How to add a second monitor in Windows 11

How to add a second monitor in Windows 11: Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system supports multiple screens connected to the computer as long as the GPU is capable. The Windows operating system often recognizes a newly connected monitor automatically, and you can begin using it immediately after connecting it in.

While connecting a single monitor to a computer is still the norm, there are numerous instances where having multiple monitors or displays attached to the computer makes it significantly easier for users to perform their tasks. It’s useful when numerous windows need to be open on the system, and with a multi-monitor arrangement, this can be accomplished without switching between the windows.

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If the plug-and-play setup for additional displays does not work properly on your Windows 11 computer, here is a step-by-step guide on how to manually identify and alter the settings for other connected displays on the computer.

How to add a monitor to Windows 11

Step 1: On your Windows 11 PC, open the Settings application.

Step 2: From the left-side pane of the Settings app, select “System.”

Step 3: On the right-side pane of System Settings, click the “Display” tab.

Step 4: The PC should have identified connected displays and shown the desktop automatically on the Display settings page.

Step 5: If the monitors are not visible, expand the “Multiple displays” tile and then click the “Detect” button within the “Detect other displays” option.

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That is all there is to it. After discovering or detecting additional displays connected to the computer, navigate to the top of the Display settings page to make changes to the settings for each display or monitor connected to the computer.

So far we have been able to explain in detail How to add a second monitor in Windows 11.

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