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Man married to a differently-abled woman celebrates her as she gives birth to their Son

A proud man has taken to his Twitter account to celebrate following the birth of his son.

The Man who is married to a differently-abled woman identified as Cynthia, said that people question why he loves his wife, but the question he’d always ask is why people think his wife doesn’t deserve to be loved and cherished because she’s differently-abled.

He went on to express his love for her and thanked her for giving him a son.

Read his lovely post below ;

I have always loved her, many people would say “Baba you are making a mistake”, I laugh and ask them because she can’t walk so she doesn’t deserved to be loved and cherished? Very funny beings; my wife Cynthia has just put to birth a baby boy, I am the most happiest man on Earth right now, even wen people laugh at me each time I take her on a walk when I come bck frm work na so me self go dey smile dey go, they dn’t knw how happy I am to be with her. Tank u Jesus I am a father

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