How can I apply for a free Prepaid Meters in Lagos under the National Mass Metering Program NMMP

To reduce the metering gap and consider the effect of the new service reflective tariff on electricity consumers in Nigeria. The federal government of Nigerian in collaboration with all the Distribution companies in Nigeria has commenced the roll-out of Prepaid Meters under the National Mass Metering Programme(NMMP).

Ikeja Electric Plc (IE) which is the largest distribution company in Nigeria has started the rollout of the metering initiative across different locations in its network. This metering initiative is designed to ensure a seamless metering process that allows customers to register and be metered after completing its KYC registration on the MAP website.

The first phase of the program has commenced with over 106,000 prepaid meters to be installed to customers across its six Business Units – Ikeja, Abule-Egba, Akowonjo, Oshodi, Ikorodu, and Shomolu.

With the National Mass Metering initiatives, customers will not be required to pay upfront for the installation of meters. However, the modalities of cost recovery for the meters might be factored into the customer’s meter or totally free.

The aim of this program is to eliminate estimated billing and close out the metering gap across the country. It is also expected that it will assist in reducing Collection losses, while at the same time, increasing financial flows to achieve 100 percent market remittance obligation of the DisCos.

Another reason why this program was put into consideration was the need to completely eliminate arbitrary estimated billing, to be able to easily monitor network capability, and making available accurate data for market administration and investment decision-making.

Apart from the fact that it’s an avenue for new jobs to be created in the Meter value chain, the program will also strengthen the local meter value chain by increasing local meter manufacturing, assembly, and deployment capacity, all in support of Nigeria’s economic recovery plan.

With these metering initiatives, customers will have to apply through as this serves as a criterion before the meter could be installed on your premises. Customer who does not complete the KYC registration on the map portal will not be metered.

After filling the application form on the Maps website, the Meter Asset Provider will contact you for your meter to be installed in line with the rollout plan for all customers.

Understanding the National mass metering flow will enable you to get metered in 4 easy steps

1. Visit with a valid account number and get registered.

2. Registered customers are batched for metering and notified via SMS

3. Site survey is carried out to determine customer’s metering requirement

4. Meter is installed

NMMP Ikeja electric


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Kindly note that an installation notification will be sent to you prior to meter installation. Please note that the deployment of the National Mass Metering Programme (NMMP) prepaid meters is in phases which commences with customers on Service Reflective Tariff Band A

All those who are yet to register are enjoined to visit to complete their registration as soon as possible.

You might have wondered how the company intends to deploy the meters across all the customers. Meters will be installed in batches and the roll-out plan for the meters is designed to cushion the effect of the Service Reflective Tariff on electricity consumers in Nigeria and what this implies is that costumers on band A to C are the first set of customers to be metered who are majorly affected with the new tariff increment.

Please note that ikeja electric will not be able to meter your premises if you refuse to complete your Map registration via website

You are not expected to make any payments to Map installers or any Ikeja electric staff during your field survey or Meter installation

For further information, kindly call 01-7000250, 01-2272940 or send an email to

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