How to Trace Someone in Nigeria Using Their Phone Number

How to Trace Someone in Nigeria Using Their Phone Number: There are numerous reasons why you would need to trace someone’s phone identity. Typically, many people utilize a phone tracker to determine the whereabouts of a stolen phone.

This article discusses how to trace someone using their phone number and the best phone trackers in Nigeria.

How to Trace Someone in Nigeria Using Their Phone Number

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The most common reason for people to want to know who is using a phone number is for phone harassment. Phone harassment occurs when you are regularly contacted or texted by unfamiliar numbers. Phone harassment is illegal and harmful, as it disrupts a person’s peace and constitutes a security violation.

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Phone harassment can be perpetrated by the following individuals:

  • A con artist who wishes to learn more about you in order to take your money
  • An ex-partner, for example, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a husband, or a wife.
  • A business associate whose transaction with you went awry
  • A prankster who is merely amusing himself

Whoever is phoning you, it is critical that you are able to identify the caller in order to determine the next steps to take regarding the phone harassment. Are you having any of the following symptoms?

  • Someone is constantly calling your phone.
  • Someone who makes obscene recommendations, requests, or remarks
  • Someone who calls you and refuses to identify himself/herself
  • Someone who continues to phone you despite your request for no further contact
  • Someone is attempting to terrify you over the phone by employing techniques such as identity switching, silence, and a low voice.

Numerous websites provide phone number tracing services. You must exercise extreme caution, as many of these websites are insecure and may be out to defraud you. Provide no information about yourself on websites about which you have no knowledge. Make certain to examine reviews regarding a website before putting your trust in it. Some of these websites are simply looking for your phone number in order to send you spam messages in the future, which you want to avoid. If your phone is stolen, you can locate it using mobile phone tracking via GPS rather than phone number monitoring. GPS tracking will enable you to track the phone more precisely and accurately.

Previously, determining who is calling or has phoned you was a challenging undertaking. This was due to the scarcity of methods for determining the caller’s identity and also for terminating undesirable communications (calls, SMS). However, there are now techniques to monitor someone in Nigeria using their phone number. These include the following:


Contacting your network service provider is one of the first steps in finding down someone using their phone number. Network service providers maintain call logs, which enables you to inquire about specific calls. However, for security reasons, network providers will only provide you with the city and state from which the call was made, even if your story or reason for requesting this information is fully authenticated. Additionally, you might instruct them to keep an eye out for the phone number in case something else comes up.

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Bear in mind that there are numerous websites and applications that claim to be able to assist you in determining the identity of a Nigerian phone number user. The following are the most popular and trusted phone number trackers in Nigeria.

To track a cell phone using the applications listed below, you will need the following:

  • A mobile phone
  • A smartphone/laptop computer


Truecaller is a popular and well-known caller ID app that enables you to track a person’s location using their phone number. Additionally, the application is completely free to use. True caller is also capable of tracing the location of the caller. True caller is the most up-to-date app on the Google Play store for this purpose. Additionally, True caller enables you to avoid spam calls and SMS, as well as blacklist undesired contacts.


If someone who has your contact in their phone’s contact list downloads or installs the Truecaller app, your personal contact information (name and phone number) is added to the Truecaller worldwide database (with or without your permission)

Truecaller, on the other hand, does not immediately display your contact information, but people can search for you by name. When you call a Truecaller user who does not have you in their contact list, the app’s caller ID feature queries the database and identifies you, so “unlocking” and revealing your identity to the caller.


This application will also assist you in determining the identity of an unknown phone number. It will assist you in determining the identity of a secret phone number that frequently calls you.

The Operation of Trapcall

  • On your Android or iPhone, navigate to the play store and download the TrapCall app.
  • Create an account to begin using the service.
  • When an unknown caller D (someone with whom you do not have communication), a Blocked Caller, or a Private Caller attempts to reach you, just decline the call by tapping the decline button on your phone.
  • When you decline a call, it is sent to TrapCall.
  • After a few seconds, Trapcall will return the caller’s information to you.
    Premium and Ultimate users of the

Trapcall software will receive the caller’s name and address. The software includes Live Caller ID (available only on iPhone), which allows you to put a name and a face to an unknown caller. Additionally, live caller ID creates a contact on your phone with this information, so that the next time you receive a call from this number, you’ll see their details immediately.

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The majority of websites that provide phone number tracing services are only available in certain countries, such as India and the United States. Additionally, several of these do not provide particular information. However, the ones listed above are the most well-known and widely used in Nigeria.

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