Land dispute at Aina Gold Estate, Salabo, Ikorodu Lagos State

Popular Nollywood Actor, film producer, and Real Estate entrepreneur Aina Gold who is the founder of Multi Gold Construction, the company building its estates known as Aina Gold Estates is in deep crises as one of its estates at Salabo ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria is being disputed by the so-called Omo Oniles (land grabbers/ land fighters) with whom they claim the land belongs to them.

According to the source, the trouble started around the 24th of October 2020 when the newly installed King of Isiu made claims to the ownership of lands in his domain which includes Aina Gold Estate, Salabo, Ikorodu. In late October 2020, Land Grabbers or Land Fighters moved into the area where Aina Gold Estate is located and occupied the lands there. These Land Grabbers/Land Fighters or whosoever were armed with guns, machetes, charms, swords ( lebe), etc. Ever since then no one has been allowed to continue developing their Properties.

These land grabbers went on a rampage and destroyed Properties worth millions of Naira. Building materials including tiles, cement, gravel, blocks, etc were carted away by these hoodlums. A Snail Farm/Industry which belongs to one of the residents which are located within the Aina Gold Estate, Salabo, Ikorodu, has been vandalized and destroyed. Building materials at the Snail Farm were carted away by the land grabbers/hoodlums. People are scared of being macheted to death or hit by stray bullets of the invading Land Fighters/Land Grabbers

According to the source, he wrote “Sometimes, I wonder if it is a curse to buy land in Nigeria. There are always issues with buying and developing lands in Nigeria especially in Yorubaland. Now, as I type this complaint, People’s properties have been destroyed at Aina Gold Estate, Salabo, Ikorodu, Lagos. This is because there is a dispute concerning the lands surrounding the Aina Gold Estate and the Estate in the question itself. The crux of the matter is very shady and unclear as information reveals that the land grabbers/fighters want the land to be resold at the prices that will be favorable to them.No one knows the true nature and scale of them land dispute in question.

Aina Gold Estate Management is not helping matters by shying away from what is going on in the Estate. People’s Progress and Destinies are at stake. What Aina Gold Estate should have done is to call all those who have bought land at the Estate to a General Meeting and explain the situation of things to them. This display of nonchalance attitude towards this matter at hand by Aina Gold Estate is not good or professional at all. Yet, we see the Company posting fresh adverts on Social Media encouraging Nigerians to buy land from it.

We are calling on all concerned individuals, stakeholders, Traditional Rulers, Government Agencies, etc in Lagos State to come to the rescue of innocent Nigerians who have been caught up in a land dispute they know nothing about. These people bought land from Aina Gold Estate innocently. They did not know that there are underlying ownership issues concerning the lands at Aina Gold Estate, Salabo, Ikorodu. We need the Lagos State Government and the Obas of Ikorodu to resolve this crisis quickly so that people can move on with their lives. I am also asking Mr. Aina Olukayode to put a halt to his acting profession and face the current crisis at his Estate in Salabo, Ikorodu squarely. This will keep his integrity intact and will ensure the growth of his Estate Company.

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The Lagos State Government and Lagos State Ministry of Lands etc should wade into the crisis because People’s destinies are at stake. We implore the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to intervene in the crisis going on at Aina Gold Estate, Salabo, Ikorodu. Ikorodu is under the jurisdiction of our good and kind Governor. Land Grabbers should not be allowed to scuttle the dreams and ambitions of Nigerians who have purchased land at the Estate. We are also asking the traditional rulers in the Ikorodu area and environs to wade into the matter. We are not smearing the image of Mr. Aina Olukayode ( Owner of Aina Gold Estate ). We are only fighting for Justice and Peace to reign in the Estate so that the investments of people would not be lost forever. When a Nigerian is troubled, all Nigerians should comfort him and seek recompense for him.

The Land Grabbers/ Land Fighters who descended on Aina Gold Estate at Salabo, Ikorodu have violated the Lagos State Property Protection Law of 2016, by vandalizing structures on the Estate. These Omo Oniles and hoodlums should be made to face the full wrath of the law. From what we have gathered, SARS has waded into the Matter and all the parties to the dispute have been summoned to sign an Undertaking of Peaceful Co-Existence. We believe that this move should not end there.

The full intervention of the Lagos State Government is needed on this Matter. Entering the Premises and Physical Structures of people and destroying their properties is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. We want the Nigerian Police Force ( NPF ) to deploy teams of Policemen to Aina Gold Estate at Salabo and other Estates in the area, to flush out the Land Grabbers there. People should be able to go about their business on their sites without being attacked with dangerous weapons.

We are also calling on the Ayangburen of Ikorodu, Oba Kabiru Shotobi, and other Chiefs and Baales in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State to wade into the crisis at Aina Gold Estate, Salabo, Ikorodu.

According to Mr. Aina Olukayode ( Aina Gold ), Owner of Aina Gold Estate, Salabo, Ikorodu, the matter at hand has been referred to the Inspector General of Police at Abuja. The grapevine says the family that sold the acres of land to Mr. Olukayode took the case to the IGP in Abuja.

The people of Salabo Village and the Oba of Imota are currently spearheading a campaign to flush out all undesirable elements and land grabbers from the Community. This is a great development and we are also calling on the Lagos State Government to intervene directly in this matter. The lives and properties of Nigerians residing in Salabo must be secured. Thugs and land grabbers must not be allowed to frustrate the rapid development of Imota and Salabo in the Ikorodu axis of Lagos State. Special thanks to the Baale of Salabo Village and the Oba of Imota.

Attached is an Open Letter is written to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on this matter.


Aina Gold estate

Source: What Is Going On At Aina Gold Estate, Salabo, Ikorodu? 

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