Top 5 Online Shopping Websites in Nigeria (2022)

Top 5 Online Shopping Websites in Nigeria (2022)—This article will discuss the top five online shopping websites in Nigeria in 2022. These online shopping sites have become so popular among many Nigerians that they have earned a high level of confidence when it comes to purchasing anything ranging from consumables to gadgets to clothes, and so on. As we progress, we’ll list and discuss the top five internet retailers in the country right now.

Today, internet shopping websites have gained widespread acceptance in Nigeria, providing creative options for consumers to purchase or order commodities, products, or services directly from the comfort of their homes. This benefits purchasers because it eliminates the hassle, distance, and time associated with visiting a market or an offline business to make purchases. At the stroke of a button, one can order things from an online shopping website directly from their home, and they will be delivered at the agreed upon time.

The most popular and widely preferred online stores in Nigeria have successfully replicated the business models of the world’s leading shopping websites and put in place structures to handle the massive demand for goods from their customers, and their prompt response to meet these demands has won them the hearts of many of their customers nationwide. The following information offers a list of the top five most popular online shopping websites in Nigeria at the moment.


In no particular order, the following are the five finest and most popular online shopping sites in Nigeria in 2022:


In Nigeria, everyone is familiar with Jumia. This online shopping website, headquartered in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, is the most popular in the country, which comes as no surprise given that Jumia Nigeria has been operating in the country for quite some time, serving as a trailblazer for many of the online stores that have sprung up in recent years. Jumia’s user-friendly website features a diverse selection of things for sale.

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If you shop on the Jumia website, you can be assured that your online transactions are secure thanks to the company’s use of Comodo security. Consumer items, mobile devices, wines and spirits, furniture, electronics, computers, automobiles, clothing, some pharmaceuticals, and coffee and tea are just a few of the products displayed on the Jumia online store.


Konga Nigeria is also currently one of the most popular and trustworthy internet retailers in Nigeria. When you conduct business on this shopping website, you can be assured that it is secure and that your purchases will arrive in one piece. Konga Nigeria, like Jumia, offers a diverse selection of products, and their numerous pick-up locations throughout Lagos, including Surulere, Ikeja, Marina, Victoria Island, and Festac Town, are stocked with the highest-quality products, allowing you to walk in at your convenience and collect what you ordered. If you want your things delivered to your home, you must pay a delivery or shipping price.


Payporte is another popular online shopping service in Nigeria that has elevated online shopping in the country to a new level. This online retailer was founded in September 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria, with additional locations in Philadelphia, USA; Manchester, United Kingdom; and Guangzhou, China. PayPorte’s target demographic is young people, and the company sells primarily apparel and accessories to them. This online store is a sponsor of Big Brother Naija, a renowned Nigerian reality television show.


VConnect is also a popular online shopping destination in the country. The website was previously known for just listing businesses in Nigeria until recently, when they opened an open marketplace for their business to raise awareness among Nigerians that they also operate an online marketplace where goods and services can be purchased at discounted costs.

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If you wish to learn more about their products, you can do so by visiting their website linked above.


Jiji is a well-known brand in the online shop industry. The company was founded in 2014 and has grown by leaps and bounds since then. This online shopping website is one of the most popular in Nigeria, selling practically every type of product you can imagine. They purchased another prominent online retailer, OLX, in 2019 and have since grown to become one of the greatest online shopping destinations in the country. The beauty of Jiji is that as a vendor or business owner, you may post classified ads for free on the website to maximize your reach and profit.

Additionally, the following are deserving of mention:


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