How to Copy Text From a Protected Web Page

How to Copy Text From a Protected Web Page: It’s tough to ensure that the unique content you provide on your website isn’t distributed or used without your knowledge in this era of digital connectedness. To combat this type of copyright infringement, some websites include “protected” content. The term refers to websites that make it impossible to right-click text or to select on-page material for copying and pasting. If you need to copy text from a password-protected website, you must be inventive.

The Fundamentals of Protected Web Pages

When website publishers establish protected content, they are simply placing JavaScript code on their websites that prevents users from interacting with on-page text. For want of a better term, this JavaScript code is embedded in the website, which means that copy protections stay activated regardless of the browser or platform used to view it. You must overcome this particular restriction before you may copy text from a protected website.

Examining Methods for Enabling Copy and Paste

Perhaps the most efficient approach of resolving this issue is to disable JavaScript in your browser. This prevents the website from deploying this particular content-protection mechanism. To disable JavaScript in your browser, you must first navigate to the controls for your browser’s settings.

If you’re using the Safari browser, for example, the first step is to select Preferences from the Safari drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Select the Security tab in the Preferences window and then clear the check box next to Enable JavaScript.

If you’re using Firefox, put about:config into the top-of-the-screen URL bar. Firefox displays a warning message that you must accept before continuing with the process. When this is complete, a window will emerge displaying a comprehensive list of all active extensions in Firefox. Continue scrolling down until you reach the preference option javascript.enabled. To disable javascript in the browser, double-click this sentence.

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After disabling JavaScript, you should be able to bypass any protections on the page you are viewing.

When you’re finished copying, it’s a good idea to reactivate JavaScript, as several major websites will not work properly without it.

Identifying and Evaluating Alternative Methods

While you can download an allow-copy extension, you can also copy directly from the website’s code without downloading any browser add-ons.

If you can click and drag over text on a web page, right-click on the content you wish to copy. From there, select the menu item Inspect Element. A window displaying the precise content you picked as part of the website’s source code appears at this point. You should be able to copy and paste it into other documents as needed.

If you are unable to pick a specific batch of material owing to on-page restrictions, right-click anywhere on the page and choose View Page Source to view the page’s whole HTML code. Copy and paste from the desired content by scrolling through the code.

So far we have been able to answer the question “How to Copy Text From a Protected Web Page.“

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