Top 3 altcoins to buy when cryptocurrencies fall in value

Top 3 altcoins to buy when cryptocurrencies fall in value: After seeing a brief resurgence over the Christmas holiday weekend, cryptocurrency values experienced a precipitous decline this week. Although the reason for the bitcoin drop from $52,000 to approximately $47,000 is yet unknown, Their overall market capitalization has dropped from $2.6 trillion to approximately $2.4 trillion since the beginning of the year. This post will look at the top three cryptocurrencies to buy now that the market has dipped.



The price of Polygon Polygon (MATIC) has dropped by almost 2 percent in the last day. It is currently trading at $2.58, which is not far from its all-time high.

Polygon is a layer-2 network that allows developers to optimize the performance of their Ethereum-based projects. Additionally, many developers are considering developing their applications directly on the platform.

A direct effect of this is that Polygon has had substantial growth in recent years, with the number of DeFi apps in its ecosystem having increased to 149 and the total value locked (TVL) having reached $5.5 billion. The most popular recent addition to the network was Uniswap, which is one of the largest DeFi platforms in the world and was the most popular new addition overall.

More and more applications are migrating to Polygon. This implies that there is a probability that the price of Polygon will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.


Terra Terra (LUNA) is a blockchain project based in South Korea that has experienced rapid growth in recent months. The network enables developers to create applications for use in the DeFi business, for example.

Terra has only 13 apps in its ecosystem, but it has a TVL of $18.1 billion, despite having only 13 apps. This makes it the second-largest cryptocurrency platform in the world, after Ethereum. It has grown to be even more significant than well-known names such as Solana and Binance Smart Chain.

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Terra is also well-known for the stablecoins that it issues. TerraUST, the most widely used of them, has grown to become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in the world. There is therefore a probability that the Terra price will rise as the cryptocurrency’s popularity develops.



Fans of Fantom Fantom (FTM) will be familiar with this other Ethereum-killer, which is equally popular among developers. The company also provides assistance to developers in the development of decentralized applications. Most recently, the number of apps in its ecosystem increased to 102, and the total value of goods and services increased to $5.79 billion. As a result, it has risen to become the world’s sixth most popular DeFi building platform.

The price of Fantom has risen dramatically in recent days, pushing the company’s entire market capitalization to more than $5.87 billion dollars. As the currency’s popularity develops, there is a chance that its price will begin to rise again.

Right now, where can I buy it?

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So far we have been able to list Top 3 altcoins to buy the dip as cryptocurrencies recoil

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