How fraudsters among POS Agents can use your ATM without OTP or PIN to Withdraw money from your bank accounts -Man shares

A Nigerian man has unconcealed the means that during which fraudsters movement as POS Agents withdraw directly from their shopper’s account.

The emergence of POS agents is one of the simplest initiatives in recent times because it decentralizes cash distribution from sole monetary establishments to people with very little or no education. however, there area unit a continuously dangerous eggs UN agency would make the most at any slight chance.

Below is an eye fixed gap scan of however these evil penetrators rob unobserving Nigerians of their hard-earned cash. Not each deduction on your account comes from the bank.

How Fraudsters Among POS Agent will use your ATM while not OTP to Withdraw cash from your Accounts

A friend who’s a mobile cash agent that operates different banks POS gave this data. ????

A lot of shoppers continuously run to my workplace once they’ve been defrauded in a method or the opposite. I facilitate individuals in work dispense error and fraud complains to banks on their behalf,

from there I even have gained tons of expertise regarding totally different strategies that fraudsters use to withdraw cash from people’s accounts.

Today, I allow you to skills fraudsters among POS agents who will withdraw cash from your checking account exploitation your ATM with none OTP pins. Some POS Agent area unit fraudsters and a few still sell your bank details to fraudsters.

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Here area unit the strategies they use.

1. After you get to a fraudsters POS agent. He can tell you there’s no Network on his POS.

2. He can raise you to let him use his phone to withdraw cash for you exploitation on-line pocketbook (Quickteller, Opay, WalletNg, etc)

3. He can collect your card to input your card details into his pocketbook to feature your card. Below area unit details of your card, he can input.

Interface for WalletNg

Interface for Quickteller pocketbook funding

Interface for Opay pocketbook funding

4. When inputting your card details as well as your CVV, ATM card range, ATM end date, Your Date of Birth. He can save your card details.

5. When the dealings are prosperous, money|the money} can enter his pocketbook and he’ll offer you the cash and come to your card.

6. Initial dealings on a card, the bank can send associate OTP to your phone to authorize the payment.

7. After you become his loyal client, he is exploiting the App to withdraw cash from your account.

8. When many withdrawal on your card from the app. The app can recognize your card as a certified cardholder anytime he needs to withdraw cash and it’ll not send OTP to your phone once more.

9. Then, he can begin retreating tiny amounts of cash from your account like N100 for you to stay thinking it’s from your bank.

10. That’s why many of us continuously see debit alert of tiny amounts they can’t claim at the bank on their account.

Imagine if he will that for twenty customers per day that’s N100 twenty = N2000 on his pocketbook per day.

Please, don’t permit any POS agent to withdraw your cash exploitation his phone, if there’s no network on POS, wait until there’s network or kindly head to bank to withdraw your cash

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