How to Apply For Prepaid Meter Online Ikeja Electric 2022

How to Apply For Prepaid Meter Online Ikeja Electric 2022: One major challenge Nigeria as a country is facing is a constant supply of electricity and many Nigerians are not satisfied with the outrageous bills being given to them from electricity companies. As a result of this, a lot of people have been yelling to the government for several years to give them a prepaid meter which can accurately measure all their consumptions.

With all efforts made to close out the metering gap in the country, the federal government, through the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) came up with the Meter Asset Providers (MAPs). The Aim of the MAP new initiatives was to eradicate estimated billing practices in Nigeria, Attract private investment to the provision of metering services, and also to Close to the metering gap within the country. With the initiatives of MAP, third-party companies licensed by the government are to provide meters to customers of electricity distribution companies in Nigeria

One of the leading electricity distribution companies in Nigeria is Ikeja Electric who embraced the MAP Scheme to serve its customers better and more efficiently. In this article, I will explain the steps by step guide on how you can apply for prepaid meter under Ikeja Electric Network in 2022.

How to Apply For Prepaid Meter Online Ikeja Electric 2022

There are two ways you can apply for prepaid meter in 2022. We have  two methods of application which is the National Mass Metering Program (NMMP) and the Meter Asset Providers (MAP).

As for the NMMP, customers are not expected to make any payment where as customers applying through the MAP scheme will have to pay for the cost of the meter.

Now you can get metered through the Meter Asset Provider Scheme or the National Mass metering Program. And each option requires that you have a profile with complete registration.

Kindly visit or to get started.

How do I get metered through NMMP?

  • Separate your account if you require more than one meter.
  • Visit to complete your KYC.Get your Application Reference Number (ARN)
  • Separate your load accordingly with your local electrician.
  • You will be contacted when the free meters are available.

How do I get metered through MAP?

  • Separate your account if you require more than one meter
  • Compete your KYC and apply for meter on and get your ARN.
  • For customers who already had ARN But which to pay for MAP. kindly visit to revalidate your request
  • A survey of your premises will be carried out to determine your meter type
  • Separate your load accordingly with your local electrician based on survey.
  • Upon approval, a payment reference will be sent to you via SMS or email. Please note that the reference code is mandatory to make payment for meter.
  • Only reference code issued by Ikeja Electric is valid for this transaction.
  • Meter will be installed within 10 days after payment is confirmed.



KYC also is known as Know Your Customer is a mandatory aspect of getting a prepaid meter anywhere in Nigeria because all distribution companies will need accurate information for their customers.

Before you can apply on the map portal for a prepaid meter, you must have a Valid CIS Account Number. Your CIS account number is a 10 digit number usually on the customer details section on your bill. What that implies that you must have a bill coming to your house before you can apply for a prepaid meter via MAP.

What if I don’t have a bill, What Should I do?

if you don’t have any existing bill maybe it’s a new house that has not been connected to supply before, you can visit the nearest electricity office to your house or talk to the marketer in charge of your area and a bill with a valid CIS account number will be generated for you.

The Next Step is to log in to the Ikeja electric MAP portal At the login page, you will come across two different sections. The first section is for returning customers while the other section is for a new login. The returning customers are customers that have already started the process but are yet to complete the process while the new login section is for customers that are about to start the application freshly.

MAP ikeja electric registration form
MAP Ikeja Electric Registration Form

For the new login, you will be required to enter your account number after which you click on the search icon. The search icon will direct you to the first phase of the application process. The KYC process is in 5 stages


In the first phase, you will be required to create a security key. You will be required to input your telephone number, a valid email address, and a strong password you can always remember at any point in time you want to log in again.


When updating your records, it’s important you carefully fill in all your details which will include your full name, your residential address, functional email address, mobile number, Date of Birth, valid means of identification, BVN which is not mandatory and you will be required to upload a clear picture of your passport photograph and your national ID card.


In this section, you will have to agree on how you want to pay the outstanding on your bill. If you don’t agree with the debt on your bill, you will be advised to visit a location specified for debt dispute resolution.

If you making full payment, you will get a 15% discount on your current outstandings.

If you select three installment payments, you will get a 10% discount on your third payment but as for part payment, no discount is available but you will be allowed to spread the outstanding over some time. The two payment option is either you pay online or via bank.


This is the point you have to cross-check all your detail and be sure you have not made any typographical error.


At the end of your KYC Registration, you will come across a summary of all the information you have entered. kindly cross-check to ensure all information is correct.

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Note: Remember to quote your payment reference number as part of your payment details to enable prompt payment confirmation. Once your payment is made, log in with your security details and upload your payment details for confirmation. If your confirmation has been completed, you will receive an approval email regarding your account but if for any reason your confirmation is not complete, you will also receive an email stating reasons why it’s not confirmed and you will have to fill in the necessary information and you re-submit.


Once your KYC form has been completed, you will be scheduled for a survey. During the Survey, MAP staff will investigate to confirm the type of meter that can work appropriately for your house. Immediately your survey has been approved, you will be invoiced accordingly stating the meter type, amount, and bank account to make payment to.


Do not pay to any staff of Ikeja electric. You are only required to make payment to the account number advised on your invoice and your meter will be installed after 10 working days your payment has been confirmed but in some cases, it might take up to one month. Always remember to put your ARN reference number when making payments.


After following this process highlighted above, the meter installer will come for installation. Kindly grant access to a staff of Ikeja electric/MAP installers coming for installation after identifying himself properly with a valid means of identification. Once your meter has been installed a 40 digit activation token will be sent to your phone 48 hours after the installation. You must input the activation token when there is supply at your residence and you will see a message showing that your activation was successful. After this, you can go to a nearby electricity vendor to make your first recharge on your meter.

In Conclusion, we have been able to provide you all the information you need on how to apply for a prepaid meter under Ikeja Electric in 2022

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