Top 7 Most Popular Computer Laptop Brands In Nigeria

Top 7 Most Popular Computer Laptop Brands In Nigeria—This article will discuss the top seven most popular laptop computer brands in Nigeria in 2022. Computer laptops have grown in popularity throughout the world, particularly in the twenty-first century, and they are much more fashionable than their older desktop relatives, as they allow for faster and more efficient work due to their portability. In the coming weeks, we’ll inform you about the greatest laptop brands available in Nigeria today.

For many Nigerian tech enthusiasts, owning mobile devices from the best smartphone brands is insufficient, and while owning a tablet appears to be an upgrade, the thrill of owning a computer laptop trumps other tech gadgets due to their superior features that make whatever work one does feel very easy and straightforward.

There are several well-known laptop brands in the country that have gained widespread trust over the years due to their effectiveness and the fact that they offer excellent value for money. It is not that other brands are inferior, but the ones listed in this article have had such a significant impact on the Nigerian tech space for many years that it has almost become a default setting for anyone looking to purchase a new laptop to narrow their options down to these very select few, as we will see in a moment.


The following are Nigeria’s top seven best and most popular laptop brands in 2022:


Samsung is one of the world’s largest electronics businesses, and their technology products, which include mobile phones and laptops, are quite popular in Nigeria today. This South Korean technology behemoth manufactures outstanding laptops that assist you in successfully organizing your work and other critical information.

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Their Windows laptops, Chromebooks, and Galaxy books are all really elegant and brilliantly built to help you take computing to a whole new level, guaranteeing that you are extremely productive and can accomplish more than you could previously. They are extremely fast when connected to Wi-Fi, providing a seamless user experience.


Apple is a market leader in the technology business on a global scale. It is an American corporation that has transformed the way we use technology in our daily lives, and their laptops are truly extraordinary. Apple computers are referred to together as MacBooks, and they all feature unmatched quality.

Apple MacBooks, whether MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, are more powerful than previous generations. They have a dazzling Retina display, Magic Keyboard, Touch ID, better processors and graphics, as well as a high storage capacity. Additionally, the battery life is excellent, as you can use it for an entire day after charging. This is cutting-edge technology at its finest. With all of these outstanding features, it’s important to keep in mind that Apple goods are somewhat expensive.


According to many people today, HP remains on the number one spot when considering the most popular computer laptop brands in Nigeria, as practically everyone chooses this brand when purchasing a laptop. This brand has been in Nigeria for many years, and what distinguishes HP laptops apart from their quality is their affordability, with practically everyone able to afford one. HP laptops are extremely sturdy and feature long-lasting batteries, which many Nigerian tech lovers appreciate because it gives them more time to complete tasks.


Dell is another laptop brand that is comparable to HP and is extremely well-known. The pricing range is comparable to HP’s, and the quality of these laptops is unmatched. Dell has a sizable customer base in Nigeria, which has been consistent over the years due to the company’s durability, which has contributed to the company’s reputation among many in the country. When it comes to purchasing laptops, Dell should also be considered.


Numerous folks in the country also adore the Acer laptop brand. The size of these laptops, as well as their affordability and efficiency, will undoubtedly continue to attract a large number of new customers to the brand. This brand is ideal for students, particularly undergraduates who are putting together term papers, information technology reports, seminars, and project defenses.


Lenovo is the largest computer manufacturer in the world, and their laptops are rather outstanding. Once upon a time, this brand was relatively obscure; nonetheless, it has grown into a technology behemoth with a commanding position in the global market.

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Lenovo laptops are inexpensive, user-friendly, and boast an excellent display. Additionally, they are long-lasting. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford more expensive laptop brands, Lenovo delivers superior quality at a lower price.


Additionally, the Asus laptop brand is of high quality, performs well, and is a significant mover and shaker in the global laptop market. The sole disadvantage of this brand in Nigeria at the moment is the high cost of repair, which is due to the fact that hardware components for Asus laptops are not generally available in the nation but can be imported on demand.

Additionally, the following are deserving of mention:

  • Toshiba
  • Microsoft
  • MSI, etc.

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