How To Start A Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

Have you at any point thought of starting a business in Nigeria and you are short of ideas or you don’t know where and how to invest your hard-earned money. I will at this point recommend you start poultry farming today.

Why is poultry farming worth investing?

This is simply because poultry farming is one of the most lucrative farming business in Nigeria especially when it is properly managed. When we take a look at the population in Nigeria and the number of birds and eggs being produced and consumed daily.

You will quite agree with me that the farmers are not producing enough sufficient poultry foods and this will continue even after 10 years from now. So as an entrepreneur, who really what to make good money within a short period poultry business is the best option you can venture into.


Poultry farming is the form of animal husbandry that involves raising domestic birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese which the ends products result in the production of meat or eggs for food.

With the high demand and consumption of chicken and eggs in the country, you will agree with me that Nigeria is a very huge market for poultry products but farming also has its flaws that’s why you need constant monitoring of the flocks to avoid the birds being killed by infectious diseases and a typical example of the kind of disease that can infect the birds is “bird flu” which can wipe out the entire birds within a short period.

Branches of poultry business in Nigeria

There are four branches of poultry business which is common today in Nigeria which is Breeding of Boilers, Breeding of layers, Production of poultry feeds, Production of poultry equipment which include Feeders, Waterers, Nests, Cages, Coops, Incubators, Perches, Brooders or heaters, Waste/disposal system.

In this article, I will be highlighting in steps everything you need to know and do before you embark on poultry business here in Nigeria

Learn the Business

Just because you heard or you know that poultry business is a very lucrative business doesn’t define that you just jump into the business without taking time to learn the trick of the business.

It’s very important to take time to study and work with the experienced ones or those who have been doing the business for long before you finally invest in the business so that you will not be at a loss because if care is not taken the flu can take all the bird away in just a night.


Capital is an essential part of this business as a result of this is advisable to carry out feasibility studies with this you will the size of the business you are looking into. The good news is that you can start a poultry business with a little capital as low as 50,000 and the business will continue to grow with time.

Decide on the Type of Breeding

During this time is also an avenue for you to decide whether you want to fully invest in the breeding of broilers or breeding of eggs but if your financial capability is strong, you can decide to combine both and your production scale all depends on the capital you intend to start the business.

If you are planning to start on a large scale that will require huge amounts of capital, you can start by acquiring plots of land and building a standard structure that will accommodate all the birds and equipment for the business.

Always have it at the back of your mind that you are new in this business and it is advisable to consult professionals from time to time especially if you do not want to lose most of your money.

Select A Suitable Farm Location/Site

Your Farm location is also an important factor you should consider when making decisions on your poultry farming business and this is because you will need a suitable farm site.

The size of the poultry farmland will determine the number of birds you can rear on the land. If you don’t have the capital to acquire land, you can start on a small scale either segregating a section of your house and start your farming but always have in mind that for your business to grow and reach its potentials, you will need suitable farmland.

A good poultry farm site should be away from the city because you must consider the noise and the odors coming from the birds but irrespective of where the farm is located it must have access to good roads for easy transportation of farm produce, adequate security, electricity, and clean water supply, etc. The environment should be clean and calm and must have adequate, clean, and fresh drinking water within the neighborhood.

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Standard Poultry Farm Structure For The Birds

A standard poultry farm structure is very essential when considering in starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria and this is simply because a very good housing of the birds will determine the survival and the protection of your commercial poultry birds and the structure you want to put in place depends on the poultry breeds and farming method.

The housing should have enough space for free movement and run of the birds and the shelter must be adequately ventilated and protected from sunlight.

Poultry Farming Equipment

The types of equipment required for fowl enterprise are many and they are all important. Most of them are listed above so you can discover out the expenditures relying on the scale of operation you prefer to go into.

The gear used for rearing rooster is relative to the rearing and housing machine adopted. Common gear used are feeders, drinkers, heaters, brooders, cages, crates, et al with numerous types, manufacturers, and specs all based on elements such as capital available, housing, and rearing system.

Buying of Chicks

You have to lookup for the depended on chicken farmers and purchase from them. Try to keep away from the hazard of shopping for unhealthy chicks or chicks that have been no longer desirable bred in phrases of excellent nutrition.

Feeding The Chicks

At the onset, you can commence with already organized feeds till you are conversant with the feeds production. So purchase already organized feeds from relied on feeds marketers and wait until such a time you can put together the feeds yourself.

There are movements medicines and vaccinations that make certain the wellbeing of your birds to preserve them secure from viruses, bacterial infections, pathogens, and simply in case, they capture an infectious disease.

You significantly want the recommendation and session of a very properly vet health practitioner and do now not neglect time-honored biosecurity as they say prevention is higher than cure.

Poultry Workers

Your production scale will determine your staff strength. If you are running the business on a very small scale between 100 and 500 chicks, you may not employ any staff because you can monitor all the chicks yourself but if your business is on the large scale you will need someone who can handle some essential part of the work for you.

But as a beginner, I would recommend that you start on a small scale after you have gained all the knowledge and experience and you are well conversant with all you need to know, you can then move to a larger scale or either way, hire an experienced person to work for you.

Before embarking on a journey, one should know exactly where he is going to and that why marketing is a very essential part of poultry farming.

It is also very important to have carried out a market survey knowing full how you want to sell your poultry produce. It’s important you know Your customers, have their names, addresses, and know the time they will need the product at every point in time.

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