How to Start a Quarry Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Quarry Business in Nigeria: Consider the amount of road and building projects undertaken in Nigeria each year to get a sense of how lucrative the quarry business may be in Nigeria. Quarries are where granites, gravel, and other construction materials are mined.

The earth is composed of rocks and sand, stone, and granite, and these materials are obtained by shattering these large rocks into smaller ones. Naturally, this is a lengthy process that should take hundreds of years, but who wants to wait that long for a handful of rocks?

Thus, man, in his characteristic inventive restlessness, devises a way for expediting the process, such that granites, gravel, sand, and other related goods are available in minutes, not years.

As a quarry owner, you may have the following customers:

  • Contractors for the construction of roads and bridges.
  • Contractors for residential construction, including private builders.
  • Manufacturers of Cement and Brick.
  • Manufacturers of marble and tile.
  • Wholesalers and sellers of granite.

Make no mistake; this is not a low-cost venture. It is a capital-intensive enterprise that requires millions of naira. If you are unable to establish a quarry, you can settle for being a wholesaler.

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This means that you would purchase your items in bulk from quarries and then sell them directly to consumers.

How to Start a Quarry Business in Nigeria

The following are some of the fundamental procedures needed in establishing a quarry in Nigeria:


You would need to lease a piece of rocky property from the government to crush and extract your products. These locations are often rented for between one and five years, depending on the contract terms.


The following stage would be to acquire the equipment necessary to conduct operations. Among the equipment required are crushers, excavators, and rubber track sale units for excavators, dumpers, payloaders, generators, and a Way Bridge. These items can be purchased in the United States of America, China, or Europe.


The following step is to obtain the necessary knowledge to operate the firm. Operating a quarry is a highly technical procedure that requires time to master.

While you can hire others to run and manage the business for you, it is advisable to study the ins and outs of the business as well to avoid being taken advantage of by doubtful personnel who may decide to exploit you due to your lack of knowledge about the business.


This is a separate sub-sector of the quarry industry. Indeed, this is a separate industry. After manufacturing granite and other products, you’ll need a reliable distribution system to ensure that your buyers receive their purchases promptly.

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If you can afford it, invest in a few heavy-duty haulage vehicles such as tippers or lorries for product distribution, but if you cannot, don’t sweat it.

The majority of quarry owners employ the services of third-party haulage firms to handle the distribution side of the company. Some of them will lease their cars to you and charge you a monthly fee, while others will want to provide the service as third-party haulage firms.

Don’t be intimidated by the grammar; with a minimum investment of N5 million, you may construct a small-scale quarry that will generate you millions of dollars annually.


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