Overcoming (And Embracing) Mental Health Issues When Looking For A Job

Overcoming (And Embracing) Mental Health Issues When Looking For A Job: A mental health issue/difference does qualify as a disability, and the truth is that if you have one and are seeking work, you are more capable than you believe. You’re battling an “invisible illness” in your mind that is unseen to others but very real to you, and that has endowed you with problem-solving abilities that others lack.


Here’s how to turn a perceived disadvantage into an opportunity to land the great job you deserve.

Recognize effective coping techniques

Behavioral disorders demand us to break things down into manageable chunks in order to make the seemingly impossible bearable. And that is a SIGNIFICANT workplace advantage. We are tasked with resolving daily puzzles.

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Individualizing the troublesome portions in the unique way that everyone with mental health disorders does enable us to perform things differently and more efficiently than the so-called “normies” with whom we compete. By demonstrating how you fit into an often-overwhelming world, you demonstrate to prospective employers that you provide a unique viewpoint to a workplace that may be in need of it.

Analyze the studies

You may believe you’ve learned everything there is to know about mental health differences, yet fresh information on what’s going on within your id and ego is always being discovered.

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I was suggested to read the work of Kay Redfield Jamison by a former therapist since I suffer from a mood condition that she specializes in. I began with “An Unquiet Mind,” which discusses how creatives with ailments similar to mine outperform peers in a variety of problem-solving tasks, citing numerous studies throughout the book. It has been important in assisting me in selling myself.


Take a step back before entering

Press “pause” before making a move that could jeopardize your chances of finding a job simply because you’re feeling adventurous. If you require a pause? Simply THAT. It is usually preferable to reschedule an interview in advance rather than honoring an interview time while experiencing a mental health episode.

So far we have been able to see ways to overcome (And Embracing) Mental Health Issues When Looking For A Job.

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