How To Obtain Death Certificate In Nigeria (2022)

How To Obtain Death Certificate In Nigeria (2022)— Are you looking for information on how to obtain a death certificate in Nigeria in 2022 but are unsure how to proceed? We will walk you through the process of obtaining a death certificate for a deceased loved one in this post. As with how to obtain a birth certificate in Nigeria, the National Population Commission is the government agency responsible for providing death certificates in the country (NPC).

As previously stated, the National Population Commission (NPC) is the federally sanctioned entity in the country charged with the job of registering births and deaths and issuing birth and death certificates. All births and deaths in Nigeria are registered, certified, and meticulously documented, and this is a critical process that enables the NPC to keep track of the country’s population, whether newly born or recently deceased.

Take note that the certificates given by the NPC are perpetual, and as such, effort should be taken to obtain and retain them for memory and formal purposes. Frequently, many people in the country wish to obtain a death certificate for a deceased loved one but are unsure how to go. They inquire about the cost of obtaining a death certificate in the country from various sources and receive varying responses.

The truth about the cost of death certificates in Nigeria is that they are completely free and there are no hidden charges; however, this is only relevant in cases when the death is reported within a specified term, usually within the first months of death.

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Additionally, you should be aware that death certificates provided by hospitals are not free and are required in order to obtain the final death certificate from the NPC. The cost varies by hospital.


Certain parameters must be met in order to report a death in Nigeria today. Among these circumstances are the following:

  • An NPC authority in the area where the death occurred must register it.
  • The person applying for a death certificate on behalf of a deceased family member or friend must provide proof of death.
  • The person requesting a death certificate on behalf of a deceased loved one must be related to the deceased by blood.
  • Within seven days (1 week) of the death, notify the nearest National Population Commission office.
  • If a death is reported after 30 days (1 month) but within 12 months (1 year) of the death date, it may still be registered for a price set by the NPC.
  • Any death reported after 12 months from the death date may be registered only with the written and signed authorization of the NPC’s Deputy Chief Registrar.


Certain conditions must be met in order to obtain a death certificate on behalf of a deceased loved one in Nigeria in 2022. A certificate from the hospital where the death occurred must be issued for a charge determined by the hospital and in accordance with the aforementioned. This is not the NPC death certificate, but rather a death certificate from the medical facility where the individual died, which would be brought to the NPC for verification of the person and cause of death, and for free issuance of a national death certificate.

When a death occurs outside of a hospital, it is critical to obtain a certificate from medical practitioners once the corpse has been examined and the cause of death determined. This document is then acknowledged by a registrar of births and deaths at one of the National Population Commission offices located in the vicinity of the death.

The following information is required to receive a death certificate for a deceased loved one:

  • Request for a death certificate
  • The name of the individual who reported the death
  • The deceased given name
  • The deceased birthplace and date of birth
  • At the time of death, the dead person’s age, gender, and marital status
  • The place of death of the deceased
  • The cause of death of the deceased
  • Detailed details on the dead person’s wife or children (especially if they were dependent on the deceased one)
  • Valid identification of the individual reporting the death
  • Copies of the deceased documents
    A hospital-issued death certificate
  • Demonstration that the deceased is a relative of the one reporting the death

As long as you can establish your relationship to the deceased and determine the cause of death, requesting a death certificate on behalf of a deceased loved one from the National Population Commission is a simple process.


The NPC cannot issue a death certificate under the following circumstances:

  • When a person is discovered to have died in dubious circumstances
  • When an individual becomes the subject of a police inquiry
  • When the deceased family is opposed to autopsy
    When this occurs, hospitals are prohibited from issuing death certificates. Additionally, if the deceased was a criminal who died while incarcerated, the deceased body will never be returned to the deceased person’s relatives, and no death certificate will be produced.

Blood relations are not the only ones who can obtain a death certificate on behalf of a deceased individual, and this option is available only if the deceased had no living blood relatives other than a spouse. While spouses are technically not blood relations, they are eligible to acquire death certificates for their spouses.

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Due to financial constraints or illiteracy, other family members may also get death certificates on behalf of deceased blood relatives. When this occurs, it is critical to appoint someone to represent the family who is unlikely to be an immediate family member. Representatives in this case could be biological children of the deceased person’s blood relatives.

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