Top 10 High-Demand Jobs in the United Kingdom in 2022

Top 10 High-Demand Jobs in the United Kingdom in 2022:
Certain jobs are simply more popular than others, and this is an unavoidable fact. After all, jobs that pay well, are challenging, and are exciting will attract more people than jobs that pay little and are repetitious. However, what is the most sought-after career roles among job seekers?

High-Demand Jobs in the United Kingdom

This list is brimming with well-compensated, specialist employment with thousands of available positions, which should come as no surprise. Indeed, five of them made Glassdoor’s list of the Best Jobs in the United Kingdom for 2021. Continue reading to discover which job titles were eliminated!


1. Courier Driver

£20,055 is the average base salary.
Number of Available Positions: 4,205

What is the job description of a delivery driver?

A delivery driver is responsible for delivering orders to consumers on time. Additionally, the function requires checking delivery orders, loading and unloading the van/truck/vehicle, and assisting with customer service.

How to obtain employment as a delivery driver

A valid driver’s license, adequate vision, and strong communication skills are required to operate as a delivery driver. Keep an eye out for delivery jobs on Glassdoor.

Leading firms looking to hire a delivery driver

Delivery drivers are in high demand, with Asda, Abel & Cole, DFS, Just Eat, and Amazon among the top employers.

2. Manager of Projects

Salary Base Average: £43,000

Number of Available Positions: 22,791

A project manager’s job description

While the term “project manager” has a broad definition, a project manager’s primary responsibility is to plan, organize, control, and deliver a project on time, within budget, and within the scope indicated at the outset.

How to obtain employment as a project manager

Project managers are more likely to have a business degree. They may begin as an assistant and advance through the ranks. If you intend to work in a subject unrelated to your degree, you might enroll in a postgraduate study in project management. Additionally, there are credentials that are equivalent.

Leading firms need a project manager

Mace, Syngenta, GSK, The AA, and Xero are just a handful of the leading employers of project managers.

3. Manager of the Store

£29,250 is the average base salary.

Number of Available Positions: 4,537

A store manager’s job description

A shop manager is in control of the store’s daily operations. Establishing staff schedules, hiring and training new personnel, motivating existing employees, creating advertising campaigns, handling funds, and engaging with consumers are all possible tasks.

How to obtain employment as a shop manager

No degree or other particular certifications are required to work as a store manager. A general commercial acumen will be advantageous, as will strong communication skills and the ability to delegate.

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The majority of store managers begin their careers as junior employees and advance through the ranks, or they enroll in a shop manager apprenticeship program.

Leading businesses are looking for a shop manager.

EE, The Furniture Store, Morrisons supermarket, The Body Shop, and Costa Coffee are just a few of the firms actively recruiting store managers.

4. Customer Service Representative

£16,007 is the average base salary.

Number of Available Positions: 5,979

Customer service representative job description

A customer service assistant’s role is to assist clients in every way possible. Demonstrating how products work, processing client orders (in-person, over the phone, or online), managing payment, responding to customer concerns or complaints, and organizing store displays may all be part of your job obligations, depending on your location.

How to land a customer service representative position

While no formal credentials are required for employment as a customer service assistant, previous experience in a comparable role can help you stand out to employers. Employers want employees who are pleasant, communicate effectively, and genuinely want to help others.

The best firms to work for as a customer assistance

Customer service agents are critical in retailers because they are the face of the company. Among the top employers are The Co-op, Wickes, Lloyds Banking Group, Specsavers, Tesco, and Lidl.

5. Assistant in the Store

£17,967 is the average base salary.

2,700 Available Positions

A store assistant’s job description

A store assistant is similar to a customer service representative, except that they work in retail. As a store assistant, you may be asked to serve customers, process payments, clean the store, purchase things, and greet clients at the door.

How to obtain employment as a shop assistant

While official credentials are not required to work as a store assistant, employers may ask you to have at least five GCSEs, including mathematics. A pleasant disposition, as well as strong communication skills, are highly desired. The majority of businesses give store workers training.

Top employers seeking a store assistant

Among the top employers seeking store, assistants are Burberry, WH Smith, Aldi, Vision Express, and REISS.

6. Computer Programmer

Base Salary on Average: £55,000

Number of Available Positions: 11,816

A software engineer’s job description

A software engineer’s role is to test, maintain, and upgrade information technology systems in order for them to perform a specific function. This is often done under the supervision of a systems architect. This includes, but is not limited to, analyzing user requirements, developing and designing using code, upgrading existing systems, and making recommendations for future improvements. It ranks top in the list, High-Demand Jobs, in the United Kingdom

How to land a software engineer position

The majority of employers will require you to have a degree in a related field such as Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, or Software Engineering. If you hold a degree in an unrelated profession, you may be qualified to apply for a graduate trainee scheme.

Leading employers of software engineers

Direct Line Group, National Grid, Cinch Cars Ltd, Betway Group, and Nando’s are just a handful of the top software development companies.

7. Sales Representative

£16,977 is the average base salary.

3,063 Available Positions

A sales assistant’s job description

A sales assistant performs comparable duties to that of a store assistant. Sales assistants assist consumers in locating desired items, showing the functionality of products, accepting payments, stocking shelves, and responding to customer questions and concerns.

How to obtain employment as a sales assistant

When it comes to being a sales assistant, experience and talents are more important than credentials. If you have a pleasant disposition, adequate excellent communication skills, and a genuine desire to serve people, you can obtain a sales assistant position.

Leading companies are looking for a sales assistant.

Dunelm, Nando’s, Superdry, WH Smith, and Travis Perkins are just a few of the leading firms looking to hire sales assistants.

8. Customer Service Representative

£18,801 is the average base salary.

3,309 Available Positions

Customer service representative job description

As a customer service advisor, you are the primary point of contact for consumers. Responsibilities include responding to client inquiries (in person, over the phone, or online), making recommendations, and providing information about how items work.

How to obtain employment as a customer service agent

No particular training is required to serve as a client advisor. Having the ability to maintain your composure under duress, think quickly on your feet, be computer literate, and communicate effectively can all help you land a job as a customer service advisor.

Leading companies are looking to hire a customer service advisor.

Shell Energy, The Range, Halfords, Utility Warehouse, and Lego are just a few of the companies that are actively seeking customer service advisors.

9. Manager of Operations

Salary Base Average: £42,500

Number of Available Positions: 10,958

An operations manager’s job description

An operations manager’s responsibilities are varied, and what they do varies by sector and business. An operations manager is responsible for maintaining the seamless operation of a business. They deal with issues such as people, core operations, budgets, delivery, and strategy. A business that effectively manages these five fundamental areas will be efficient.

How to obtain an operations manager position

Employers appreciate individuals having a degree, particularly if the degree is relevant to the business. Additionally, employers may want applicants who have relevant industry experience. Graduate trainee programs may give recent graduates an entry point into operations management.

The best firms to work for as an operations manager

Among the top employers seeking operations managers are Network Rail, Tik Tok, KPMG, Vodafone, and Asda.

10. financial analyst

Salary Base Average: £42,000

Number of Available Positions: 7,748

A business analyst’s job description

The ultimate purpose of a business analyst is to assist an organization in planning for the future. This includes assessing the organization’s current state, projecting future needs, and devising solutions to meet those needs. This term is frequently used to refer to information technology and software solutions, but it can also refer to personnel and budgeting.

How to obtain employment as a business analyst

Employers will take notice of candidates who hold a degree in a business-related field, such as Business Information Systems. Additionally, it helps if you have past project management experience. Teamwork, effective communication, and leadership characteristics are all soft skills that will help you acquire a business analyst career.

Leading companies are looking to hire a business analyst.

Business analysts are employed by the Betway Group, the Scottish Government, Save the Children, NRG, and Kellogg Company.


To this end, we have been able to make a list of  High-Demand Jobs in the United Kingdom

Notably, being in high demand comes with a slew of advantages. If you’re fortunate enough to work in an industry with a high need for labor, you’ll have a plethora of possibilities. Additionally, you’ll be able to negotiate favorable terms and compensation.

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