How Can I Send Money from Angola to Nigeria?

How Can I Send Money from Angola to Nigeria?You may require money transfers from Angola to Nigeria for a variety of reasons, from business to support for family members and loved ones. Banks and international money transfer services facilitate the transfer of funds from one region of the world to another. This article will teach you how to send money to Nigeria from Angola conveniently.

How Can I Transfer Money Between Angola and Nigeria?

Several methods exist for sending money from Angola to Nigeria:


Western Union makes it simple to send money to Nigeria from Angola. Western Union offers three methods of money transfer: Cash Pickup, Bank Account, and Mobile Money. If you wish to send money directly to the bank account of a recipient in Nigeria, you must follow the steps detailed below.

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Visit one of the several Western Union agent locations in your area. You’d need to fill out the Send Money form. The recipient’s name, bank account number, the reason for the remittance, and mobile number are all essential fields on the Send Money form. After completing the form, you must present it to the agent together with the necessary monies, which include the money to be sent and the transaction fee. At the agent’s location, you will receive a receipt and tracking number (MTCN). The money would be put in the recipient’s eligible account in Nigeria within three days. To receive funds from Western Union, your recipient must have a Nigerian domiciliary account.

If you need to send money to loved ones in Nigeria via the Cash pickup option, you must first locate the nearest Western Union agent location in your neighborhood. You would need to fill out a Send Money form. You must include the recipient’s name, address, cell phone number, and email address in the Send Money form. After completing the form, you must submit it to the agent along with the required cash, including transaction fees. After that, you will receive a receipt and a tracking number MTCN. This MTCN must be communicated to the recipient because it is required for pickup in Nigeria. The recipient must visit any Western Union agent location in Nigeria with the tracking number MTCN and a government-issued form of identification to receive the funds.


Rapidtransfer is a service offered by Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI) that enables easy money transfers across African nations covered by the financial institution. Ecobank offers its services in 33 African nations, including Angola, making Rapidtransfer services available to its inhabitants. This service is available by smartphone or in person at any Ecobank location in Angola. To utilize Rapidtransfer, you must not have an Ecobank bank account.

If you wish to send money to Nigeria from Angola using the Rapidtransfer app, you must follow these steps. The first step is to create a free Rapidtransfer account, which will require you to supply some critical information, including a valid ID with a clear image, and the details of a valid VISA or Mastercard issued by any local bank in Angola. This signup process should take no more than five minutes. Once you’ve created an account with Rapidtransfer, you can send money internationally using your internet-connected smartphone. After logging onto the app, you are required to select Nigeria from the drop-down menu as the nation to which you desire to send money, followed by the currency, Naira, and the amount to send. The next step is to specify the method of payment for your recipient, which can be cash, an Xpress account, a wallet, or a local bank account. Then choose the date on which funds should be delivered to your recipient. To add a new recipient, click ‘Add New Recipient’ and enter the recipient’s details. Following that, you’d need to go over the information you’ve submitted. Finally, you can make payments by providing information about your prepaid, debit, or credit card. You’ve successfully executed a transfer to your receiver in Nigeria once the transaction is confirmed.

Additionally, you can send money to Nigeria by visiting any Rapidtransfer agent or Ecobank branch office in Angola. You would be prompted to complete a ‘Send’ form. Before you may send money, you must have a valid form of identity. After completing the form, pay the total amount of the transfer, including the applicable commission. Following that, you are granted a reference number that the recipient will need to collect the funds if you choose cash delivery.


Wise is an international money transfer service that enables residents of Angola to send money to Nigeria. The first step is to create a free Wise account. This is a straightforward procedure that takes less than five minutes to execute. After creating an account on Wise and launching it, you will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to transfer and the bank details of your receiver in Nigeria.

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The further steps necessary to complete the transfers will be displayed on your screen, and you must follow the directions. You would receive email notifications at each stage of the transfer. With Wise, your beneficiary in Nigeria might get monies within 48 hours of your transaction being completed.


To use WorldRemit to send money, you must first create and authenticate an account by entering basic personal information. After making an account, you can send money to Nigeria in four easy steps. To begin, you must determine the amount you wish to send to Nigeria. Then, choose a convenient mode of payment for your receiver, such as bank transfer, cash pickup, mobile money, or airtime pickup. You are then requested to provide the recipient’s information. The final step is to complete your transfer payment.

If you select the bank account transfer option, your receiver must have a bank account with one of the following financial institutions: Zenith Bank, Ecobank, Polaris Bank, Access Bank, Fidelity Bank, or First Bank. If you selected cash pickup as a delivery option, your receiver may pick up funds at any of the following banks: Union Bank, Zenith Bank, First Bank, Access Bank, or Fidelity Bank.

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