Ikeja Electric Frequently Asked Questions On Meter Asset Providers (MAPs)

Ikeja Electric Frequently Asked Questions On Meter Asset Providers (MAPs): Ikeja electric which is the largest energy distribution company in Nigeria has decided to provide answers to questions that may be of concern to all their customers on the MAP regulation scheme. With all efforts to ensure that all electricity consumers within the distribution network are well informed on what the new Meter Asset Provider (MAP) scheme is all about, the company has provided answers to most frequently asked questions.

Ikeja Electric Frequently Asked Questions On Meter Asset Providers (MAPs)

Who Are the Meter Asset Providers (MAPs)?
MAPs are companies which in agreement with the federal government under the regulations of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) are licensed to acquire and ensure meters are installed to all customers of all distribution companies in Nigeria. The Aim of the MAP new initiatives was to eradicate estimated billing practices in Nigeria, Attract private investment to the provision of metering services, and also to Close to the metering gap within the country.

Are meters free?

Meters are not free. According to the regulations made by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), customers are expected to pay for meters. The payment for the meter by the customer can either be upfront or installments.

How much does a meter cost?

A single-phase meter now cost N63,061.32  and a three-phase meter costs N117,910.69 these all inclusive of VAT.

I cannot afford to pay for the meter at once, what should I do?

If you are not financially buoyant enough to pay for your meter at once, you are permitted to pay the installment. The installment payment is by regulation referred to as the Monthly Metering Service Charge (MSC) and will continue until full amortization of the meter asset cost, as agreed with the MAPs.

What is the difference between Meter Service Charge (MSC) and the suspended Fixed Charge?

Meter Service Charge is different from is Fixed Charge (FC) Fixed charge has been stopped a long time ago but MSC is the monthly payment of the cost of the meter over some time.

Will I have to pay any additional charges for my meter request?

The answer is No. Customers are not required to pay additional fees for requesting a meter The total amount you need to pay has been stated above. However, in cases where the service wire is not enough, customers will be advised to purchase more and this can be acquired from a nearby licensed electricity vendor.

How do we pay for MAP Meters?

After a survey has been done in your premise, An official of the MAPs will come with a teller that contains where your payment will be made. Please Note that All payments for meters should be made into the authorized bank account to be advised by the MAP. Payments of meters should not be given to any individual or staff, all payments should be made to the bank.

I want a meter, what should I do?

One of the leading electricity distribution companies in Nigeria is Ikeja Electric who embraced the MAP Scheme to serve its customers better and more efficiently. In this article, I will explain the steps by step guide on how you can apply for prepaid meter under Ikeja Electric Network.

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What if I do not want a meter?

The Regulation stipulates that all unmetered customers must be metered under the MAP scheme.
Customers who refuse meters will be denied service by the distribution company.

Can I get a meter directly from Ikeja Electric outside of the MAP?

The answer is No. All meters will be acquired through the MAPs Scheme and installed via MAPs.

Do I have to settle my postpaid bill before applying for a meter?

It is advisable you clear all the outstandings on your bill before you apply for a meter but in a case whereby you cannot clear all the outstandings on your bill, the remaining outstanding will be factored into your meter. When it factored, you will pay the outstanding as you recharge on the meter.

What Should I do if I want more than one meter?

You can only apply for a single meter if you have only one CIS account number but customers with more than one account in their premises can have multiple meters. If you need additional accounts to get more meters, please visit the nearest electricity company in your area.

How long will a meter installation take?

For upfront payments, MAPs are mandated to install meters within 10 working days of the payment while for installment payments, customers will be metered in line with the MAPs installation schedule.

My meter has just been installed, what is the next step?

The meter will be processed for setup and activation within 48 hours and customers will be able to recharge on their meter using any of the IE payment channels.

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Can I move my meter after relocating to another house?

Customers are not allowed to move a meter to other locations. But if the meter you want to move is within Ikeja electric network, you are advised to notify them and once they are notified and the movement is approved, Ikeja Electric will at that point transfer the service to the new location including the credit on the customer’s account. Kindly notify Ikeja Electric by sending an email to or call on any of these numbers; 01-7000250; 09087940825.

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