Kareem Adepoju Biography, Career, and Net Worth

Alhaji Kareem Adepoju popularly known as Baba Wande, is a well-known legendary Yoruba actor, filmmaker, and director who is considered to be one of the most important filmmakers in Nigeria’s self-styled cinematic culture, known as Nollywood.

Baba wande Biography

Profile Summary of Kareem Adepoju
Osun State Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
  • Actor
  • film producer
  • writer
Years active 1962–present
Kareem Adepoju Biography

Baba Wande is a well-rounded actor who is well-known in the Nigerian entertainment business for his deft handling of roles and he is unquestionably one of the most well-liked actors due to his distinct acting style. He is a household figure in the country’s entertainment industry for his deep and rounded performance.

He was born in Nigeria on April 22, 1945. The actor attended his primary and secondary education in Lagos state Nigeria

Kareem Adepoju is the son of a tailor and the star of such hit films as “Ti Oluwa Nile,” “Obuko Dudu,” “Ekun Oko Oke,” and “Ajibola.” He is a devoted Muslim and the star of such hit films as “Ti Oluwa Nile,” “Obuko Dudu,” “Ekun Oko Oke,” and “Ajibola.”

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Kareem Adepoju Career

He began his professional acting career in 1963 with the Duro Ladipo Theatre Group, where he remained until his death in 2003. Later, he moved on to another equally popular company, the Oyin Adejobi theatrical group, where he received training under the leadership of late Chief Oyin Adejobi, one of Nigeria’s best dramatists and acclaimed theatre doyen, who passed away in 2011.

While working with Chief Oyin Adejobi, Baba Wande made certain that he understood his role and conducted himself in the manner in which Chief Adejobi would. He listened to directions and worked hard to make incremental improvements with each outing.

He does go on to become one of the most valuable actors in the Oyin Adejobi Company’s history. He also became extremely famous, emerging as the star attraction of the group’s epic offerings like as ‘Ekuro Olaoja,’ ‘Oba Igbalode,’ and ‘Kuye’ on a consistent basis. Indeed, remarks about his accomplishments were positive at the time, and they continue to be so today. Many people still consider him to be a well-rounded performer.

He is known for raising the roof in comedy events, and he is also known for being a treat to see when the role called for some seriousness. Indeed, there is a frequent saying among his colleagues that if a producer agrees to play a role, he can be certain of going to bed at a reasonable hour.

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Baba Wande is an actor with a long list of credits who enjoys reading the Holy Quran among his other interests. He has been in over 1,000 films and has also produced a number of them. He has also hosted an Islamic television program, titled “Iwa Lesin,” on a number of occasions.

Baba Wande, an actor who has worked in the industry for more than four decades, says his greatest professional ambition is to construct a proper film village in Osun State that will be used by practitioners both within and beyond the state. A facility of this nature, according to Baba Wande, will not only promote film production, but it will also contribute to the social and political growth of the state.” Africa’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Alhaji Kareem Adepoju, called Baba Wande, received his training from the late Oyin Adejobi, a famous theatre champion of blessed memory. Baba Wande cut his first teeth while working with Oyin Adejobi on the Yoruba television series ‘Kootu Asipa,’ which was about customary court sessions and cases.

It was around this time that he learned how to act professionally. It also helps me deliver his scripts in the most convincing manner because of his soft voice and sly expression. I think he’s nothing short of brilliant! -Shakirudeen Adewale Alade is a Nigerian actress and model.

His personality is such that a Director needs just discover ways to bring him to a place, rather than presenting him with a script. It’s simply that he’s such a talented actor. “KUYE” (an adaptation of a Yoruba literary classic with the same title), in which he played a long-suffering, pitiful, and dumb youngster who eventually overcame his obstacles to become a King, was where his skill first blossomed.

That was the first time that his versatility as a thespian was recognized when he topped his performance in yet another made-for-television play, named “EKURO OLOJA.” He portrayed a questionable, sycophantic villain who attempted to usurp the Oracle’s choice of a King in order to proclaim another as the new ruler.

He became a local legend as OTOKITI, in yet another made-for-TV version of yet another Yoruba literature work, titled: “ILE TI A FI ITO MO,” in which he played the title character. He portrayed a man who had lost his riches as a result of his irresponsibility, fate, and bad associations throughout his life. WNTV, subsequently NTV Ibadan, was founded on the success of a few actors, who carried the success of the station on their bare backs in the early days of its existence.

Oyin Adejobi was incredibly gracious and honorable in allowing Alh Kareem Adepoju to detract so much attention from himself (Oyin Adejobi) while performing with a theatre group he helped to create. Odolaye Aremu is the author of this work.

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Agbabiaka, his new film, is dedicated to Lagos Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, a gesture that demonstrates his admiration for the governor and his accomplishments.

Alhaji Kareem Adepoju, better known by his stage as Baba Wande, has more than four decades of experience as an actor, and he has brought remarkable life to a wide range of characters both on stage and on television.

Nonetheless, mention his name Baba Wande and people will immediately remember the star of “Ti Oluwa Nile” and countless other stage and film creations. Baba Wande is regarded as a legend in the Nigerian entertainment business.

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Kareem Adepoju Net Worth

The seasoned actor is one of Nigeria’s most powerful figures, with an estimated net worth of $200,000 and a slew of exceptional, eye-catching films that have grossed millions of dollars, not to mention a slew of endorsement deals and enterprises.

  • Ti Oluwa Ni Ile
  • Ayọ Ni Mọ Fẹ
  • Abeni
  • Arugba
  • Igbekun
  • Òbúko Dúdú
  • Ika lomo ejo
  • ’’Enu Eye(2010)‘’

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