Kunle Afolayan Biography, Career, and Net Worth

Kunle Afolayan is a prominent actor, movie producer, director, and filmmaker in Nigeria’s “Nollywood” industry. His contribution to the Nigerian film business has been outstanding, and he currently appears to be the top film producer in the country.

Kunle Afolayan is the founder and CEO of Kunle Afolayan Productions Television (KAPTv) and Golden Effects Pictures. With his company, he has been able to reach far and wide, allowing for his God-given talent and talents, which have enabled him to be a great achiever.

For years, his films have topped the charts, and he is known for producing timeless films that can be watched and appreciated at any time. He has received numerous honors for his efforts both in Nigeria and abroad, and he is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the field of film production.

Kunle Afolayan rose to prominence in Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the world. Netflix, the world’s largest movie streaming platform, has partnerships with him, and most of his films, even the older ones, are available on Netflix.

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Before we get into the details of Kunle Afolayan’s biography and net worth, here’s some background information about him.

Kunle Afolayan Biography

Profile Summary of Kunle Afolayan
Born 30 September 1974 

Ebute Metta, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Citizenship Nigerian
Occupation Actor, Director, Producer
Spouse(s) Tolu Afolayan
Children 4
Parent(s) Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan (Ade Love – father)
Relatives Moji Afolayan (sister)
Gabriel Afolayan (brother)
Aremu Afolayan (brother)
Early Life

Kunle Afolayan was born on September 30, 1974, in Ebute-metta, Lagos State, Nigeria, to Mr. and Mrs. Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan. His father, Ade-Love, was a well-known movie director and producer who worked in the traveling theater during the twentieth century.

He comes from Igbomina, a Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria’s South-Western state of Kwara. Kunle Afolayan’s interest in movies stems from his father’s career; he is always present whenever his father travels to cities and villages around Nigeria to perform.

His father’s career had a significant influence on him, and he developed a strong interest in acting and film production after seeing Tade Ogidan’s film Hostage, in which he was inspired by Tope Idowu’s performance.

Kunle Afolayan has three well-known siblings, Moji Afolayan, Gabriel Afolayan, and Aremu Afolayan, who are all involved in the media, film acting, and singing. They’ve all been raised to respect and uphold Yoruba culture and traditional beliefs.

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Kunle Afolayan had his primary and high school education in Nigeria, as did every other educated Nigerian. He continued his education at a university level, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

Kunle Afolayan graduated from the university in 2005 and enrolled in the New York Film Academy in the United States of America, where he received his diploma in digital filmmaking.

He obtained all of the necessary knowledge for the work at hand, and he had more than enough practicals to demonstrate his proficiency; he is well prepared for the future of filmmaking.


After finishing his studies, Kunle Afolayan worked at a bank and did some part-time movie acting before deciding to leave banking and pursue a career in the film industry full-time.

His professional career as an actor and filmmaker began in 2005 when he starred in the film “Ti Ala Ba Ku.” Kunle had a busy year in 2005, as he launched his own film production firm, Golden Effects Pictures.

His films mostly depict the Yoruba people’s African culture, values, and tradition, yet he has also produced other circular films that have always been successful.

He was given so many opportunities as an exceptional actor and producer, and his manner of production was so different from that of other movie producers in the country.

In 2011, he was chosen to represent Nigeria at the Subversive Film Festival alongside Zeb Ejiro, and in 2013, he was awarded the Public Choice Award at the first edition of Nollywood Week in Paris, France.

The movie “October 1,” which was released in 2014 and shook the entire country, was based on the story of Nigeria’s independence, which was officially declared on October 1, 1960. This film is the second highest-grossing Nigerian film of all time, and it strengthened his career, establishing him as one of Nigeria’s top film producers to this day.

Many of Kunle Afolayan’s films have been successful, including The Figurine: Araromire, Mokalik, Phone Swap, The C.E.O, Omugwo, Irapada, ROTI, and The Tribunal, among many more.

Also in 2020, a film called Citation was published on Netflix, directed by Kunle Afolayan, and it was a hit, spending months at the top of the box office.

In 2009, he co-starred with Ramsey Nouah and Omoni Oboli in the film The Figurine: Araromire. The film garnered him five major honors from the African Movie Academy Awards and is one of Nollywood’s most successful films.

Kunle Afolayan has collaborated with a number of notable Nigerian film producers, directors, actors, and actresses, including Zeburudaya, Joke Silva, Wale Ojo, Ramsey Noah, Nse Ikpe Etim, and others.

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Personal Life

Kunle Afolayan’s biography and net worth would be incomplete without including Kunle Afolayan’s personal life. Kunle Afolayan is happily married to Tolu Afolayan, with whom he has four children.

Mr. Kunle Afolayan made sure that his children were well-versed in Yoruba history and that they could speak and write the Yoruba language. He is a proud father and a tribal lover.

Estimated Net Worth

As an actor, producer, and director in Nollywood, Kunle Afolayan has a long and famous career. Despite the fact that his achievements as a producer have garnered him more accolades and money, he is still one of Nollywood’s highest-paid actors.

Kunle Afolayan’s net worth is estimated to be 300 million nairas ($800,000) in addition to his several endorsement deals.

Thanks to all of his movie productions, sponsorship partnerships, and income from his company Golden Effects Pictures.

Kunle Afolayan House

The well-known film producer currently resides in Magodo, a Lagos neighborhood where he constructed his home. He lives with his family, which includes his wife and children.

Kunle Afolayan’s home is said to have a cinema, a large courtyard, a swimming pool, a studio, office spaces, and other amenities. He’s also known for his peculiar fondness for antique automobiles, and he owns one in his garage: a 1965 Ford Thunderbird with a powerful V8 engine.

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Kunle Afolayan’s Family And Marriage

Tolulope Afolayan, the actress’s wife, is a happy couple (formerly Tolulope Kofoworola). The couple married in Lagos on May 26, 2007. Darasimi (daughter), Damisire (son), Eyiyemi (daughter), and Diekoloreoluwa (son) are their three gorgeous children (son).

Kunle Afolayan Family and Kids

Kunle Afolayan reaffirmed his dedication to his wife and children during one of his media appearances. He emphasized that his hectic work schedule does not prevent him from spending quality time with his family. First and foremost, put your family first!

Kunle Afolayan Brothers

As previously stated, the great producer comes from a family of artists, from the top (his father) to the bottom (his mother) (the youngest sibling). One sister (Moji Afolayan) and two brothers make up the actor’s family (Aremu and Gabriel). All three are well-known Nollywood actors, particularly in the Yoruba film industry.

Gabriel Afolayan, also known as G-Fresh, is Kunle’s brother and a well-known actor and musician. Aremu Afolayan, his other brother, is also an actor and director. Kunle Afolayan is without a doubt the most successful of the three brothers.

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On April 6, 2015, Afolayan tweeted that Igbos were the overwhelming group in Nigeria responsible for copyright piracy. Following the outcry from fans, Afolayan issued an apology and explained that he was concerned about film piracy, particularly threats of the publication of unlicensed versions of October 1, his most recent picture at the time. On the 13th of April 2015, pirated copies of October 1 reached the market shortly after his outburst.

In an interview with Cable magazine, Afolayan was quoted as saying, ′′Truth be told, I hardly watch them because I am keen on watching movies that will challenge me and change my orientation about certain things.′′ This sparked a firestorm of criticism from fans and colleagues in the Nigerian film industry.

Days after the news surfaced, Afolayan posted a video on social media in which he apologized for being misquoted and attempted to correct the record.

Golden Effects Pictures

Golden Effects Pictures, his company, was founded in 2005 and specializes in film productions, film equipment rentals, movie editing, advising, and other movie production-related services. This organization has been laser-focused on achieving its goal of consistently producing films that will take the country by storm, and they have done so without fail.

Golden Effect Pictures is a registered company that specializes in creating original screenplays and content for television advertisements, documentaries, and television programs, among other things.

The company contains a section dedicated to a modern, cutting-edge studio that is used by advertising agencies as well as independent filmmakers.

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Kunle Afolayan Movies

Some of his movies include:

  • The Figurine
  • Phone swap
  • October 1
  • The Bridge
  • The CEO
  • Saro

The Figurine

Kemi Adesoye’s supernatural suspense thriller Figurine (Araromire) was released in Nigeria in 2009. Kunle Afolayan produced and directed the film. Ramsey Nouah and Omoni Oboli, as well as the producer, appear in the film.

When it was released, The Figurine received five major honors from the African Film Academy and was a huge hit in Nigerian theatres.

Phone Swap

Phone Swap was first shown in France during the first edition of NollywoodWeek in Paris.

Wale Ojo, Joke Silva, Nse Ikpe Etim, and Chika Okpala a.k.a. Chief Zebrudaya appeared in the film. The film also won the People’s Choice Award.

October 1

October 1 is a dark psychological thriller film directed by Tunde Babalola and released in Nigeria in 2014. The movie was produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan and features the likes of Sadiq Daba, Kayode Olaiya, David Bailie, Kehinde Bankole, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Fabian Adeoye Lojede, Nick Rhys, Femi Adebayo, Bimbo Manuel, Ibrahim Chatta, Demola Adedoyin Kunle Afolayan, Fabian Adeoye Lojede, Nick Rhys, Femi Adebayo, Bimbo Manuel

Deola Sagoe made a surprise appearance on October 1st. The film is set in Colonial Nigeria and tells the narrative of Danladi Waziri (Sadiq Daba), a Northern Nigerian police officer sent to the isolated village of Akote in Western Nigeria to investigate the community’s recurrent female murder cases. He had to solve the puzzle before Nigeria’s flag was raised on October 1, the country’s independence day.

The Bridge

This is Kunle Afolayan’s most recent release. Lasun Ray produced the film, which was directed by Kunle Afolayan.

Demola Adedoyin, Chidinma Ekile, Binta Ayo Mogaji, Zack Orji, Kunle Afolayan, Tina Mba, Adebayo Salami, and Lere Paimo star in the film, which is set in Ilorin, Kwara State. Wole Olowomojuore, Lanre Hassan, Jimoh Aliu, and Mama Ray-Eyiwumi are among the cast members

The story follows Obadare, a Yoruba prince who fell in love with Stella, a young lady from a prominent Igbo family, but their romance was jeopardized by tribal prejudice and parental plans for each of their lives.

When the pair secretly married against their parents’ desires, it shattered both families’ foundations and sustenance.

The film marks the film debut of Chidinma Ekile, a popular singer, and was released on December 8, 2017.


This is another intriguing film directed by Kunle Afolayan and produced in partnership with Air France. It premiered on Air France and won numerous honors.

Saro, The Musical

Afolayan was a member of the Saro, The Musical cast. Bolanle Austen-Peters Productions (BAP) collaborated with MTN Foundation to develop it.

Saro is a theatre production that was filmed at the MUSON Centre and has been seen in theaters all around the country.

In addition, the producer has worked with Africa Magic to make films like Roti, The Tribunal, and Omugwo.


Roti is a film about a couple named Kabir and Dianne who are dealing with the loss of their only son Roti. However, Dianne encounters a youngster named Juwon who looks just like her lost son a few years after the loss. This gave the mourning mother hope, but when she learned that Juwon was not her deceased son, she became depressed. Kunle Afolayan, Kate Henshaw, Toyin Oshinaike, Faitha Balogun, and Kunle Afolayan’s son Dari star in the film.

Other films in which he has appeared include:

  • Hostages by Tade Ogidan (1998)
  • Mortal Inheritance by Andy Amenechi (1996)
  • Koseegbe by Tunde Kelani (1995)
  • Saworeide by Tunde Kelani (1999)
  • Aiye by Ola Balogun (1980)
  • Iya Ni Wura by Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan (1985)
  • Kanna Kanna by Aderohunmu Bayo (1986)
Kunle Afolayan’s Endorsements
  • Kunle Afolayan is an ambassador of Pavillon Afriques
  • He is an ambassador of Air France
  • Pan Nigeria Ambassador
  • Kunle has an ambassador deal with Globacom Nigeria
Awards And Nominations Of Kunle Afolayan
  • Africa Movie Academy Award nominee for Best Director – 2010
  • Golden Jury award for Best Film at the Abuja International Film Festival – 2012
  • Festival Prize for Outstanding Film Directing at the Abuja International Film Festival – 2012
  • Nollywood Movie Award nominee for Best Director – 2013
  • Nigeria Entertainment Award nominee for Actor of the Year – 2015
  • Africa Movie Academy Award nominee for Best Director – 2015
  • Best Movie Director at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards – 2015
  • October 1 won the Best Costume Design at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) – 2015
  • Best Nigerian Film – October 1 at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) – 2015
  • October 1 – Best Movie of 2014 at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards 2015
  • An Icon in the African Entertainment Industry Award at the Afro-Heritage Broadcasting and Entertainment Awards (AHBEA) – 2016
  • City People Movie Award-nominated him for Best Movie Producer of the Year (English) – 2017
  • Nominated at the City People Movie Award for Movie Director of the Year (English) – 2017
  • Best Film Award at the Durban International Film Festival – 2019

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