How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram Posts

How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram Posts: Instagram’s comment section is completely customizable. You may even disable comments on older postings in a matter of seconds. This is how!


Do you have an Instagram photo that you’d prefer not to receive comments on? Are there any comments that are irrelevant to your post’s subject or are excessively offensive? In that scenario, it’s possible that it’s time to disable comments on the post.

In this article, we’ll explore how to disable comments on Instagram posts and why doing so may benefit your account.

How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram Posts

There are two ways to disable comments on your Instagram posts. The first option occurs during the post’s creation, while the second occurs after the post is shared. This post will demonstrate how to disable comments on Instagram in two different ways.

How to Turn Off Instagram Comments While Creating a Post

If you don’t want anyone to remark on your post while it’s being created, you can deactivate comments while it’s being created. This is how:
Instagram’s interface for creating posts is depicted in this screenshot.
Instagram snapshot demonstrating sophisticated post creation settings
Instagram post depicted in screenshot
On your device, launch the Instagram app, hit the Create (+) button, and select the photo(s) or video(s) to share.
Once at the post creation screen, tap on Advanced Settings.

Enable the option for Turn Off Commenting.
Return to the post creation screen, provide desired information (title, tags, and location), and hit Share.
This will distribute the post without allowing comments. If you change your mind and wish to reactivate comments, you may do so by pressing on Review controls next to the notification indicating you’ve disabled comments.

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How to Disable Comments on an Archived Post

If, for any reason, you feel the need to disable comments on an older post, you can do it as well. This is how:

a screenshot of an Instagram post prior to commenting being disabled
a snapshot demonstrating how to disable comments on an Instagram post that has already been published
Launch the Instagram app and click to the post for which you wish to disable comments.
Above the post, click on the three-dots icon.
From the pop-up menu, select Turn Off Commenting.
That is all. You have successfully disabled commenting on the specified post.

Why Would You Want to Turn Off Instagram Comments?

There are a variety of reasons why you would want to disable comments on Instagram photos. One primary reason for this is because if the topic of your post or theme demands caution, it may be advisable to avoid public criticism.

Another reason to disable comments is to protect yourself from harassment by other users in reaction to a particular issue. Finally, some people simply dislike receiving much feedback and choose to keep their account ‘private.’ This feature enables them to do so without the need for a separate private account.

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Disabling Commenting on Instagram Posts
Everyone has a different motive for deactivating comments on an Instagram post. Some disable it for personal reasons, while others do it in order to avoid harassment or cyberbullying. Whatever the cause, Instagram allows you complete control over the comments section, even if the photo or video has already been shared.

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