Ten Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Are Surprisingly Unique

Ten Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Are Surprisingly Unique: Consider the difficulty of activating a five-key keyboard shortcut. No need to be perplexed any longer, as here are a few peculiar Windows shortcuts that meet the description.

Windows includes a plethora of convenient keyboard shortcuts, but did you know that some of these shortcuts are as long as five key modifiers and accomplish extremely specific tasks?


Here are some oddly particular Windows shortcuts.

Website-Opening Windows Shortcuts

To begin, consider an odd series of shortcuts that open various websites. That’s correct; Windows includes built-in keyboard shortcuts that direct you to various websites.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Win is the modifier shared by all of these shortcuts. Using these keys in conjunction with the following inputs will direct you to various websites:

  • L: Navigates to the LinkedIn main page.
  • N: Launches the web-based version of OneNote (If OneNote is already installed, this will launch the software!)
  • Y: Displays the Yammer homepage.
    Any numeric key on the numeric keypad: Opens
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Win + L, for example, will access LinkedIn’s webpage.

While this is an unusual collection of shortcuts, they are designed with your preferences in mind. That is, each of these websites will open in your preferred browser!

Windows Program-Opening Shortcuts
Following that are the excessively lengthy keyboard shortcuts that open various programs on your computer. Because all of these products are part of the Microsoft Office suite, if you do not have them installed, you will be taken to the Office website homepage.

All of the preceding shortcuts utilize the same modifier: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Win.

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By pressing these keys in conjunction with the above inputs, the following programs will open:

  • D: Creates a new File Explorer window and selects OneDrive.
  • O: This command opens the OutLook inbox.
  • P: Launches PowerPoint and creates a new slide.
  • T: Microsoft Teams is launched.
  • W: Creates a new Word document.
  • X: Creates a new Excel spreadsheet.
    Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Win + W, for example, opens a new Word document.

an image of Microsoft Word and OneNote running on the Windows desktop
Again, these shortcuts are extremely neatly integrated with your customized settings. For example, the OneDrive shortcut behaves differently depending on whether you’re already in a File Explorer window or not.

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Why Are There So Many Odd Shortcuts?
If you’re curious, all of these shortcuts are coded into Windows to correspond to a certain set of Microsoft Office-branded keyboards. Certain keyboards include an additional modifier known as the Office Key, which can be used to swiftly open Office programs.

The modifier is present in all latest Windows 10 and 11 editions. The above-mentioned set of inputs is merely a secondary method of activating the Office Key.

Keyboard Shortcuts That Are Practical

So far we have been able to see some Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Are Surprisingly Unique

Thus, they are some really lengthy and precise Windows keyboard shortcuts. Some may find them surprisingly useful, while others may view them as amusing trivia. Regardless, your keyboard is capable of a great deal that may surprise you.

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