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How much does Spotify pay per stream?

How much does Spotify pay per stream?Several downloaded streaming platforms (also known as DSPs) have evolved over the previous decade, including Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Pandora. Spotify, in particular, has established itself as a streaming behemoth.

However, how are musicians doing? For all the benefits Spotify provides to listeners, they are not particularly generous when it comes to artist compensation. Additionally, they are opaque about how much artists should expect to earn per stream.

Numerous factors influence the amount of money you’ll earn each stream on Spotify, including the location of your listeners, whether they have a premium account, and the type of distribution deal you have.

Here’s everything you should know about Spotify’s payment system.

You might be curious and have asked How much does Spotify pay per stream? well don’t panic because we are here to put through


Paid subscriptions have supplanted album sales, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). And, as if physical sales weren’t already hurting, the RIAA revealed that the epidemic reduced physical product revenue by 23%. With that source of money dwindling and the industry-wide suspension of live events, artists’ reliance on music streaming revenue has grown even more important.

Despite this, Insider discovered that Spotify paid artists as little as $.0033 per stream, while other sites reported payments of up to $.0054. To make a dollar, you’ll need approximately 250 streams.

“This is why rappers get money through merchandising, endorsements, and features,” Brandon Pain, a 27-year-old rap musician located in New Jersey, told Insider.

This was not always the case – Spotify’s royalty prices have fluctuated over time. They paid an average of $.00521 in 2014, but the average cost plummeted to $.00437 two years later. By 2017, according to artist-rights website The Trichordist, the average pay rate had been lowered again to around $.00397.

Royalties are the fees an artist receives from streamed content. Spotify royalties are deducted from the net revenue generated by advertisements and Premium subscription prices.

Artists are compensated on a monthly basis. When Spotify compensates artists, they calculate the amount of streams for each artist’s song and determine who owns and distributes each song. To begin, the rights holders are compensated. Following that, the distributor is compensated (this may be the same as the rights holder in some cases). Finally, you are compensated.

“Each DSP has a different payout, and it is up to your distribution firm to ensure you receive the correct dividend. They assist you in setting up your account and coach you through the royalty payment procedure “Pain was expressed.

Independent artists and managers frequently upload their music to Spotify using distribution platforms such as Tunecore or Distrokid. Major label artists undergo an in-house process.

“With the addition of additional distribution channels, that segment of the industry is beginning to scale. That is, the cost is beginning to decline “Sharlea Brookes-Keyes, Vintage Lee’s manager in Boston, agreed. “Tunecore pays 100% royalties [meaning they take no cut of your streaming money], however there is an annual fee of $50 for an album and $10 for a song.”

How to get more money each Spotify stream

In 2017, Digital Media Finland conducted a study on the pro-rata billing method utilized by Finnish Spotify Premium members. This mechanism compensates copyright holders based on how their streams compare to popular songs over a specified period of time.

The more successful an artist is, the more their music is streamed, which means they earn more money. Thus, for artists to earn more money, they require other streams.

Numerous artists have discovered that the most certainfire approach to create a fanbase is to release music consistently and frequently. While releasing a new epic opus each year is admirable, an erratic release schedule results in a limited pool of listeners.

However, other things can also affect how much a musician earns.

Not all listeners are created equal. Premium subscribers pay more per stream than Free subscribers. Additionally, the pay-per-stream fee varies by nation of origin; for example, according to music distributor iGroove, listeners in the United States pay $0.0035 per stream, whereas Italian listeners pay $0.0019.

Additionally, the role of Spotify’s 4 billion playlists should not be underestimated. “Fame and inclusion on their editorial playlists are two critical elements,” manager Brookes-Keyes explained. “[Vintage Lee’s] song was already popular in the streets and performing well, but when ‘NBA 2k18’ was released [and her song was added to the official playlist], her streams grew and have remained steady.”

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Tuma Basa’s RapCaviar is one of the most popular editorial playlists. His smart curation has aided in the promotion of musicians and highlighted underground music, with Vulture naming it “music’s most influential playlist.”

If musicians are featured on lesser playlists such as Mellow Favorites, there is still a chance for them to be featured on a larger, more well-known playlist such as Chill R&B. Once an artist is added to a more noteworthy playlist, the likelihood of them gaining more followers and streams improves.

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Spotify also launched a playlist submission feature in 2018. The function allows musicians to submit unreleased music to Spotify in exchange for a chance to have it added to a playlist as soon as it becomes available.

Once an artist selects and submits a track, they can customize the song’s settings based on mood, style, genre, and type of recording. This information assists Spotify in determining which editorial and algorithmic playlists your music should be included in and how to best promote the tune to new fans.

So far we have been able to answer the question How much does Spotify pay per stream? If you are an artist and you want to use Spotify, you can get started via this link below


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