Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World

Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World –You’ve probably heard people say that a country’s passport is powerful or strong, and you’ve probably wondered how that’s determined.

According to the most recent research produced in 2021, we will do our best to provide an answer to this question in our article today by revealing the world’s top ten most secure passports.

According to the newest research produced by Henley & Partners, London-based global citizenship and resident advisory organization, there has never been a time in history when the global difference in travel freedoms has been so vast.

List of Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World

With the Henley Passport Index, different countries’ passports are ranked according to the number of countries their respective holders can travel to without a previous visa. Using data provided by the International Air Transport Association, the firm created a ranking of countries in its research, which was published recently (IATA).

The Henley Passport Index, which claims to be the “original ranking of all of the world’s passports,” is one of several organizations that publish reports on powerful passports.

According to Henley’s Q4 Global Mobility report, “the global mobility gap has reached its greatest point in history and is continuing to widen as a result of the proliferation of entrance barriers that have been constructed since the start of the epidemic.”

As part of a coordinated attempt to revitalize their economies, many countries in the global south have opened their borders, but there has been little reciprocity from nations in the global north, which have enacted some of the most rigorous inbound Covid-19-related travel restrictions. Most of the industrialized world remains closed to tourists from nations at the bottom end of the Henley Passport Index, even if they are fully vaccinated.

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Below is the list of countries with the top 10 most powerful passports in the world along with their rank and score:

Rank Name of the Country Score
1  Japan, Singapore 192
2  Germany, South Korea 190
3  Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain 189
4  Austria, Denmark 188
5  France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden 187
6  Belgium, New Zealand, Switzerland 186
7  Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Norway, United Kingdom,  United States 185
8  Australia, Canada 184
9  Hungary 183
10  Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia 182

In addition, the index does not take into account the temporary travel restrictions imposed by many countries in response to the outbreak of Coronavirus, therefore it does not reflect current travel access.

In the current setup, Japan and Singapore, which are ranked top and second, respectively, are theoretically allowed to travel visa-free to 192 countries around the world.

Afghanistan, which comes last on the index, has 166 fewer destinations than the top two countries, which are ranked first and second, respectively. Afghans are only permitted to enter 26 countries around the world without obtaining a visa in advance. It includes 227 destinations and 199 passports from all around the world, which makes up the Index’s overall coverage area.

“These judgments have the potential to have far-reaching implications,” says Christian H. Kaelin, the man behind the creation of the passport index and the chairman of Henley & Partners. If we wish to revive the global economy, it is important that developed countries encourage inward migration flows rather than continuing to impose antiquated limitations on the movement of people.

“In order to futureproof their economies, resourceful countries must attract and welcome the upcoming generation.

European Countries tops the list

European countries dominate the top 10 list, as they have done for the past several years. Austria and Denmark are in fourth and fifth place, respectively, while France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Sweden are in fifth and sixth place, respectively.

Germany and South Korea are in second place on the list with a combined score of 190, while Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain are in third place on the list with a combined score of 189, putting them in the top ten. Although the list of names changes slightly if we look at it farther down the top 10, we will not notice a significant difference.

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New Zealand, which is ranked sixth, has revealed that it has decided to abandon its Covid-19 eradication approach in favor of a vaccine certificate system ranking system, which is currently in the works. Belgium and Switzerland are tied for sixth place with a total of 186 points each, respectively.

With a score of 185, former top-ranking countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, which shared the number one spot seven years ago, are now in seventh place together with other countries such as the Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, and Norway.

We have countries from the eastern and western hemispheres of the planet – Australia and Canada – in eighth and ninth position, respectively, with a score of 184. Having received a score of 182, Hungary is ranked ninth, while Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia have combined to earn the No.10 spot on the list, earning a total score of 182.

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic that rocked the world in 2009, Japan is currently the top-ranked country with the highest score (192), but it has imposed a travel ban on practically all visitors from other countries as a precautionary step to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Even Germany has travel restrictions in place for citizens of around 100 different countries.

Egypt, which is ranked 97th on the list, currently has no travel restrictions of any kind in effect. Egypt is the only country where Egyptians can travel visa-free to 51 countries throughout the world. Kenya, which is ranked 77th in the world, is another South African country that does not have any travel restrictions. Kenyan passport holders have the ability to travel to 72 countries without the need to seek a visa in advance of their trip.

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Disparity Among Nations

It is also suggested in the Henley & Partners research that “restrictive regulations that were initially implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are now being easily deployed to contain mobility from the global south.”

A fellow at the United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies named Mehari Taddele Maru was quoted in the report: “For some time now, the global north has been enforcing aggressive migration containment strategies through the rigid application of border controls, undermining the movement of persons in a number of different ways.”

Travel limitations linked with Covid-19 are fresh additions to the repertoire of migration containment instruments used by the global north to limit the mobility of people from the global south,” says the author.

It is at a time when many countries around the world are gradually relaxing travel restrictions that had previously been in place that the Henley Passport Index has released its report of rankings.

This will mark the beginning of tourism after nearly two years of disruption caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, which has reverberated across the global economy, particularly the travel and tourism industry.

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