying areas or near the sea.

They get most of their food from fish and other birds but prey on small mammals such as mice and rabbits.

Furthermore, a white-tailed sea eagle can grow to be between 66 and 94 cm in length and weigh up to 5kg. Their wingspan is approximately 2.3m at the widest point.

5. Philippine Eagle

The Philippine eagles can easily be distinguished by the porcupine-like set of spikes on the top of their heads, which give them their name.

Because of their distinctive appearance, they have been designated as the national bird of the country in which they are found.

These are the most dreadful airborne predators on the Philippine islands, and they have a reputation for being vicious. Also, they are infamous for capturing and stealing small mammals, other birds, and reptiles from their prey.

Depending on the species, the Philippine eagle can grow up to 86 to 102cm in length and weigh between 4.7 and 8kg. The length of their wingspan is roughly 220 centimeters.

6. Harpy Eagle

The harpy eagle is one of the top 8 eagles in the world that can be found all over the United States. However, they can be found in large numbers in Brazil, where their numbers have decreased as a result of deforestation of the Amazon.

In addition, the harpy eagles are capable of lifting the weight of the birds, as are many other eagles, and prefer to prey on monkeys. They are particularly well-liked in Panama, where they are designated as the country’s national bird.

They range in length from 86.5 to 107 cm and weigh between 176 and 224cm in weight. Their wingspan ranges from approximately 176 to 224cm in length.

7. Bald eagle of the United States

American Bald Eagles are easily distinguished from other eagles by their whitetail and head, which contrast with their brown bodies and wings.

However, when compared to the other species of eagles, these are the most visible, which is why they are designated as the national animal of the United States of America.

A lot of ads, movies, and other images show this bird. You might have seen them all over the world. 70 to 102cm long with 7.5 kg weight. Their wingspan is about 2.44m.

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8. Steller’s Sea Eagle

People all over the world call this type of eagle a “bald eagle.” Maybe the other eagle species have longer wingspan with more weight, but when it’s come to length, these are the biggest of all the eagle species.

They mostly rely on fish and prefer to reside in the coastal areas of Russia where you can locate them in the highest quantities.

They can range in length from 85 to 105cm and weigh between 6.19 and 9.5 kg. Their wingspan is approximately 2.45cm at the widest point.

So far we have considered the top 8 Eagles in the world, these are the largest eagles on the face of the planet. If you are interested in learning more about the different species of birds, you can also stop by more often on this website to catch the latest updates on bird species.

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