How to change your WhatsApp number without deleting your chats

How to change your WhatsApp number without deleting your chats: As is well known, WhatsApp is linked to our phone number, which imposes constraints on users who wish to use the messaging software on two different devices or who wish to have two accounts on the same terminal. While these are more rare circumstances, the desire to change the phone number is relatively common.

Installing the messaging app connected with a new number now results in the deletion of all chats and messages with the prior number. If you’d rather avoid this, here’s how to change your WhatsApp number without losing all your chats.

How to change your WhatsApp number without deleting your chats

Due to the fact that many individuals deal with this issue on a daily basis, the application decided long ago to integrate this feature to make it much easier for users to change numbers without losing their messages. As a result, we must use this function prior to authenticating the new phone number on our mobile phone in order to avoid losing all of our conversations.

Important before updating your WhatsApp number

This function migrates our account’s settings, groups, and information to the account associated with the new phone number. Additionally, it deletes the account connected with our former phone number, ensuring that our contacts no longer see it in their phonebook.

Therefore, when we are ready to proceed with the WhatsApp number change, it is best to tell all our contacts of the change. This manner, people may add the new number to their phonebook. The only contacts who will be automatically alerted of said change are those who are members of our groups.

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To change our WhatsApp number without losing our account or chats, it is critical that we use this function, that we do not verify our account on the phone as if it were a new installation, that we use the same terminal, and that we verify that the phone can receive SMS, make calls, and has an Internet connection, as well as that the old phone number is currently associated with the messaging app on our device. We may verify the latter if we open the application, tap the menu button to access Adjustments, and then touch our profile photo. If everything checks out correctly, we can now update the WhatsApp number.

The steps to take in order to alter your WhatsApp number

As in other instances, the fact that we are using an iOS or Android smartphone can cause specific options within the messaging program to change, be renamed, or be structured differently. In either case, we’ll demonstrate how to modify the WhatsApp number in both situations to ensure that nobody encounters any issues.


  • We introduce the SIM card with the new phone number.
  • We launch the messaging application.
  • If we have not already done so, we verify that the old phone number is still associated with WhatsApp.
  • We tap on the menu button from the main screen.
  • We navigated to Settings>Account.
  • We select the Change number option and click on the Following button.
  • Now we must specify the previous phone number and then the new one.
  • We discuss Following.
    In the next step, we’ll pick whether or not to notify our contacts about the change of WhatsApp number, indicating whether we want to notify Everyone, those with whom we’ve had a chat, or those with whom we’ve had a chat in a more tailored manner. If we choose this last option, we will need to check our contacts for those individuals whom we wish to tell of our phone number change and who may therefore identify us. To accomplish this, we will need to mark each contact individually.
  • We touch on acceptable.
  • We complete the process by verifying our new phone number.

From that point forward, we’ll have the messaging app available to communicate with our contacts in the same way we did prior to changing the WhatsApp number, with the same account information, recovered chats and groups, and so on.


The procedure for changing phone numbers on iOS is very similar to that described above for Android devices. All that remains is for us to:

  • We launch the SIM card with the new number.
  • We launch the application.
  • If we have not already done so, we verify that the old phone number is still associated with WhatsApp.
  • We tap on the button setting from the main screen.
  • We begin by entering the option bill.
  • We select Change number and then click Next.
  • Now, we’ll need to specify the old WhatsApp number and the new one. Both are presented in an international format.

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  • After clicking Next, we can select who we want to notify about our phone number change: all contacts, those with whom I had an open chat, or a custom list of contacts with whom I want to communicate the change of WhatsApp number.
  • Select okay.
  • We tap Yes to confirm the accuracy of our phone number.
  • We check and complete the process by verifying the new number.

Now, we can continue to use the messaging app with our new phone number, and we will have access to all of the information associated with our account, as well as the chats and groups we had open and their messages associated with the old phone number.

Notify your contacts of the change.

When we decide to change our WhatsApp number, the first thing we must do is notify our contacts of the new number so they can identify us from that point forward. As mentioned in the procedures to follow to complete the transition without losing our chats or account information, this allows us to select who we want to tell of the change during the process.

Now, we may not have selected the option to tell WhatsApp of the phone change during the procedure and wish to do it afterwards, or we may have changed our minds and wish to notify all our contacts, for example.

We have numerous possibilities in this scenario, but the best will be to construct a broadcast list. This list will allow us to store all of our contacts, as well as those that we did not pick throughout the process of changing our phone number in the app. To accomplish this, we open the messaging app, hit the menu button, and then select the option for New broadcast.

We choose all of the contacts on WhatsApp that we wish to notify about the change of number, and the chat page appears. We compose the message we wish to send, identifying ourselves and indicating that this is our new phone number, and then click submit, just as we would with any other message. As is the case when we utilize a group, all contacts added to the broadcast list will automatically receive news of the change without knowing who else we sent it to. Additionally, if someone replies to that message, they will do it anonymously; no one else will see it.

So far we have been able to see How to change your WhatsApp number without deleting your chats. Hope this article is helpful?

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