How to Make Money on BIGO LIVE

How to Make Money on BIGO LIVE: The majority of individuals download BIGO LIVE and use it to watch live streaming videos and meet new people, but some people use it for other purposes. Some people, on the other hand, utilize it to demonstrate their abilities and earn money.

Earning money online may appear to be simple, but it is not, and this is true for Bigo Live as well. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know in order to be able to make money with Bigo Live. Consider the following scenarios for earning money with Bigo Live, as well as how to cash in cool money on the app.

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Bigolive is a live streaming application where you may display any ability in exchange for a reasonable sum of money. Allow me to go over everything in detail. To begin, go to your device’s play store and download this application.

After that, you may begin the registration procedure. You will be required to provide your Google account in order to register. Fill up the blanks with your email address and password. The homepage of the app will then be shown by the app.

You may watch any live streaming by selecting the live broadcaster from the drop-down menu. Also available is the ability to create a live stream and post any interesting video. The followers will shower you with gifts and beans. It is simple to send them to your pals by just clicking on the send button. You may also use them to transfer money from your bank account to another account. Its regular broadcasters and hosts are generating millions of dollars each year by employing these easy strategies.

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How to Make Money on BIGO LIVE

In this article, we will be discussing the various methods that can help you to make money on BIGO live.

Earn Money on Bigo live by Creating an Attractive Profile

The first thing to do if you are considering of making money on bigo live is to create an attractive profile. An attractive profile will definitely determine how the viewers will see you and that the reason you will need a very good profile picture which will give a lasting impression from any of your viewers. You should put up a significant amount of work in order to develop an appealing profile image.

To begin, you need to have a high-definition camera that is of great quality to use for your photography. Never use a photograph of a celebrity or any other fictional figure as your profile picture.

It has the potential to distract the attention of spectators. Take a clean shot of your face, as well as the upper body portion of your body. Your face should be free of superfluous makeup, and you should dress in a distinctive way.

Don’t use any filters on your photos; keep them as authentic as possible. Take the photograph in your natural position or in a pose that you believe is appropriate for you.

Maintain a visually appealing and stylish backdrop for your profile photo. Decorate the background with several wallpapers that are appropriate for your artistic abilities.

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Earn Money from BIGO LIVE by working as a host or recruiter

One way you can earn money on Bigo Live is by working as a host. Yes, you might be doing a corporate 9-to-5 job and you’re not well paid and satisfied with your job. With the help of Bigo Live, you have an amazing opportunity to earn money by displaying your skills to a worldwide audience, all via the use of social media. If you’re an artist that likes to perform, show off your talents, do comedy, make people laugh, and enjoy engaging with people via your talent, Bigo Live is the right place for you.

As a Bigo Live host or recruiter, you may earn money from your efforts. The host will do mobile live broadcasts, and if he or she meets the monthly objective, the host will be compensated. Content, following, and the amount of time spent broadcasting are all elements that influence pay. Bigo Live broadcasters have been reported to make as much as $5,000 per month in some parts of the world. In order to work as a recruiter, you may recruit hosts and earn a good percentage of their sales.

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Earn Money from BIGO LIVE by exchanging virtual gifts

Another approach to getting money is to cash in on the virtual gifts that you have received. If you are a popular streamer, your fans will send you virtual presents in exchange for your services. So, stock up on these presents that can be changed into “beans” as soon as they are received. The more popular you are, the more money you will make from selling beans. Finally, these beans may be redeemed for actual money, which is sent into your bank account through the app. The current “bean” exchange rate is 210 beans for every $1 in the United States. Learn how to pay out beans on BIGO LIVE by watching this video. Always be sure to showcase some of your abilities, as this will ensure that you have a large number of viewers, which is quite crucial if you want to make money.

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Earn Money on BIGO LIVE by increasing your number of followers

So far, we’ve spoken about how to make money from BIGO LIVE. Now it’s time to talk about how to make money from BIGO LIVE. In addition, you may have discovered that having followers is essential to making money. Then how do you increase the number of people who follow you? These hints and suggestions mentioned below may be of use to you.

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Earn Money on Bigo live by Maintaining a regular presence on the internet.

If you want to make money on bigo live and receive gift, you must remain and be very active for a period of time longer than a few minutes. Lots of new broadcasters are going live 5–10 times for barely 1-3 minutes each, which is a waste of time. With your broadcasts appearing and disappearing every few minutes, how are viewers and future bosses expected to locate you?

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Earn Money on BIGO live by Demonstrating Something Extraordinary

Make a point of doing something unusual that will distinguish you from other streams. People are always receptive to trying something new, and your live stream will begin to attract more viewers as time goes on. When you wish to make millions rapidly from this platform, this is an absolutely critical task for you to complete. In the current age of social media, when hundreds of social media applications are available, it is difficult to distinguish between them.

You may do this by doing something that is distinct from what others are doing. You need to come up with something unique and fascinating to sell. People are tired of the same content on all of the social media applications, which makes it difficult to gain followers and fans with ordinary stuff. Recognize your inherent abilities first, and then determine what you want to accomplish with them. Usually, individuals enjoy watching daring films or videos that attempt to impart information and wisdom. Consider taking an adventure excursion via a historic site or across some steep terrain.

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Earn Money on Bigo live by Concentrating on the audience rather than the gifts

An explanation for why viewers contribute presents may be found in the next section. A diamond-related reason was left out of the list: “the announcer kept begging for diamonds.” Don’t be in a hurry to receive presents. Communicate with your audience. Respond to their inquiries (the appropriate ones). Inquire about their answers. When you engage your audience, they are more likely to want to help you.

Interaction makes your live stream more fascinating, and viewers are more likely to stay on your broadcast for longer periods of time. When you are merely speaking, no matter how helpful the material is, the audience will become bored with your monologue. To communicate with them, introduce yourself and begin Livestreaming with some light conversation with the audience if you choose. It also adds to the enjoyment of the Livestream.

People that watch your videos on a regular basis are really interested in getting to know you. Connect with them on a personal level and establish a long-lasting friendship with them. At the conclusion of the live webcast, you can participate in a question and answer session.

In this way, the viewers are encouraged to interact with you, as well as with the other viewers. It will make for an entertaining live conversation, and your popularity will rise as a result. Consequently, more people will become acquainted with you and fans of this show. More admirers equate to more beans, which in turn equates to more money in your account.

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Earn Money on Bigo live by Using a high-quality mobile phone

One way you can get the attention of your followers on Bigo Live is by using a very good smartphone. It is important to confirm that you are utilizing a high-quality telephone device because this will determine the quality of your videos. If the quality of your live video is poor, you should expect a decrease in the number of followers. Aside from that, pay close attention to the audio quality, particularly if you are streaming music.

You must have outstanding video quality when you publish something or when you do live streaming activities. People aren’t interested in viewing grainy movies or live streaming with poor audio quality, and neither are you. In order to participate in a live chat or stream, you’ll need a decent camera with high quality as well as a microphone.

When you produce something of high quality, and the visual quality is excellent, it raises the attention of viewers in your films. They become followers and return to your profile on a frequent basis. Your pals can assist you in creating some high-quality videos for this site. You should also have some photography and videography abilities in order to add a touch of beauty to your films. Choosing a mobile phone with a camera with a large number of pixels is recommended when using this software on mobile phones

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Earn Money on Bigo live by Uploading Videos on a regular basis

If you want to get more followers and increase the consistency of your work, you must post consistently, regardless of the type of material you are offering. You should post one video every day if you are uploading videos that are relevant to any subject or topic. When you are able to, try to upload at least two movies every day if possible.

Those that broadcast or live stream should do it at least once a day or three times a week. Make an effort to educate your fans ahead of time about the time and date of the broadcast and upload of videos. You should be connected to the internet roughly 10 minutes before the show begins. It will help to develop the proper picture in the minds of your fans. Make the broadcast and live stream as long as possible since it gives more and more viewers the opportunity to become interested.

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Earn Money on Bigo live by Helping out your fellow broadcasters

Find other successful broadcasters that you admire and begin following them on social media. Participate in their broadcasts in a proactive manner. Learn more about them. When you go live, some of them will follow you back and reciprocate your affection.

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Earn Money on Bigo live by Planning your broadcast and publicize it as much as possible

The greater the number of viewers you can bring on board ahead of time, the better. If you’ve got some great information to offer the world, be sure to let people know when they can look forward to it. Furthermore, you can distribute advertising content through your social media sites.


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