How to Start a Pure Water Business In Nigeria

How to start a pure water business In Nigeria: Considering starting a commercial business in Nigeria? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know before starting a pure water business in Nigeria. Are you interested in starting business activities in Nigeria? I strongly advise you to start this business because everyone requires access to clean drinking water. On a daily basis in our homes, at work, at social gatherings, and on other occasions. It will even become more in demand during the dry season when a large number of wells will dry up and the human population’s desire for sachet water will grow in numbers.

One of the most profitable businesses today is the production of purified water, also known as sachet water, which is sold in small pouches. This is one of the most profitable businesses today, and it is doing extremely well even in this modern economy. Customers are never in short supply in this business because people will always require water and food to survive, so there is never a time when you will run out of customers. Having said that, there are some exceptions to the general rule. When you do the right thing the wrong way, you can end up making a loss on your investment.

Because of the growing population, the authorities are unable to provide safe and affordable drinking water, and possibly because of the public’s concern about the sugar content material of soft drinks, pure water is the most readily available commodity to quench thirst in many areas.

Natural water is consumed by a sizable proportion of the teaming population. Pure water is something I drink, something you drink, and indeed, pure water is something that the overwhelming majority of people consume. This is one of the reasons why it is considered to be one of the fastest-growing and most profitable businesses in Nigeria, alongside records technology. In all of Nigeria’s towns and villages, there is a market for natural water, so it doesn’t matter where you are located; you could set up a profitable natural water business in any part of the country if it is managed properly.

How to Start a Pure Water Business In Nigeria

In this article, I will be tutoring you on how to start a pure water business in Nigeria.

1. Business plan

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term “marketing strategy,” it’s as follows: A business plan is a written report that contains all of the details of your pure water commercial company’s current startup and operational goals and strategies, as well as the financial projections for the company.

Because demand/marketplace is available and growing, there is no need for an in-depth feasibility study and documentation to be completed. What is required is a marketing strategy to assist in the establishment of the project’s financing – specifically, the amount of cash required – from the outset. During this stage, the business plan becomes extremely important because it determines the amount of investment required and where it will come from. Depending on which category you invest in, the stage of a pure water business can range from the use of a two-bedroom apartment to the construction of a block of apartments. In addition to operational targets and strategies, the bottle water marketing strategy should include information on start-up and operating costs as well as marketing, advertising and sales strategies, pricing and profit margins, a list of suppliers, market research and marketing management, and other relevant information.

Your pure water manufacturing marketing strategy may be used for a variety of purposes, including obtaining business loans, securing traders, and conducting other types of research. It can be modified as the commercial enterprise grows in order to better outline and utilize the opportunity to secure stable loans for the enterprise.

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2. Pure water Manufacturing Site

A minimum of 1 plot will do for your business, except you are going for something a great deal bigger. But if it’s a small-scale natural water production plant, you may be good with one plot of land and always bear in mind the fact that your manufacturing unit should be constructed in an area where there is simple access to the market.

Your factory, in case you’re constructing one or remodeling, ought to have the subsequent layout;

  • Water manufacturing room
  • Storage cloth room
  • Finished product room
  • Changing/cloakroom
  • Laboratory room
  • General workplace room
  • Be sure to carry out a subsurface water analysis before siting your manufacturing unit, this would save you a variety of cash throughout water remedy processes.
  • Pure water machine

The backside line is profitability. However, other facilities ought to be in the region, which includes the safety of the manufacturing unit, strength, get entry to the road, etc.

3. Install distillation gadget for water purification

When it comes to pure water manufacturing, distillation is the single most effective technique for water purification available. It can be used on any type of incoming water. Distillation systems, as opposed to other water treatment techniques such as carbon filters and reverse osmosis, are effective on a wide range of contaminants and are not dependent on water pressure, water temperature, pH, or chlorine. They can even be used on water containing microorganisms and parasites and still produce safe 99.9 percent natural water.


You may additionally install the entire scale distillation gadget or the extremely-violet sterilization bulbs method relying on the begin-up ability of the agency. The cost of acquisition of distillation equipment might also run into thousands and thousands of naira. The real value cannot be predicted with actuality and should be researched upon as its miles going to be part of the expenditure included within the marketing strategy.

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4. Get an Automatic sealing machine

The Automatic sealing machine is another important piece of equipment that serves as the heart of your manufacturing line. The number one is sufficient; however, if you are planning a high-volume manufacturing operation, two or three will probably be sufficient; however, for a regular production operation, one may be sufficient.

Automated Sealing Machine

Automatic sealing devices must be present in the area in order to accommodate the volume of daily manufacturing that is anticipated. Additionally, before beginning the project, it is necessary to verify the value of the asset.

5. Get packaging substances

It is necessary to purchase rolls of appropriate nylon materials that will be used to display the company’s name as well as the logo name of the pure source of drinking water. The number of rolls purchased should be proportional to the amount of capacity available at the company.

6. Employ Factory Workers

The fact of the matter is that this is one of the most delicate issues facing your business. People are the backbone of any business, and they are the engine that drives the entire production process. Make a well-informed decision about your offer. Employ workers starting with machine operators and moving on to packagers, a cleaner, a driver, one sales representative, one security official, and a supervisor. This will ensure that the specific positions are adequately staffed.

7. Electricity

In addition, the generator set must be connected to the power grid in order to power the operations. Mills and also one-of-a-kind producers have extraordinary capacities, and it all depends on the ability of the company as well as the amount of capital available at the time of its establishment.

8. Acquire a truck for distribution

Your next huge finances acquisition after the sealing system is a supply truck. Do not be economical for your finances whilst it comes to supply trucks. You realize the situation of Nigerian roads and in most cases, you will be going deep into the growing regions to supply. There is not anything as terrible as shopping for a truck that breaks down so frequently, it can kill your enterprise. The truck must be able to deliver reasonable baggage of pure water for distribution to an exceptional number of customers for it to be profitable.

9. Register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Get NAFDAC Approval

Finally, you’ve made it to this point, which is the very last step before going into production. The California Department of Corporations (CAC) should be notified of the existence of any enterprise organization, whether it is a sole proprietorship or a limited liability corporation. In the same vein, every food and capsule manufacturing enterprise, as well as any beverage manufacturing enterprise, must be registered with the government’s regulatory agency. Every business is also required to register with the appropriate tax authority in order to operate (Federal Inland Revenue or the State Internal Revenue).

How is that done?

To begin, go to the NAFDAC office and pick up and fill out the necessary paperwork. It could take you as much as three months and as long as six months to complete the process and receive your certificate.

The most important thing you can do right now is to obtain the Application Requirement if that is possible. Read it and start implementing the strategies that are laid out in it. If your product has not been approved, you will not be able to supply or sell.

10. Find Reliable Customers

Make contact with retailers who are interested in promoting the water as soon as possible. Always check out their creditworthiness before granting a credit score; otherwise, they may decide to kick you out of the business


A pure water business in Nigeria could be extremely profitable, but it would require a lot of passion, hard work, and a significant amount of money to get started.

Start-up capital of approximately three million nairas is required to establish and operate a pure water business in Nigeria, and you are well on your way.

This is the most useful guide because the size of the organization determines the scale of operations, as well as the amount of cash, human capital, and machines available for use.

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