How to Obtain a Church Registration in Nigeria

How to Obtain a Church Registration in Nigeria: Churches are critical institutions in Nigerian society because they teach our people how to live and conduct properly, which results in a better society.

There has been some debate over whether churches should be registered in Nigeria.

Another debate is that, given the wealth of some churches and their Nigerian general overseers, should church be taxed?

Yes, some general overseers own private jets and maintain them at a cost of millions of naira – thus the debate continues.

These pastors are quick to oppose this, claiming that they are a faith-based organization that is not profit-driven. Nigerian pastors are among the wealthiest people on the planet.

All priests, regardless of size, must make an attempt to register their churches. Registration of a church in Nigeria is critical since the constitution requires that all churches be registered.

However, how do I incorporate my church in Nigeria? This essay will serve as a roadmap for how I want to do that.

The Corporate Affairs Commission considers the church to be a corporate entity, and as such, it is obligated to register as one.

The CAC requires the following for church registration:

1. NAME AVAILABILITY AND RESERVATION: In Nigeria, choosing the correct church name is critical to the church’s mission.

Churches do not operate in the same way. While some churches are entirely focused on deliverance and healing – and thus should have a similar name – others are entirely focused on evangelism – and thus must enable their focus to be reflected in their name.

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Additionally, some churches place a premium on financial breakthrough and success — this emphasis should be reflected in their name, as individuals appear to attend churches in order to fulfill spiritual, psychological, and financial needs and objectives.

Thus, much care should be taken to choose a name that accurately expresses the church’s primary mission.

Choosing the appropriate name aids in attracting the appropriate worshippers, which is something I must consider in my quest to register my church in Nigeria.

Here, you must complete a form and submit it to the CAC, along with a list of optional church names. The CAC will then conduct a search to determine whether the Name selected is available.

2. Obtain an application form that includes a memorandum for application guidance: A notice is then published in the national daily, one of which must be a newspaper with a large distribution in the area in which the church will be located. Once you’ve completed the registration process, investigate strategies to raise funds to expand and invest in your church with the assistance of various companies such as

3. Other CAC requirements: Submission of a properly completed application form in triplicate, together with the following:

  • A formal letter of application letter
  • The original newspaper publications
  • Two constitutions of the Church
  • The minutes of the meeting at which the trustees were appointed, as well as a list of members present and absent, shall be signed by both the Chairman and the Secretary of the Board.
  • Minutes of the meeting at which the special clause rules were incorporated into the organization’s constitution, signed by the Secretary and Chairman as well.

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  • 2 Trustees’ passport-sized pictures (Applicants)
  • Trustees’ signatures appear beside their names on the application form (attached), along with their permanent dwelling addresses.
  • An impression on page 11 of the document serves as a common seal for the Church Draft of 20,000 Naira in favor of CAC, payable in Abuja.
  • Two duplicates of the application

The Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Trustees should then sign the application form.

However, this article has been helpful with a detailed explanation of how to obtain a Church Registration in Nigeria.

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