How to put voice effects on Instagram Reels

How to put voice effects on Instagram Reels: instagram Reels, which launched in the summer of 2020, are a short vertical video format akin to TikTok in which users can incorporate a variety of visual and audio effects.

A significant portion of the tools and features that Instagram is delivering in this format are already accessible on the Chinese app, which is its primary competitor. Additionally, this option for adding effects to the video’s voices is available in the TikTok editing tools.

This tool offers numerous possibilities, including the ability to make your voice seem robotic or as if you’ve just breathed helium. We’ll describe how to include these effects into your voice while posting a reel to your Instagram account in the following section:

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Create a Reel: From your mobile device, open your Instagram account and click the Create a Reel icon. This is located at the bottom of the screen, and consists of four distinct icons. The one with the Reels is the central one, designed like a folder with a central “Play” button.

Record the video: After clicking the icon to make the Reel, click on the camera icon in the upper right corner to record photographs for later inclusion in your publication.

Editing tools: Once the video has been recorded, it is necessary to mount and edit the photographs. At the top of the screen, the various editing options will appear. By clicking on the musical note-shaped icon, you can access the voice effects.

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“Effects“: On the control screen for the audio effects, a tab labeled “Effects” will appear. When you click it, Instagram sends you to a menu where you may select from six different voice types: helium, huge, vocalist, megaphone, and robot. Choose the one you want, and your voice will take on that tone when you post your Reel.

So far we have been able to learn How to put voice effects on Instagram Reels. I hope this is helpful.

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