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Ikeja Electric Upgrades Mobile App to Improve Customer Experience and Services

Ikeja Electric Plc (IE), Nigeria’s largest power distribution business, has improved its IE Mobile App to include cutting-edge features that enable consumers to access services with ease. The company is committed to improving customer experience and providing better service.

The improved app, which was announced on Tuesday, August 3, 2021, is a multi-functional software meant to allow consumers to make inquiries, check and pay bills, report/resolve concerns, and communicate with customer care representatives in a timely manner, among other things. Additionally, it provides live chat and account management features.

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Folake Soetan, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ikeja Electric, remarked at the unveiling of the enhanced app: “The latest IE Mobile App is evidence that the company is forward-thinking, inventive, and focused on the consumer.” Alive and well, we are a thriving brand. We are confident and enthusiastic about achieving greatness in order to further the development of the electricity sector. We are willing to take risks in order to continuously develop our services in order to improve the client experience and produce better results.

We are glad to offer our clients across the network the latest edition of the IE Mobile App, which allows them to gain seamless access to our services while also upgrading their overall experience,” says the business. In line with our motto, Customer first; Technology now,” this is a testament to the dedication of the Management and Staff of Ikeja Electric to providing quality services and ensuring direct access to us through various channels. “The upgraded IE Mobile App comes with numerous functionalities that offer secured transactions, prompt services, and a unique user experience. Customers can engage with Ikeja Electric using a smartphone app, which is designed to be a one-stop-shop for rapid solutions, according to the spokesperson.

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Soetan claims that the improved software is simple to use and that it streamlines the process of doing transactions. She went on to say that one of IE’s objectives was to continue to employ technology in order to provide a high-quality customer service experience.

Those using iPhones can now download the improved Mobile App from the Google Play Store or from the iOS Store, which is already available.

Customers can easily download the app by visiting the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, respectively. In order to use their IE Account Number, consumers will need to validate their phone number and set a password that they will then need to confirm.

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Ikeja Electric is projected to further improve its position in the electricity sector as a pioneer in delivering solutions for customer happiness, as well as producing value and providing superior service delivery through the upgraded app.

IE Mobile App allows consumers who are not yet enrolled with IE to access information and handle issues without having to visit an IE office or call IE customer service.

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