How to do Change of Name in Nigeria

How to do Change of Name in Nigeria:  TO BEGIN WITH, WHY DO PERSONS CHANGE THEIR NAMES?

There are numerous reasons why people in Nigeria alter their names. Often, it is for marital reasons.

For instance, a woman who marries and chooses to adopt her husband’s surname. Additional reasons include the following:

  • Divorce: When a person chooses to revert to his/her pre-marriage name.
  • Correction of the bank’s name
  • Adoption of children
  • When the name on the foreign passport or identity card does not match the individual’s current name.

As a Nigerian, you have the legal right to change your name as long as you are over the legal age of maturity in Nigeria, which is 18.

How to do Change of Name in Nigeria

However, several caveats apply to the ability to change one’s name:

You cannot lawfully change your name if you are doing it to avoid debt or committing a crime.

Additionally, you are not permitted to alter your name if you discover that the aim is to deceive the public or commit a crime.

To alter one’s name in Nigeria, one must be an adult. Without the consent of his or her parent or guardian, a kid (minor) cannot legally alter their name. The child’s parent/guardian completes the form for name change.

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Certain types of names are not permitted when applying for a change of name in Nigeria. These are scary, regarded offensive, tribalistic, or vulgar names.


The procedure for officially changing one’s name in Nigeria is straightforward. The following are the methods to legally alter your name in Nigeria.

swear an affidavit In court

Affidavit is the term used to refer to a document that comprises a sworn statement made under oath and affirmed before a court-appointed authority.

Notify the public about the name change via a national newspaper.

Arrange for the publication of your new name in at least one nationally recognized newspaper. This is to inform the general public that you have changed your name officially.

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Following that, your name will be published in Nigeria’s official gazette. This is accomplished by submitting an application to the Civil Registry’s paperwork Department of Publication. Inquire about having your new name published in Nigeria’s official gazette. This will cost you approximately N5000 or more. When submitting your application to have your names published, you need include the following documents:

  • The notarized affidavit (this must not be less than a year old)
  • A portion of a newspaper advertisement for a name change (this must not be less than a year old)
  • The publication of a declaration or advertisement in the official gazette
  • Two pictures of passport size
  • Proposal for publication fees
  • A letter of certification from a responsible individual
  • A public proclamation announcing the name change

When an individual is under the age of 18, the parents must complete a name change form.

  • After completing these steps, notify all necessary individuals and authorities of your name change. Ascertain that your new name is represented on all necessary documents.

The final stage in the process of changing your name is to apply for new official documents with your new name on them. This can be done only once the name change has been published in Nigeria’s official gazette. Bear in mind that the application materials for the new documents must include a copy of the official gazette. After successfully changing your name in Nigeria, ensure that you update your name on all of your personal documents. If you currently work for a corporation, you should also notify your existing employer.

You should notify your employers so that they can update personnel records and other critical information, such as tax records. Additionally, you should notify all government entities with which you do business, such as the Water Corporation and the Power Holding Company. If you are a student, you may also wish to inform the school officials.

  • Request a new national identification card bearing your new name.
  • Submit an application for a new driver’s license to the Federal Highway Safety Administration.
  • Request replacement business cards, debit cards, checks, and other documents that include your name.
  • Additionally, your change of name should be reflected with your voter registration office and local government.

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  • Apply for passport amendments and validations. Complete the application and submit it to the local passport bureau. Attach a copy of your most recent passport and official papers establishing your new names, such as an affidavit or a certified marriage certificate.


Your international passport is another critical location where your change of name should be reflected. Take the following steps:

  • Apply at any Nigerian Immigration Service passport office.
  • Submit a written request for name change to the Controller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service.
  • Ensure that you include justifications for your name change in your application.
  • Include the affidavit of name change that you already signed.
  • Attach a valid identification card (such as a driver’s license) that is currently in use.
  • Pay non-refundable administrative fees online in order for your application to be processed.

The controller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service would approve it within a few days.

  • Submit your current passport when your application has been approved.
  • Submit an application to get your Nigerian international passport amended.
  • Please enclose two recent passport-sized pictures.
  • Pay the usual charge online.
  • Proceed with the acquisition of an image, a thumbprint, and an electronic signature.
  • Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll need to wait for your new passport to be issued in your new name.

This section discusses the numerous steps and procedures involved in changing one’s name in Nigeria.

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