How to Submit an Application for Gulder Ultimate Search 2021

Gulder Ultimate Search (commonly known as GUS) is a Nigerian reality television show that was produced and sponsored by Nigerian Breweries Plc to promote Gulder Lager Beer. In 2004, the first season aired.

The GUS series is also Nigeria’s first 100 percent local content reality television show, and it is a survival type reality show that highlights the struggle of Contestants (10–30 people, depending on the reference edition), their battles against themselves and the wild, i.e. nature, and their search for a hidden treasure that brings instant fame and fortune to the last person standing. The winner of the previous season in 2012 received a cash reward of ten million naira and an SUV.

The survival reality program Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS), which dominated the Nigerian airways in the early 2000s, is making a successful return after a seven-year absence.GUS premiered in 2004 and ran for 11 seasons. Before it stopped in 2016, the show had been Nigeria’s most-watched reality TV series.

After a long break, the event will return this year with the theme “The Age of Craftsmanship.”

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How to Submit an Application for Gulder Ultimate Search

Interested participants must be Nigerians aged 21 to 35 years old to apply. Between September 1, 2021, and September 8, 2021, applications should be sent to The registration process will begin on the GUS official website.

Shortlisted candidates will compete in a regional screening process on September 13 and 14 in Abuja and Enugu, with the final selection taking place in Lagos on September 16 and 17, 2021.

The premiere of ‘Gulder Ultimate Search: The Age of Craftsmanship’ is planned for October 16, 2021, with the grand finale on December 19, 2021.

TV Channels where you can watch the Gulder Ultimate Search.

This are the list of TV stations in Nigeria That air the Gulder Ultimate Search Reality TV shows.

  1. TV3
  • Get TV
  • Wap TV
  • Ebony Life TV
  • Silverbird TV
  • Minaj TV
  • Galaxy TV
  • Clare TV
  • Nigerzie
  • Africa Magic
  • NTA

Gulder Ultimate Search Qualification/Requirement 2021/2022

Before you can download and fill the Gulder ultimate search reality TV series application form you must meet certain minimum requirements set by the sponsor of the program.

  1. Age: before you can apply for Gulder ultimate search TV series you must be up to 18 years of age and not more than 30.
  2. Health : you must be healthy enough,must not show any symptoms of a heart related disease and asthmatic patients are not allowed.
  • Physically challenged persons are asked not to participate.

Since the first season, which started in 2004, participants have been tented in various areas of the nation to compete against themselves and the wild, i.e. nature, in their hunt for a buried treasure that offers immediate fame and wealth to the last person remaining.

The reward increased from N3 million in the first edition to N10 million and a new SUV in the most recent event. The reward for this year, however, is yet unknown.

Many stars have emerged from the program, some of whom are still involved in the entertainment world today.

Kunle Remi, winner of the 2010 edition; Dennis Okike, winner of the season 8 edition; and Chris Okagbue, winner of the season 10 edition have all become household names in the entertainment industry.

The next season’s host has yet to be confirmed, although past seasons’ hosts included Nollywood stars Chidi Mokeme and Bob Manuel-Udokwu.

Seasons, locations, storylines, and winners from previous seasons of GUS

Olakunle Oyeneye, a Nigerian producer, and Executive Producer Oluseyi Siwoku of Jungle Filmworks are behind the series of each of the seasons of Gulder Ultimate Search

GUS Season 1

GUS 1 was produced on Lagos State’s Snake Island. Mr. Ezeugo Egwuagwu made history as the first winner of the reality program, taking home the Star Prize of 3 million Naira.

GUS Season 2

Mr. Lucan Chambliss won the Star Prize of 5 million Naira in the 2nd Season of ‘The Lost Helmet of General Maxmllian’, which was held at Obudu Hills, Calabar Cross River.

GUS Season 3

Mr. Hector Joberteh won the ultimate prize of 5 million Naira and a Ford Explorer SUV in ‘The Brew Master’s Secret’ (Season 3) in NIFOR, Benin Edo State. On the morning of September 3, 2017, Hector was shot and killed at his Lagos residence.

GUS Season 4

‘The Search for the Golden Age’ was held in Jos’ Shere Hills, and the athletic Dominic Mudabai edged out his competitors to win the title that year.

Contestant’s death

During the shoot, competitor Anthony Ogadje perished in a lake in Jos Plateau State, GUS 4.

GUS Season 5

Mmaku, in Awgu, Enugu’s stormy highlands. Mr Michael Nwachukwu discovered ‘The Lost Chronicle’ and swapped it for a brand new SUV and 5 million naira.

GUS Season 6

GUS 6 was brought to the western region of Nigeria, where Mr. Uche Nwaezeapu discovered ‘The Horn of Valour’ in the abandoned Omodo Forest of Aagba in Osun State.

Showdown of Celebrities

In 2010, the celebrity version of the GUS series debuted at La Campaigne Tropicana in Epe, Lagos. Ace Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike discovered ‘The Golden Goblet,’ and he walks away with a sum of seven million naira.

GUS Season 7

The GUS series moved to Omo Forest, J4 Ogun State for season 7 in the same year as the Celebrity Edition, and ‘The Ultimate Hero’ was Mr. Oyekunle Oluwaremi.

GUS Season 8

Mr. Chris Okagbue surprised the world by winning the 8th season of ‘The Contest of Champions’ in Kukuruku Hills, Egbetua Quarters in Ososo, Akoko-Edo Edo State.

GUS Season 9

The hunt was relocated to Usaka, Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom in 2012, where Paschal Eronmose Ojezele discovered ‘The Gatekeeper’s Fortune.’ Laszlo Bene, an American director/producer presently based in South Africa, directed GUS 9.

GUS Season 10

Mr. Dennis Okike discovered ‘The Tenth Symbol’ in the wilderness of Usaka, Akwa Ibom, and exchanged it for ten million naira and a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero. Laszlo Bene, an American director/producer presently based in South Africa, directed GUS 10.

GUS Season 11

Chinedu Ubachukwu discovered ‘The General’s Helmet’ while GUS 11 was in Aguleri woodland in Anambra state. He was given a ten million naira prize as well as a brand new Ford Explorer vehicle.

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