How to Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria

PayPal is the online wallet service of an American financial institution registered in the United States and several countries. The company is also registered in other countries including Canada, Luxemburg, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

It still maintains it’s the first position among the online money transfer platform across the world and millions of people worldwide uses it to send and receive money. It serves a global marketplace and is by far the biggest internet wallet service.

The service became global to many countries across the world in 2014 and Nigerians started using it in July 2014. Before that time, Nigerians outside the country residing in countries where PayPal is supported are the only ones that have the opportunity to open and operate an account.

The good aspect of this is that PayPal doesn’t share your full financial information with sellers and its buyer protection policy covers your eligible purchases if they don’t show up or match their description.

As a result of the high rate of internet fraud being committed in Nigeria, Paypal was shut down and restricted in Nigeria but as a result of the advancement in technology and fraud detection techniques which has greatly improved and knowing well known that Nigeria’s remains the largest economy in Africa,  PayPal has now lifted its restrictions on Nigeria.

In this article, I will be discussing what you need to do in order to be able to open a PayPal account in Nigeria which still remains one of the payment gateways we have currently in Nigeria.

Requirements for Opening a PayPal Account in Nigeria

1. Valid Email Address

This is one of the most important requirements needed to open a PayPal account in Nigeria. This is simply because Paypal would definitely validate your email address to confirm if it’s an active one and you will receive a message from them. You will also need to confirm the authenticity of the email address by following the steps in the message they send.

2. Visa or MasterCard linked to a Nigerian bank account.

This is the second step required in opening a PayPal account in Nigeria. A visa or Mastercard card linked to any bank in Nigeria which could be a credit or debit card. This is compulsory for your PayPal account verification A little service charge Will be deducted from the card and once your transactions have been confirmed, the account would be fully Verified.

NOTE: As of December 2018, Interswitch’s Verve card does not work with the service.

Step by Step guide on opening a PayPal account

1. First thing you do is to go to
2. Then click on signup
3. Fill in your email address (doesn’t have to be Gmail or Yahoo. It could be
4. Afterwards, type in your password and make sure it is one you can remember
5. Go to the next page and type other details such as names, date of birth, address, and phone number.
6. Also when filling in your address make sure that it matches the same address details you filled in when you opened a bank account
7. It takes you to a page where you fill in your debit card details
8. Punch in your card nos, expiry date, and the last 3 digits behind your debit card.
9. Then go to your email account and click on verify
10. Voila!! Your account is setup
11. Finally, test it by sending $10 to anyone or to your PayPal account abroad (if you have one)
12. You get debited in Naira and you should get an alert from your local bank

Using a Wallet
First Bank offers this option through their exclusive deal with PayPal. How does this work?

1. Firstly, log in to your internet banking account using your password and token
2. Then choose the “PayPal wallet” in the main tab and click “Create PayPal Wallet” on the drop-down menu
3. Afterwards, select which cards you wish to link to your PayPal account and which card will be the default card. Try using one card for easy reconciliation
4. Press the button on your online token and confirm accordingly
5. Create a password in the pop-up window that appears
6. Click on “Agree and create account”.
7. Finally, go to your registered email account with the bank which confirms that you have created a PayPal account

It is important to note that at the moment, you cannot receive payment from a Nigerian PayPal account, but there is a quick method I can show you

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How to Receive PayPal payment from Nigeria

Firstly, Visit the most feasible country PayPal you want yours to be domiciled.

For South Africa, it’s,
For the US, it’s,
For Lesotho, it’s,

and more… depending on your choice.

Secondly, Sign up for the business option, and fill in your business and personal details. For the business details, please choose INDIVIDUAL BUSINESS. Then you will be required to put in your legal ID like NIN or Passport number.

You should use your personal details as they appear in your bank. Fill in your personal details, verify and move to the next page.

If you don’t know anyone in the country you want your account domiciled, you should go to the yellow pages of that country to get pseudo credentials, while you use it alongside your real credentials in the personal details area.

Thirdly, Verify your email and lift your PayPal limit with a credit card.

You can get a working card at UBA or the Wema by Alat card, they work very well to date. Use it to verify your PayPal and lift the limit

Finally, Test your account by sending some funds to activate the account. You can get PayPal funds from freelancers and your account is set.

Here is a list of other alternative online payment options which can be used to receive your funds in Nigeria

  • Western Union,
  • Payoneer,
  • Cheque Bank,
  • Wire Transfer,
  • Money Transfer,
  • 2Checkout
  • Skrill

Can I receive funds through PayPal in Nigeria?

Currently, personal accounts do not support receiving money in Nigeria. You can only open Personal Accounts and send money online from the same. You can also make payments to millions of merchants around the world that accept payment via Paypal.

Every payment you make would be charged from the Debit or Credit Card you have linked to the account.

All transactions are currently denominated in United States Dollars (USD). Naira, the official currency of Nigeria, is currently not supported.


As of December 2018, Business Accounts are now available to e-commerce merchants in Nigeria. However, you can only receive money through a website cart, not directly from another user.

Limitations of PayPal Nigeria Accounts

PayPal is an American service. The very best experience with this payment system is available to residents of the USA. No other country enjoys the depth and richness of features offered in the US. It feels like Nigeria is on the other end of the spectrum.

Thus, I would be sharing the features available in the USA that are not available to Nigeria, to illustrate the limitations experienced by users in Nigeria.

PayPal Credit: subject to credit approval, American users can make use of a digital credit line to make purchases online exceeding $99 and repay in installments.

Card issuance: PayPal issues Cashback Mastercard (2% cash back everywhere the card is accepted), Extras Mastercard (cardholders can earn points on every spends), Cash Mastercard (a debit/ATM card linked directly to the PayPal wallet), and PrePaid Mastercard (for funds transfer from the wallet to the card) to residents of the USA.
Near Instant Bank withdrawal: this new feature allows USA users to withdraw to their eligible debit card or bank account almost instantly, albeit for a premium fee. Regular withdrawals are free-of-charge and reflect the next working day.

Fees: US-based merchants enjoy some of the lowest transaction fees for accepting payment over this platform. Sales within the USA can be as low as 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

PayPal Here card reader: US-based merchants also have the luxury of a card reader that enables them to accept payments physically from major card schemes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Paypal

Is PayPal banned in Nigeria?
Not any more. The service was not available to residents of Nigeria until 2015 but is now available to a large extent.

Can I use PayPal to receive money in Nigeria?

Yes. Business Accounts can receive money in Nigeria.

How do I make my PayPal account valid in Nigeria?

To verify your account, you need to confirm your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email
add your valid Visa or Mastercard and confirm the code in the transaction

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