How to Pay For Google AdWords In Nigeria

How to Pay For Google AdWords in Nigeria: If you are a blogger and wish to advertise on Google, you may be required to sign up for Google AdWords. Naturally, it is not free.

The payment method is one of the issues that causes confusion for many people. Once they become unsure on how to proceed with the payment, they give up halfway. Some individuals even make the payment without understanding how to handle their account, resulting in the loss of their hard-earned funds.

How to Pay for Google AdWords In Nigeria

This article will educate you on the proper and safe approach to pay for Google AdWords.


You can pay with your Naira MasterCard or Visa card. If you’re just getting started, Google AdWords coupons can be utilized to test the waters. The voucher is valid for a single AdWords account.

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This was accomplished using a Zenith visa prepaid card, which worked well. GTB Naira MasterCard can also be used to pay for Google AdWords. Alternatively, you might use UBA Africard for this purpose.

UBA Africard can be applied for in the same way as a standard MasterCard or Visa card linked to your naira bank account. You are not required to have a UBA savings or current account to apply for or get the UBA Africard.

However, you must associate the card with your BVN number in order to use it for any online transaction. This should not be a tough task.

Visit to link your BVN to your UBA Africard.

Provide the following information on the site:

  • Your previously created Client ID. Check it on the back of the prepaid card in the right bottom corner.
  • Select the Verify tab to verify the ID.
  •  Provide your 11-digit BVN number.
  •  Clicking on Submit will assist in linking your BVN.

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That is all there is to it, and it should take no more than 5 minutes or so to complete.


  •  Begin by connecting into your Google AdWords account and selecting the Billing option.
  •  You will be led to information on manual payment methods.
  •  Following that, click the Make a Payment tab.
  •  On the new page, select Credit Card as your desired payment option.
  • You will be prompted for your payment card information, billing address, and additional information. Ascertain that the billing address matches the one supplied when applying for the card with the bank.
  • Following that, enter the payment amount and click the Review Payment option.
  •  Review the payment for a few seconds and then click the Make payment tab.
  • Google will confirm this for you.
  • If the payment was successful, it will appear automatically in your AdWords account balance.
  •  After that, build your adverts and begin earning money.

As you collect advertising costs, they will be deducted from your primary balance, and the fresh deduction and updated account balance will be displayed each time.

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