Ikeja Electric Introduces Incentives for Whistleblowers on Energy Theft

Ikeja Electric Plc has implemented incentives for exposing energy thieves within its network as part of its ongoing attempt to reduce the prevalence of energy theft.

The whistle-blower will receive a reward from the reconnection penalty paid by the perpetrator, which will be calculated in accordance with the fees stipulated in the NERC Order on Unauthorized Access to Electricity Supply, Meter Tampering, and Bypass for non-maximum demand and maximum demand customers, respectively.

The whistle-blower receives up to 10 percent of the reconnection penalty paid by the culprit in cases involving non-Maximum Demand customers; however, in cases involving Maximum Demand offenders, the whistle-blower receives up to 5 percent of the reconnection/penalty paid by the culprit in both cases.

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Whistle-blowers will only be compensated when the perpetrator has paid all of the fees owed to the government. The exception is when the report is submitted in the names of multiple individuals. Only one whistleblower will be rewarded per case, according to Felix Ofulue, the company’s Head of Corporate Communications. Whistle-blowers in energy theft cases who wish to be rewarded must provide their full name, contact telephone number, e-mail address, and customer account number (where the whistle-blower resides within the IE network); otherwise, it may be difficult to reach out and reward such whistle-blowers. Regardless of the method of submission, all reports will be treated as confidential.

When employees report instances of unethical conduct, fraud, or other unlawful actions, the company regards this as a constructive practice since it allows the company to identify these situations and take corrective action as soon as possible.” He explained that this is done in a discreet manner to allow IE to examine the alleged wrongdoing and take the required procedures to address the misconduct.

In addition, he noted that if it is shown that the report was produced in bad faith, for the goal of personal benefit, or with malicious intent, it will not be eligible for reimbursement under the law. It is also not relevant in cases when the report was not submitted through one of the previously specified whistleblowing methods.

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Ofulue also reaffirmed the Company’s commitment to worldwide best practices in business ethics, adding that the company adheres to a policy of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption, with a particular emphasis on upholding ethics and integrity in all commercial transactions.

It was stated that Ikeja Electric is committed to a culture of zero-tolerance for fraud, bribery, and corruption as well as misappropriation, illegal activities, and unethical conduct across all of its business operations.

He expressed the hope that this approach will result in the abolition or considerable reduction of the widespread scourge of energy theft across its network as a result of this initiative.

Customers can report cases of energy theft in a confidential way, and the firm will examine any allegations of wrongdoing and take appropriate action against those responsible. The channels for reporting cases of Ikeja electric Energy thieves are noted below.

  1. Toll-free Hotlines: 0800-TIP-OFFS (0800 847 6337)
  2. Web Portal:
  3. Email:
  4. Mobile App: Download Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous App on Android or iOS devices

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