The Top 10 Best Art Courses for University Students in 2022

The Top 10 Best Art Courses for University Students in 2022: Going through elementary and secondary education, you may not really understand how important it is for you to be in the field of science or art until it is time to decide on which course to study in the university. While doing this, you will realize that there are actually limits to what you can choose to study in your higher education. Students in the field of science have specific courses they can study. Same is the case for students in the field of social Sciences, Art etc. This is the reason why I have decided to share my knowledge on the Best Art courses to study in the university.

So, if you are an art student and you have been confused as to what to study in the university, this article will help you out. Trust me, you will not just find the best art courses to study in this page. As we continue, you will be able to see the most lucrative, less demanding and even less expensive courses for you.

Best Art Courses to Study in the University

Below are the best art courses to study in school:

1. Law: No doubt, law is the best and most lucrative course you can study as an art student. However, it should be noted that law is not a pure Art. Anyone who is a good art student in secondary school can still pick up Law as his/her area of study in higher education.

Now you may be asking, why is law the best in this list. Well, the reasons are not far fetched. Law as a field of study deals with the regulation and making of law that governs the society. In every nation of the world today, lawyers are very important and respected. In fact, they constitute a very important arm of the government known as the judiciary.

Law is also very lucrative. An average lawyer in developing countries like Nigeria earn about 50,000 (fifty thousand naira) as salary. In more developed countries like the UK, US, India, the amount is extremely high.

So yes! Law is the first in our list of the best art courses to study in the university.

If you have made up your mind to study law, i would also recommend you check out the video below for more information about law school. Trust me, you will love this one:

2. Mass communication: This is another perfect art course you should consider studying in the university. Mass communication is an important course in the field of Art and any student who is good in the field can easily gain admission to study it in the university.

Simply put, mass communication is a field of study that is concerned with the communication directed to the mass of the people or through mass media. That is exactly what is it.

So as a graduate of mass communication, you can works in TV stations, Radio stations, or even with National Newspaper companies. And as you may know, the benefits of working in these places are high. As a radio reporter, you are already a celebrity because many people talk about you and listen to your voice.

More so, if you are creative enough, you can earn yourself a reputation that will fetch you more money and popularity even if you no longer work with the radio station.

On the question as to whether mass communication is lucrative enough, there isn’t any doubt about the answer. Yes! It is.

3. International Relations: To become an ambassador of a nation in foreign matters, you have to study international relations. As the name suggest, it is the field of study that deals with how one nation relates with another to ensure peace and smooth business transactions between nations.

The amount of money paid to people in this field is very high. Coupled with that, the government takes care of everything that concerns them. Take for instance, if an ambassador is supposed to represent his country in a UN conference, the government takes care of his flight and everything he needs. In fact, he/she is seen as a property of the government.

A graduate of International relations can also work in the ministry of foreign affairs/relations and foreign language. Aside from this, they can even decide to go back into their field (International Relations) as teachers or lecturers and be paid handsomely for doing so.

4. Political science: Political science has been the dream of many students since inception. It is one of the most lucrative courses to study in the field art even till today. A political scientist can work in virtually every office in the government as long as he knows what he studied in school.

Over the years, the term “Political science” has been given different definitions by different people. First, some scholars define it as the systematic study of government and politics. On the other hand, some says it is the analytical study of public policy and policies, past, present, and prospective.

A political scientist can be an adviser to the government. He can work under the civil service to advise the government about their policies and programs. He can also work as a teacher or lecturers in the field.

With this, I need not to explain further about how lucrative it is to be in the field of political science.

5. Theater Arts: This is part of the core of art. It is one of the most studied courses in many universities and the number of art students that apply for it are usually higher than others.

Theater Art covers a lot of areas in the field of art; some of which are: Paintings, Broadcasting, Designing, Decorating, etc. This is why i refer to it as the core of Art.

This course can also be very lucrative if you are creative enough. Also, if you can fine a comfortable niche for yourself, you can make a whole lot of difference.

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Of course, there are also false speculations that Theater Art isn’t worth studying. Those are lies from the pit of hell. Great people like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinkan, Chimmanda Adiche etc, were students of this course. The surprising thing is that some of them even left better courses like: law and medicine just to study Theater Arts. A good example is Chinua Achebe, who left his original course (Medicine and surgery) to study Theater Arts.

6. Linguistics: This is another underrated art course with so many opportunities today. I was even surprise when a law lecturer in my school encouraged his students to learn a language before graduating from the university because it will be of help in future. This is to tell you how relevant this course is. The wonderful thing is that, by studying this course, you will be given a general overview of different languages around the world, making you able to defeat the barriers of effective communication when you meet anyone who does not understand what you speak.

Graduates of Linguistics can work in almost every sector of the economy as demand for professionals has been on the increase in recent years. Aside that, they can also work as tutors to people who are interested in learning other languages too. Yes, it may not be the highest paying art course in general but trust me, it is worth it. Linguistics is one of the courses that can make you self-employed after school with stress.

7. English: In many developed and developing countries, English is a very important and lucrative course. In the field of education, English teachers are paid very well, because of how complex and difficult it is to make someone understand English language. A professor of the course makes even more money from the field.

Now, here are some important things you need to know about studying English.

1. The course is very prestigious. In fact, other students respect English students in the university because they are known for speaking clear and correct grammar.

2. English students don’t spend many years in school. This is unlike law, medicine and surgery or pharmacy where students are forced to study for about 7 years.

3. There is always employment opportunity for every graduate of this course. This is apparently because English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Coupled with that, English teachers are very important set of people in every school in the world.

8. Music: If you don’t want to be a local musician in your country, then you should at least study music before taking up a music career. Music is a very broad and interesting field of study. It is more than just hitting drums and playing the piano and that is why is is made a separate field of study.

Here is the secret, if you are very talented, you can make billions in your career as a musician. After studying for the required number of years, you can also decide to just be a music coach who is paid to teach music. Yes! There are lot of things you can choose to do with your knowledge in music.

And here is the secret; there is probably no popular musician in the world who has not gone through a music teacher or coach. Like I said before, music is a very deap and vast course. It is an area that brings a lot of money because everybody loves music.

9. Psychology: It deals with the study the human mind, human behavior and the study of animal behavior. Psychology is not a pure art course but if you are good in some art subjects, you can also choose to study this without facing any problem in the long run.

Psychology is really interesting because it is concerned with the behavior or human and animal. During my first year in the university, I remember how funny and interesting our Psychology lecturers were. The class was always full during Psychology lectures because everybody enjoyed it.

Another good reason why you should consider studying this course is because, just like graduate of languages, a Psychologist can work in almost any place that concerns human relationships in the society. And as such, they are paid very well.

10. Criminology and Security Studies: The last in my list of the best art courses to study in the university is Criminology and Security Studies. It deals with the study of crime and criminals, especially their behaviour.

In many universities, this course has not been approved yet. But trust me, it is a very interesting course if you study it in a university where it’s accepted.

One interesting benefit of studying Criminology and Security Studies is that you will have an advantage over other candidates when applying to be member of security bodies like the police, army, defense etc. Aside from that, graduates of this course can be employed to perform special tasks for the police or for normal individuals too.

Which Art Course Should You Study?

You now know the best art courses one can study in the university. But that is not enough. Choosing a particular course to study can be very difficult to decide and that is why i wrote this comprehensive article on how to choose a career part.

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That notwithstanding, here are the three most important factors to consider before picking a course to study.

1. Years of study: First and foremost, the number of years spent in studying the courses above is not the same. Law in many African countries including Nigeria is over 8 years in school. So you have to ask yourself if this is really what you want to sign up for.

2. Availability opportunities: Well, there is usually opportunity for students who studied any arts course in school but of course some courses have more opportunities than others.

Research has also shown that there are more opportunities for students in the field of Theatre Art in developing and developed nations like the United States, UK, Canada etc.

3. Cost of study: Since these are the best art courses anyone can study in the university, it is apparent that these courses are the most expensive to study too. So you have to put that into consideration.

From our research, Law, International Relations and Mass communication are some of the courses with higher school fees. But the university you want to attend also contributes to the fees.

Final thought on the best art course to study in the university

So far, I have made a list of the best art courses to study in the university, and above all, law is considered the best. But that does not also mean that everybody should go for it. Before choosing to study any of the course above, it is necessary to think about it twise. Be sure that it is something you will enjoy in the long run. Don’t just pick a course because it is prestigious or very lucrative. Hope you enjoyed this work? Make sure you drop a comment below.

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