How to find your recently watched TikTok videos

How to find your recently watched TikTok videos: The regret of mistakenly reloading a wonderful TikTok on your For You page and permanently losing it is so common—and visceral—that the experience has become a kind of a joke. However, you do not have to suffer through this tragedy: you may access previously viewed films directly within the app.


Regrettably, the tool that will save you is not a “recently visited” page or a browsing history-style list, but rather a search option is hidden within TikTok’s settings. It’s past time you figured out how to locate it.

Find your recently watched TikTok videos

Due to the fact that resurfacing recently viewed videos is related to search, you’ll need enough information about the clip you lost to type it into the search bar. And if you have no recollection of anything, you are probably not missing anything.

To begin, tap the magnifying glass-shaped search button in the top right corner of your screen. Then enter the pertinent terms and click Search. Then, to the right of the search bar, tap the filters symbol (two lines with circles), toggle the Watched videos toggle switch to the top, and hit Apply. This will refocus your search results on videos you’ve viewed in the last seven days.

For instance, I searched “find recent video” in order to locate the video from content strategist and TikTok tip-giver @lateilla that first alerted me to the possibility and prompted me to dive deeper into the app’s search function. Although the December 21 footage was not included in my unfiltered results, it appeared rather fast once I applied the filter.

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One thing I observed was that there were definitely videos in my filtered results that I had not watched. However, TikTok’s that surfaced in recent searches and auto-played as thumbnails as I scrolled through the results, so it’s possible the app counts those as well.

Additional TikTok search tips

The primary search results page, regardless of whether it is filtered or not, is crammed with content. You can utilize these tabs and suggestions to further refine your search, or you can simply lose yourself in the TikTok abyss and hope your algorithm does not take a fatal hit. Personally, I’m going to spend the next week telling TikTok jokes. I’m not interested in those films in which people splash milk all over the counter while “making coffee,” as I was researching “coffee TikTok” for this topic. (To do so, hit the share button (a curved arrow) on any video and then select Not interested.)


Across the top of the results page, you’ll notice built-in filters that reveal only the most popular posts, people, videos, noises, live accounts, and hashtags connected to your search. Additionally, if you scroll down a little, you’ll get ideas for what other people searched for.


Within the less-obvious filtering section where you found the “watched videos” toggle switch, you can also narrow your search to videos you’ve liked, find only those uploaded within a specified time period and sort by either relevance or number of likes. Additionally, this is where TikTok allows you to send feedback on any issues you may have encountered with their search tool. Perhaps if enough of us use that form to request an easily-accessible list of our most recently viewed videos, TikTok will implement it. We can fantasize.

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