MoneyGram Tracking: How to Track Your Transfer

MoneyGram Tracking: How to Track Your Transfer: Money can be sent and received via a variety of different platforms. Moneygram is one of the better solutions. Millions of individuals, including Nigerians, use the platform.

In this piece, we’ll look at Moneygram and the ways in which you may track your financial transfers on the platform.

But first, let’s review what Moneygram is and then discuss MoneyGram tracking.


MoneyGram, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the world’s most respected money transfer firms. MoneyGram operates regional and local offices throughout the world, and its services are classified as Global Funds Transfers and Financial Paper Products.

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Moneygram is a global money transfer and payment services provider. By providing a convenient and dependable financial connection for life’s essentials and daily requirements, the firm connects family and friends worldwide. Whether online or by mobile device, at a kiosk or in a local store, you can always use Moneygram to communicate with family and friends.

Moneygram provides its services to consumers and businesses through a network of agents and financial institutions. The corporation is the world’s second largest money transfer provider, with operations in over 200 countries and a global network of around 347,000 agent offices.

Moneygram’s money transfer process is lightning fast, and it can be tracked at any point directly from the website.

How it works is as follows

When you use MoneyGram to send money to someone (family, friends, etc. ), you receive a MoneyGram MTCN tracking number.

MTCN is a unique number assigned to each transaction that is used to trace funds online. This number simplifies and expedites the process of tracking money transfers.

Additionally, you can share the MoneyGram tracking reference number with the recipient so that both of you can monitor the money’s progress.

Consider the following procedures for tracing your funds transfer utilizing the MTCN tracking method.


You can use MoneyGram to transfer or receive money, but first you must create an account on Moneygram’s official website.


Sign in to your account to view detailed information about each transaction you’ve made with this service.

You can send money using any of the three methods listed below.


Locate a MoneyGram agent location near you and complete the required form, which includes your name, the recipient’s full name as it appears on their identification, their bank name and account number, as well as their location. After completing the send form, you can notify the receiver and provide him/her with the eight-digit reference number.


Additionally, you can send money in person at a MoneyGram agent location. Once you’ve determined the location of a Moneygram representative in your vicinity, pay a visit. Visit the agent with your identification and submit your request. Don’t forget to bring your photo identification. You’re expected to complete a send form and, once complete, notify your recipient and provide them with the 8-digit reference number for pick-up.


When sending to a recipient’s mobile wallet, the procedure is nearly same, except that you will additionally require the recipient’s cell phone number with the international call code.

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This mobile wallet service is compatible with M-Pesa accounts in Kenya, Tanzania, and Romania, as well as with Econet accounts in Zimbabwe.


Under the Recent Activity tab, you can view your transaction history and locate each tracking number. Each transaction is divided into four distinct stages: The transaction is pending (it has been launched); Currently in progress (funds are being transferred); Complete (cash is waiting in Nigeria for the receiver); Acquired (the receiver has already collected the cash)


As the sender, you can monitor the status of the transaction online. Additionally, you may see it when the beneficiary picks up the funds. The tracking process is pretty simple and convenient.

As a recipient, you can use your MoneyGram account number to track and receive funds in two easy steps.

To begin, you must wait for the sender to provide you with the MTCN tracking number. Once you’ve obtained the tracking reference code, you may access the official and secure MoneyGram website by visiting There will be an optional field for entering the MTCN tracking code. Additionally, you must type your surname. Now, select the ‘Track’ option and wait a few moments. The system will complete the transaction and provide you with the information you seek. You will know whether you are able to collect the money or not.

If you have any other questions concerning MoneyGram, please contact us. You can visit the company’s website or send an email to

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