How To Track And Recover a Stolen Phone In Nigeria

Have you at any point misplace your phone or perhaps the phone was stolen from you and you are confused on what to do and how to go about it. You will agree with me that Losing sight of one’s mobile phone can frustrating and annoying and this is what can happen to anyone at any point in time.

When you find yourself in this situation, different thoughts run through your mind and you begin to ask yourself some questions like how did I manage to misplace my phone? Or who was the last person I gave my phone to? Or could it be the phone has been stolen? What can I do to get my phone back?

You will agree with me that all this though could lead to frustration. The bitter truth is recovering a stolen phone is not an easy task but for you to get the best out of the situation on the ground, you must be well prepared and act fast. In this article, I will be discussing some useful tips and steps to take to help you recover your stolen or missing phone.

Many Apps have been designed to help you recover your stolen phone and this can be achieved only if you have them installed on your phone before your phone was stolen. These apps trackers have features that ease up the process of recovering your stolen device. These apps are designed to identify the exact location where your device is at any point in time using your maps and satellite image. A lot of these apps trackers are free and can be downloaded on google play store. Some of this app trackers include Mobile tracker for Android, Cell Phone Location Tracker, GPS Mobile Number Location Finder, Find my phone and many more

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As long as your stolen phone is connected to the internet and your google account. Google plays a very important role in tracking all stolen or missing phones. Your stolen phone can be recovered by using google location history, Google photos, and other Google apps on the phone. Google location history records the history of all the locations your device has been taken to. Even if your mobile phone has been switched off, location history will identify the last recorded location.

Google photos also play an important role in locating your lost/stolen device. As long as this app is activated on your device, all the images taken with your phone will be uploaded to your Google Photos account. The good news here is that not only the image will be uploaded but also the location where the pictures were taken. So, in case the thief didn’t log out of your Google Account and tried out the camera on your phone, there might be some new images popping up in Google Photos. Note that this feature will only work if your stolen phone has an active internet connection and your photos app allows the user to on his location. It will be advisable to go along with local authorities for security reasons as this might even identify the exact home address of the thief.

All the methods explained above may not work if your phone is switched off or not connected to the internet, perhaps the thief has done a factory reset on your phone. The only alternative to get your phone at this point is through your IMEI Number.

IMEI is an acronym that stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a 15-digit number used for tracking and recovering stolen smartphones by GSM network providers and authorities in tracking missing and stolen smartphones.

IMEI number of any cell phone can be found at the box pack attached to it when you acquire a new phone, sometimes in the battery compartment, and “on the telephone” (by dialing *#06#). Ensure you appropriately note the IMEI number of your telephone in advance or this strategy will be futile to you.

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Each time a call is made on your mobile phone, a message is sent to a system administration as you make or get calls or send SMS, the IMEI number is sent to the system base station by telephone. This is what makes it possible to track your phone using your IMEI Number.

Inorder to successfully track a stolen phone using IMEI Number, some advanced softwares has been designed for it which in most cases are owned by network management systems and law enforcement agencies.

My advice is if all the strategy mentioned above was done and you could not get your missing device, kindly contact the police (obviously, the IMEI number will be required in the police report).

You ought to likewise contact your service provider with your IMEI number to block the telephone (this may require a police report with different documentation). This activity will render the telephone useless to the thief. After your phone has been recovered, you can likewise demand the telephone to be unblocked.

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