How To Check and Verify Plate Number in Nigeria 2022

How to Check and Verify Plate Number in Nigeria 2022. This article’s information is very valuable for people who wish to verify their plate number in the country but are unsure how to do it.

The registration of plate numbers in Nigeria is highly crucial for new car owners who want to travel anywhere in the country without the authorities breathing down their necks.

Every new vehicle owner who wishes to register their plate numbers in the country must take care not to fall victim to fake/quack enlisting merchants who will not only defraud them of their money but also expose them to legal issues with the relevant traffic authorities.

So, if you don’t know how to go about it, you should ask individuals you trust to help you get your number plate registered through a reliable source.

Unverified or improperly confirmed plate numbers might get you in trouble with the traffic police and result in hefty fines.

As indicated previously in this article, you must conduct a number plate verification exercise for your new car before driving it on Nigerian roads, and failing to do so may result in the wrath of the Vehicle Inspection Service and other traffic authorities, including the Nigerian Police Force.

As you can see, driving around with an unverified plate number is risky. However, you can verify your plate number yourself by visiting the Federal Road Service Corps (FRSC) website or by SMS. Listed below are the steps to independently verify your new automobile plate number in Nigeria.

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What is the vehicle plate number?

A vehicle plate number can be regarded as an authorized legal identifier assigned to a car or vehicle and is often located on the rear of the vehicle


For a variety of reasons, this number is required, and it serves as a way of identifying in these instances. There may be instances of burglary, robbery, or even an accident in the workplace. It happens every now and then that the closest you can go to determining who owns the vehicle engaged in these instances is to identify its license plate owner by looking at their license plate number, which is displayed in a visible spot at the back and front of the car.

A vehicle’s license plate is an absolute must-have. You will be unable to operate on the country’s highways if you do not have it. The Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) always issues and allocates this legal document in all of the local government divisions of the agency.

There are a variety of methods for determining the legitimacy and identity of the owner of a motor plate number. This includes contacting the FRSC directly, sending an SMS, and logging into their online database, among other options. Regardless of the method you employ, as long as it provides you with accurate information, everything is OK. Because all of these avenues are linked directly to the Federal Highway Safety Administration (FHSA).

However, if you are aware of and understand how to check and verify a plate number in Nigeria, this is the most reliable method of authenticating the worthiness and the owner of the car

When it comes to a car plate number check, here is a guide on what to do.

1. Notify the nearest police station of your location

Provide specific and clear justifications for why you need to examine car details by number plate. Consider the following scenario: you are involved in a crime scene and you have memorized the license plate number of the perpetrator. Also, offer as many details as you can to the authorities since they will assist you in tracking down the evildoer as well as in tracking down other relevant information.

2. Obtain a document that is backed by court order in order to verify the license plate number.

This document, which you were given by the police, gives you the authority to search for a license plate number based on the owner’s name and vice versa. Persuading the FRSC to support this mission will be impossible unless and until this paper is produced.

3. Pay a visit to the Federal Road Safety Corps’s offices (FRSC)

When you arrive at the FRSC office, be sure to present all of your objectives, as well as any applicable police documentation, to the FRSC officers. You will also be required to give extra information in order to validate your statements. Make certain that you thoroughly compose what you are going to say as well as any linked documents.

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If the police are persuaded, they will export the information you require from the government’s database of transportation information, which would include vehicle type, owner’s name, ID card number, and so on. The address of the person who owns the license plate number will also be discovered. The police will be able to use this information to track down and apprehend the culprit.

Checking the FRSC plate number

If you want to look up license plate numbers in Nigeria, you can do so by going to the FRSC plate number check website.

  • Go to the FRSC plate number verification portal
  • Select the ‘Verify Number Plate’ option and insert the plate number you want to check.
  • Confirm you enter the correct plate number and submit by clicking on the button
  • After which the verification will be determined to be successful or failed. If you enter the correct number, your verification should be successful.

How To Check and Verify Plate Numbers in Nigeria via SMS

Apart from checking your plate number online, you can also do the verification via SMS by performing the following steps.

  • Send ‘VerifyPlateNo’ with a space between it and the plate number you want to check to 33324.  For instance, if your plate number is  GFR342BB, you can send ‘VerifyPlateNo GFR342BB’ to 33324
  • And you will receive a message stating whether your verification is successful or not. If successful, details about the plate number registration and the owner will be provided.

How to check the plate number in Lagos

If you require additional information about the target car that goes beyond the car model identified by the license plate, you can contact the Lagos Motor Vehicle Administration Agency. It performs far better in this area.

The procedure is as below:

  • Login
  • Launch the plate number (only letters and numbers without spaces are allowed)
  • Click onto “Search”

Important registration information such as the automobile model, its color, the chassis number, the vehicle’s condition, and the date of issue of the number plate can be obtained.

What is the VIN number and where can I find it?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) can be found on the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car. One of the most straightforward ways to see it is to stand outside the vehicle on the driver’s side and peer over the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield. If you are unable to locate the VIN on the doorpost, open the driver’s side door and look at the door post (where the door latches when it is closed). It is likely that the vehicle identification number (VIN) will be displayed in this position as well.


The plate number is a very important asset that must be respected in order to avoid trouble on the road. To be on the safe side, you should make certain that you have legal ownership or authority over the car.

In case you have carefully read this article, you should be aware that we have discussed the methods by which you may verify a plate number in Nigeria, as well as the ways by which you can check vehicle number plate information, as well as information on the owner and registration.

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