Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria

This article focuses on the top 10 best fertilizer companies in Nigeria as of 2021. A fertilizer is any natural or man-made item that is applied to soil or plant tissues in order to provide these plants with the nutrients they require for growth and development. Fertilizers can be natural or man-made, but the most common ones are fortified with the main macronutrients like Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), which plants require in large amounts for their growth and development; they may also be fortified with supplements like rock dust, which helps to provide micronutrients.

Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies In Nigeria

Farmers apply fertilizers in a variety of ways, including dry, pelleted, and liquid forms, as well as big agricultural machinery and human methods. That said, if you are a farmer looking for high-quality fertilizers in Nigeria and want to buy from the best companies producing these fertilizers in the country right now, it will do you a lot of good to look at the company profile before purchasing your fertilizer from any of them, and we will list and briefly discuss the 10 best fertilizer companies in Nigeria right now as we go forward. Please read on to find out what they are. In no particular order, here are the top ten ranking and most popular fertilizer firms in Nigeria in 2021


The Dangote Fertilizer Plant in Nigeria is Africa’s largest Granulated Urea Fertilizer complex. This facility is situated on a 500-hectare plot of land in the Lekki Free Trade Zone of Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial metropolis and one of the country’s wealthiest and most populous states. The Dangote Fertilizer Plant, which manufactures Dangote Urea Fertilizer, which is popular among thousands of farmers across the country, cost $2.5 billion to build.

With Nigeria’s annual fertilizer needs anticipated to be between 5 and 7 million metric tonnes, and the country’s current fertilizer usage at 1.5 million metric tonnes, the Dangote Fertilizer Complex was developed to manufacture 3 million metric tonnes of urea fertilizer per year in phase 1.

The above top fertilizer company in Nigeria, which is widely regarded as one of the best and most popular inside the country, collaborates with Farmer Associations, Corporate Farms, NPK Blenders, NGO/development partners, and State Governments across the country, as well as gov’ts across the African continent and beyond, to improve soil and farm yields in a sustainable manner. The Dangote Fertilizer Company aspires to make Africa food self-sufficient and a net exporter of food to the rest of the world.

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Since June 2016, Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals Limited (IFL) has been operating the world’s largest single train urea factory in Nigeria. With a total capacity of c.2.8 million metric tonnes of granular urea, IFL is the largest fertilizer manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa. The first urea line, which is a mirror image of the first, was commissioned in June 2016, and the second line, which is a mirror replica of the first, was commissioned in May 2021. With the addition of the second urea line, IFL now has a combined granular urea production capacity of 8,000 metric tonnes per day and an annual capacity of 2.8 million metric tonnes, making it one of Africa’s largest urea producers.

This leading fertilizer firm in Nigeria has always focused on meeting the expanding fertilizer demand of the domestic market in the country, both for direct application and N.P.K blending, as well as working to bring about a green revolution in the country as a whole. After feeding the home market, the surplus production is exported since Nigeria has an excellent logistical and seasonal advantage in serving regional markets in West and South Africa, as well as natural export markets in South and North America.


EarthCare Nigeria Limited is another of Nigeria’s greatest fertilizer firms, as it is the largest commercial manufacturer of organic fertilizer in West Africa, employing a mix of municipal solid waste as raw materials and a unique US remedial technology that complies with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). EarthCare Nigeria Limited, one of Nigeria’s most well-known fertilizer companies, operates a fertilizer facility in Lagos State’s Ikorodu neighborhood. Under the brand name CompostPLUS, this fertilizer company has the potential to manufacture 200,000 metric tonnes of Grade “A” organic fertilizer per year when fully operational.


Golden Fertilizer Company Limited was established in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN), one of Nigeria’s best FMCG firms, with fertilizer blending, distribution, and supply at its core. The Golden Fertilizer Company has grown into one of the country’s leading agricultural firms in the agro-allied supply chain thanks to the efforts of a skilled and motivated team. The Golden Fertilizer Company understands the importance of a strong fertilizer regime for Nigeria’s re-emerging agricultural sector, and it has been fully committed to providing top-quality products and services to Nigeria’s Agro-Allied business for numerous years. Golden Fertilizer NPK 20:10:10 and Golden Fertilizer NPK 27:13:13 are two of the company’s primary products.

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Nitromobil is another leading fertilizer company in Nigeria, producing high-quality fertilizers for farms all throughout the country. This is a truly Nigerian fertilizer company with established buyer networks as well as a reliable and direct interaction with fertilizer and agrochemical companies in Europe and Asia, particularly in France. They have a competitive advantage not only because of their knowledge of the Nigerian market based on their limited years of experience but also because of their efficiency and effectiveness in meeting their consumers at a point of interest that is set to increase their lots. Nitromobil International Nigeria Limited now has direct agency rights for fertilizer imports and exports, allowing them to supply N.P.K and Urea fertilizer brands from Europe, as well as agrochemical products from Asian manufacturers, through their primary partners in Europe.


Notore Chemical Industries Plc, or Just Notore, is one of Africa’s largest fertilizer and agro-allied enterprises. Their main tasks include providing premium fertilizers, providing suitable information on the best farming methods, and ensuring that these practices are properly deployed for optimal results. This Nigerian fertilizer company has developed a strong network of professionals who help farmers and rural communities all around the country.

Notore owns and manages one of the top fertilizer plants in Sub-Saharan Africa, putting them in a unique position to lead the African Green Revolution. They also make ammonia and have the potential to make NPK fertilizer. The Notore factory is strategically placed in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, at Onne seaport. As a result, their products are perfectly suited for shipping and distribution along the Atlantic coast.


BEJAFTA is a leading fertilizer firm in Nigeria that was founded in 1998 and has been supplying inputs, training, and professional technical services to the country’s agricultural, oil/gas, and manufacturing sectors since then. BEJAFTA Chemical and Agro Allied Services is a fertilizer blending facility in Plateau State’s Bokkos Local Government. The blending factory is one of Nigeria’s largest, capable of producing 50 metric tonnes of fertilizer per hour and more than 900 tonnes in a single day. This amounts to around 330,000 metric tons each year. The company now provides the highest grade N.P.K 20:10:10 and N.P.K 15:15:15 fertilizers, and may produce fertilizer based on soil type and consumer specifications upon request.


Matrix Fertilizer Limited is based in Dumbin Dutse, a dispersed rural town along the Kaduna-Zaria route, and is roughly an hour’s drive from Kaduna State’s Rigasa train station. It has an annual blending capacity of more than 1 million metric tonnes of various fertilizer mixtures. The blending factory is located on a three-hectare industrial complex, with another 30 hectares set aside for research and demonstration farms. Matrix Fertilizer Limited can blend 150 tonnes of fertilizer per hour, or 3,000 bags of 50 kg each, at maximum capacity, and its two bagging lines can bag blended fertilizer at a pace of 90 tonnes per hour.

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OCP Africa is a subsidiary of the OCP Group, a global leader in phosphate and derivatives with nearly a century of experience. OCP Africa was founded in 2016 with the goal of assisting in the long-term growth of African agriculture. They create fertilizer solutions that are tailored to local conditions and crop requirements, and they collaborate with partners from a variety of African governments, non-profits, and private businesses to connect farmers to the agricultural services, knowledge, and resources they require to thrive.

This fertilizer company is headquartered in Morocco and has operations in 18 countries, including Nigeria. The company’s Nigerian arm is fast expanding, collaborating with farmers, wholesalers, and other local partners to develop a dynamic agriculture-business ecosystem. Their main aim in Nigeria is to educate farmers and supply chain members about fertilizer needs and best practices, as well as to improve farmers’ access to financing and markets.


Prime gold Fertilizers and Chemical Industries Limited was founded on September 18, 2009, and it is currently one of Nigeria’s largest fertilizer firms. Their first plant is located at Kilometre 10, East-West Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on a 25,000 square meter industrial site. The company entered the Nigerian fertilizer market with two unique fertilizer products before moving on to commercial manufacturing of Organo-Minerals Fertilizer – NEEM Powder Based Formulation. Their NEEM-based N.P.K 15:15:15, N.P.K 20:10:10, and Soil Primer act as a pesticide, fungicide, insecticide, and anti-nematode for crop protection and soil fertility. They also have a portfolio of well over 20 farm-related chemicals and crop/soil-specific fertilizers.


In this article, we have been able to able to compile a list of the top 10 best fertilizer companies in Nigeria.

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