The Top 13 Secondary Schools in Nigeria and Their Fees in 2022

The Top 13 Secondary Schools in Nigeria and Their Fees in 2022: Education is the primary instrument for sensitization and the foundation of knowledge. As Benjamin Franklin correctly stated, “Investing in knowledge yields the highest returns.” As a result, it is critical to invest in information through the appropriate channels, one of which is a secondary school, which is critical in the metamorphosis of every child into adolescence; a stage critical to their career choices.

This is why every parent desires that their children attend the greatest secondary schools available. I was once in that position; in fact, my parents had to choose a secondary school that was quite a distance from our home in order to provide me with the greatest secondary education possible, and the knowledge I gained there was priceless.

If you are also a parent, guardian, or ward, are you considering the best secondary schools for your child? This article provides the most comprehensive response to your inquiry.

Nigeria’s Top Secondary Schools for Your Children

The following is a list of the best secondary schools in Nigeria currently, in no particular order:

1. Christ the King College, Onitsha: Christ the King College, also referred to as CKC Onitsha, is a knowledge-based and excellence-oriented institution founded in 1933 by Archbishop Charles Heerey and other Irish missionaries.

CKC, Onitsha is founded on the principles of Bonifade, Disciplina, and Scientia, which translates as “goodness,” “discipline,” and “knowledge.” Over the years, CKC has lived up to this motto and mission statement of partnering with parents to educate the minds and nurture the hearts of students for a better tomorrow, as it has been ranked among the best secondary schools in Nigeria and the 36th best secondary school in Africa, and has produced a long list of alumni including Gov Peter Obi, Olisa Agbakoba SAN, Justice Chukeudifu Oputa, Prof Patrick Utomi, Dr Peter Odili, Justice Peter N.

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CKC is located on Oguta Road in Onitsha, Anambra State, and charges annual tuition of approximately 50,000 Naira.

2. American International School of Lagos: Located in Federal Estates, Victoria Island, Lagos, the American International School of Lagos is unquestionably one of the greatest secondary schools in Nigeria. In 1964, the school was formed. Additionally, the school is one of the oldest in Nigeria at the moment.

In comparison to other secondary schools in Nigeria, the American International School of Lagos is predominantly populated by international students from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. This has earned the school a reputation as one of the most admired secondary schools in the country, particularly in Lagos, where it is located.

Another intriguing aspect about the American International School of Lagos is that it functions independently of the Nigerian curriculum. They offer a unique and differentiated academic curriculum designed specifically for overseas students. Believe me, if you’re serious about finding the top school in Nigeria, this is one of them.

3. Atlantic Hall: Atlantic Hall is a co-educational residential school dedicated to academic excellence, a well-rounded education, and the development of its students’ leadership potential.

This school is an approved International Examination Center that offers an exceptional educational program leading to IGCSE and WASSCE certification.

Atlantic Hall has garnered multiple honors over the last five years for generating the finest WAEC and IGCSE scores in Nigeria. Additionally, the School benefits from a very favorable environment, ultramodern facilities, high-profile faculty, and an exceptional record of achievement is not just academics, but also sports, drama, and other extracurricular activities.

Atlantic Hall is located in Poke-Epe, Lagos, and its annual tuition is approximately 3 million nairas.

4. Loyola Jesuit College: Loyola Jesuit College is a private residential school dedicated to the intellectual, moral, and religious training of girls and boys of all religious faiths, tribes, and socioeconomic backgrounds in order to prepare them to serve God and others as leaders.

This School provides a favorable environment for concentrated instruction, expansive sporting grounds, and imaginatively constructed buildings that complement the School’s natural beauty. As a result, it becomes an attractive and effective educational learning environment. This is reflected in the School’s ten-year dominance of the WASSCE examination in Nigeria.

Loyola Jesuit College is located in Abuja on Gideon Mangoro, Karu-Karshi Road, and charges somewhat more than 2,800,000 per student and per year.

5. King’s College: As the name implies, Kings College is an all-boys school dedicated to the academic excellence, social, psychological, and physical growth of its students in order to develop them into responsible, impactful members of society.

Kings College is Nigeria’s second top secondary school, according to WAEC scores. It is located at 13 Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, and according to my research, the school fees range between 48,500 and 60,500 Naira (60,000).

Charles Dale Memorial International School is a co-educational, multi-cultural secondary school that accepts both domestic and international pupils.

The School is dedicated to educating its students and providing them with the resources necessary to develop into critical thinkers and lifelong learners through an international inquiry-based curriculum.

The school is located in Igwuruta, Rivers State’s Ikwerre Local Government Area. And it charges slightly more than two million Naira in school fees.

7. Grange School: Founded in 1958 by a group of British expatriates to provide an education comparable to that found in the United Kingdom, Grange School boasts an excellent academic record for its students and has consistently ranked in the top ten in all external examinations written by Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

Additionally, Grange School has a strong reputation in Inter-School contests and encourages students to participate in charitable initiatives and extra-curricular activities such as football, chess, swimming, and basketball.

The school is located in Ikeji Lagos at Harold Shodipo Crescent, GRA. The school charges roughly three million dollars every year intuition.

8. Bloombreed School: This is another excellent school in which you should consider enrolling your children if you live in the vicinity of Port Harcourt. Bloombreed Schools is one of the most costly secondary schools in the country at the moment, yet it is well worth the investment. The school is regarded as a premier educational institution, with outstanding faculty, outstanding administration, and well-equipped classrooms, libraries, and labs for science students. Their mission is to prepare pupils for a dynamic and technologically advanced future.

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You may be surprised to learn that Bloombreed Schools also has students that have achieved outstanding results in external examinations such as WAEC and JAMB without engaging in any type of examination misconduct. Indeed, this demonstrates how diligent their professors are in instilling information in their students. The school is located opposite NTA, off the NTA-Chuba Road in Port Harcourt.

9. Vivan Fowler Memorial College: Vivan Fowler Memorial College is Nigeria’s premier all-girls secondary school. It was founded on 8th January 1991 by Dr. Mrs. Leila Fowler in order to advance women via high-quality, functional, and effective education. Additionally, the School is committed to instilling in the female child a desire for perfection and excellence in order to build a generation of young women who will uphold the dignity of work, develop basic independence skills, and contribute constructively to society.

Plot 5 Billingsway Oregun, Ikeji, Lagos State, Nigeria. Its tuition is two million dollars per session.

10. Greensprings School: This is one of Nigeria’s most prestigious British International Schools. Greensprings School is committed to providing an all-around education that helps kids to develop critical life skills, excel academically, and also develop into lifelong learners.

The School has two campuses in Lagos, one in Anthony Ikoyi and one in Lekki. Its annual school fees are between three and four million dollars.

11. British International School: British International School is a co-educational school that offers a British-style curriculum that is seamlessly integrated with major parts of the Nigerian educational system. It is the top Secondary School in Nigeria for Nigerians and expatriates seeking a British education in a multicultural environment.

BIS has consistently been regarded as one of Africa’s top C.I.O academic achievers, and it boasts the greatest educational facilities in the country, which are of world grade and promote a balanced pursuit of studies and relaxation concurrently. As a result, it provides value for its annual school fees of five million nairas.

12. Faith Academy: Faith Academy is one of the few private secondary schools in Nigeria that offers a world-class education, environment, and facilities at an affordable price.

While there are other Branches of Faith Academies formed by Bishop David Oyedepo, President of Winners Chapel International, there is only one Branch of Faith Academy. Faith Academy Ota, Faith Academy Asaba, and Faith Academy Goshen in Abuja are the best.

Faith Academy is known for its sublime environment, constant light, well-behaved employees, academic excellence, spirituality, extracurricular activities, and helpful inter-school competitions.

Fees range from 120,000 to 300,000 Naira per term. A cost that covers all of your books, three meals a day, hostel housing, and monthly pocket money, among other things.

13. Crescent International School (CIS): If exposure is a priority, the CIS is unquestionably one of the best secondary institutions to consider. They include their students in a variety of local and international competitions to expose them to how other schools operate. Additionally, the school has produced students who are now entrepreneurs, public servants, lawyers, and physicians, all of whom are making significant contributions to society.

Without a question, it is currently one of the best in the country. If you’re looking for a decent secondary school for your children that charges affordable tuition in Nigeria, this is an excellent alternative.

In conclusion, while there are numerous other excellent secondary schools in Nigeria, the aforementioned 13 are merely the writer’s opinion and do not preclude other schools from being considered top tier secondary schools, nor does it imply that the aforementioned 13 are the best in Nigeria, as things can change over time. The same holds true for the aforementioned school expenses. It is subject to change over time, however at the time of writing this article, these are the current school fees.

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