Motivational and Inspiring Stories: Food or Seed

Motivational and Inspiring Stories: Food or Seed.While growing up, Daddy had a farm located somewhere in the outskirts of town. Routinely, he will visit the farm to either clear the farmland, dig the ridges, wait for rainfall, plant the seed, consistently visiting to remove weeds so they don’t choke the crops, and then it is harvest time.

During every harvest, say yams for example, after digging up the yam tubers, which usually come in different sizes, Daddy would always set some yam tubers aside. When I asked further, he explained that from the total harvest gotten, a portion is taken out to serve as seed for the next planting season.

You see, without a seed taken from the next harvest then hunger is imminent. Not all harvest is food. A portion must be kept back. Some good-looking harvests are not meant to be consumed, but to be invested as seed. Understanding this difference will differentiate between those who will become great or small.

Another point of note from my farm encounters was that the tubers taken and used as seeds are very good and healthy yams! Like why!? Why can’t we use the lean and ugly-looking tubers? He explained that this is because your harvest is a reflection of your seed. If your seed is lean, your harvest will be wretched. If your seed is big and healthy, expect even more of the same during harvest. The output of your seed is directly proportional to the harvest you will receive, in a multiplied form.

It will then suffice to ask, how much of your earnings do you routinely keep aside as a ‘seed’ for the future? Or do you eat them all up? Are you of the belief that it is your body that does the work and your body should enjoy it? What are your current investments? What fallback plan do you have for your retirement? Or you think there is still time and you are still young, right?

Do you consider what becomes of generations after you? Are you sowing seeds that will grow into gigantic trees for your children yet unborn to harvest from!?

What kind of seed are you planting? In what way have you jeopardized an opportunity to plant a seed over your present hunger? How many times have you eaten your seed as food?

On the other hand, another interesting thing to note is that, for every action of ours; everything you say, do or think, you consciously or unconsciously sow seeds. Every opportunity you get to meet someone is a seed. Every minute spent on earth is a seed. Truly, there is no time. Invest wisely. How do you treat the people you meet at the first instance? How much value have you added to your network of friends and associates?

The deal is in the detail. Consciously plant the right seed.

Written by Prince Alegeh

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